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If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.

Niccolo Machiavelli

In the darkness of the warehouse, Lelouch's eye flared and shined a brilliant crimson. "Lelouch vi Britannia orders you, all of you..DIE!"

The members of Viceroy Clovis's Royal Guard drew their sidearms and snapped to attention while their commander laughed helplessly. "Yes, your Highness!" With grotesque smiles, they committed suicide, small splatters of blood shocking Lelouch out of his momentary daze.

Observing the bodies on the ground, he allowed himself a cold, cruel smirk as his eyes hardened with hate. For years he had bidden his time, planning on destroying his father's empire and now fate had deemed fit to hand him a weapon. One that would greatly increase both his timetable and his chance of success.

Interrupting his thoughts, a Brittanian Sutherland entered the warehouse deploying its factsphere as it scanned the interior. A woman's voice broadcast from the Knightmare, "What happened? Why is a Brittanian student here?" When Lelouch didn't answer, a burst of gunfire bracketed him tearing through the warehouse wall.

Turning to fully face the Knightmare, Lelouch flared the geass in his eye. "Come out of there. At once!"

To his surprise she refused his command and demanded to know who he was. Quickly deducing that he needed direct eye contact for his new power to work, he rapidly considered ways to acquire it. A plan of action suggested itself based on his knowledge of Britannia hierarchy. Few Brittanian soldiers would pass up the chance to rescue a distressed noble heir. It felt fitting that the empire's obsession with its hierarchy should play into his hands.

"My name is Alan Spencer, my father is a Duke. After you check my identity, I request your protection." Lelouch was careful to try to strike a tone that seemed both arrogant and condescending like a normal Brittanian noble but not abrasive enough to have the woman simply shoot him. He forcibly kept a victorious smirk off his face when the woman opened the cockpit and slid to the ground covering him with her sidearm.

Now that he had a line of sight he considered ordering her to die like the guards but was somewhat sickened by the thought. He was willing to bloody his hands further but the situations were not equal and he decided on mercy. Using his geass, he simply ordered the woman to obey him then relieved her of her sidearm and ignition key. Noting she was still just standing there, eyes glazed and tinged with a reddish hue, he decided to push his luck. "What is your name?"

"Viletta Nu, My Lord" she responded blankly.

A flash of insight hit him as he realized he'd never set conditions in his order for the effects to end. He hadn't intended to enslave her but since she was an enemy he wasn't feeling very troubled by it. Still, it was a valuable lesson regarding his power, unless he intended for a command to be permanent, he needed to add end conditions. Pulling out a pen and a scrap of paper he jotted down the number for the unregistered cellphone he typically used for gambling. Handing it over, he phrased his orders carefully. "Ten minutes after I leave, you will call for retrieval. You will resume your normal duties and act as you would normally until 2100 this evening. At that time you will find a private location and call this number for further orders. Is this clear to you?"

Viletta slid the scrap of paper into one of the pockets on her uniform. "I understand My Lord."

Frowning he gave the warehouse a once over feeling as if he was forgetting something. The sight of green hair on the concrete floor triggered mixed sympathy and pity within him. The strange woman had taken a bullet for him and given him this useful power, it seemed unfair to leave her sprawled on the ground. Ignoring the passive behavior of his new pet Knightmare pilot, Lelouch quickly moved over to the body of his mysterious benefactor. Gently rolling her over, he was shocked to find her alive, only the blood remaining from when she'd been shot.

He considered sending her out with Viletta but considering the ghetto massacre was Clovis attempting to reclaim her, he decided not to. He chuckled a bit coldly."Seems you're coming with me then," he told the unconscious woman. Lifting her over his shoulder, he cursed as his knees buckled a bit. Much as he loathed the idea, it seemed he would need to increase his physical capacity. Not something he was looking forward to at all.

Staggering over to his acquired Sutherland, he managed to load the girl into the cockpit before sliding in himself. Taking moment to familiarize himself with the controls and cockpit layout his attention was drawn to the tactical screens. It seemed the military had things in hand but there was resistance and on a hunch he pulled out the radio he'd taken off the dead rebel and turned it back on. Moving his Knightmare out and to the higher floors of a nearby building he compared the rebel chatter to his tactical screens. He was somewhat impressed, the resistance group was fairly disciplined and using outdated weapons was doing a credible job of delaying the Brittanian forces to allow the civilians time to escape. A blip on the tactical map caught his attention and he couldn't help the victorious smirk that formed on his face. It seemed it was time to start building his army.

