One day in the park blaze noticed miles tails prower our to tailed fox hero. Sitting on a bench all by himself with his head in his hands. She walks over and decides to sit next to him . Blaze clears her thraot to to get his attention. He stops crying and notices blaze sitting down next to him. Hi tails blaze said with a calm and serious voice. Hi blaze tails said with a sad tone in his voice. She notices and her smile fades away turning into a frown. What's wrong tails? Blaze asked. Tails looked at her. He since she is worried about him. I got picked on again he said with his arms crossed still not faceing her direction. Oh blaze said. What was it about. It was about my two tails tails exsplained. Blaze shook her head ian understanding way. Tails litsen they only make fun of you to make theme selfs proud which is not a good thing she said tails started to hung his head low but she lifted it up with her finger litsen to me miles tails prower you are better than those other kids you hear I'm sure sonic and the other freedom fighters and sally told you this am I correct she asked him . Yes he said . Tails iknow exactly what you are going through she said. People always made fun of me because of my fire powers she said with a heavy sigh. Really ? Tails asked . Really she said as she rubbed his back. Tails stops crying and blaze notices. Tails gives her a hug. Thanks blaze he said. She smiled at him. Your welcome. Blaze there's something I want tell you he said. What is it she asked. Blaze I like you he finally finshed with a blush on his cheeks. Blaze looked at him with happiness. Tails to tell you the truth I actually kina of like you to she said tails there's one thing I really like about you she said. What's that he asked. Your bright light blue crstal eyes she said. You are actually kind of cute to she said. Youre kind of pretty he said blaze in on tails placeing her lips on his he grabs her waist and she throws her her arms around his neck. She breaks the kiss. You want get icecream he asked. Sure she said. And they went.

The end