Kallen Kozuki was growing very frustrated in her red Glasgow. The cold-blooded murder of her fellow Japanese had her furious but no matter how many choppers and tanks she destroyed with her crippled frame she couldn't see an end in sight. Destroying another helicopter, she forced down her panic when two Sutherlands slid in behind her and immediately moved to avoid the incoming gunfire using the buildings as cover. A beeping alerted her that she only had thirty minutes of power remaining when her radio crackled to life with an unfamiliar voice. "The west entrance! Use the train tracks to move to the west entrance!"

Fearing a trap she keyed her radio to respond. "Who is this? How do you know this code?"

She wasn't reassured when the voice responded. "It doesn't matter who I am. If you want to win, you'll have to trust me."

"Win?" She'd never considered winning as an option, only reducing the civilian casualties. The word fulled her with an odd determination, was it truly possible to win? Following the instructions she moved her frame to the tracks and boosted up onto them. Seeing a train coming towards her and still being chased by the two Sutherlands she keyed her mic again. "Hey, what do I do now?"

Nearing the train, the voice came over her radio again. "Since you followed my orders, you get to win. Jump up on the train!" Again she followed the instructions as the lead Sutherland behind her hit the train and stopped it. As the trail Sutherland moved forward to continue the chase it was destroyed by a slash harken launched from a nearby building. Turning her frame around she charged at the remaining KMF only to see it crippled by gunfire from the Sutherland that destroyed the first one. Watching the pilot eject she keyed her radio again. "You saved me but how did you get a Sutherland?" To her surprise the other frame had already left.

Before she could think about it, her comrades arrived with Oghi calling out to her. "Hey Kallen, what was that radio message about?"

"What? He contacted you guys too?"

"Yeah, he instructed all of us to gather here." He looked around and seemed confused. "Even Yoshida's guys are coming."

At that moment the radio came to life again. "Are you the leader?" the voice asked.

Oghi stared at his radio for a moment then answered. "Yeah, I am."

"Then the cargo of that stopped train is my gift to you. They are the tools to our victory. If it is your desire to use them and win then I require that you follow my orders."

Kallen dropped off the train and used her Glasgow to open one of the cargo hatches only for her eyes to widen as she gasped in surprise seeing several deactivated Sutherlands. Other members of the resistance opened the other cars to find even more Sutherlands. Most couldn't believe it, this was a vast increase in their ability to wage war against the Brittanians.

Kallen snapped out of her shock when the voice addressed her. "You, the woman in the Glasgow. Transfer anything you want to keep to one of the Sutherlands along with yourself. You seem to be a talented pilot, that would be wasted in a crippled frame. All units, be ready to move in ten minutes, that's when we launch our counterattack." Grabbing her radio and several keepsakes, she exited her Knightmare and gave it a fond pat farewell moved away. She was saddened to part with it but the voice was right, it was a crippled frame.

From a nearby building, Lelouch watched Kallen move with interest. The girl seemed familiar but he couldn't quite place her. A glance at his tactical display gave him the time and he cursed as he pulled out his cellphone. Selecting Milly Ashford as the least evil of his choices, he called the rather eccentric blonde student president.

"Lulu, you never call little old me," she crooned into the phone when she answered. "So, what did you need," she continued cheerfully as Lelouch massaged the bridge of his nose.

"Sorry Milly," he apologized. "I got caught up with some stuff on my way back to campus and I need you to tell Nunnally that I'll be home late."

Milly's typical cheerful demeanor dropped. "Is there something important happening," she asked calmly. "It's not like you to skip out on dinner with your sister."

"Yes, it's important," he replied evenly. "I'm beginning the first steps towards my goal."

A sharp hiss as Milly inhaled in surprise sounded from the phone. "You will be careful won't you? I would hate to bear bad news to Nunnally."

"As careful as I can be. I have to go but I'll see you tonight alright?"

A hollow chuckle came from the phone. "You'd better," Milly said as she hung up.

Tucking his phone away, Lelouch studied that tactical map again. Many people seemed to think that chess ability translates into battlefield results but they were in error. While chess teaches both tactics and strategy, a chessboard is limited in dimension and everyone starts with the same pieces, all with defined roles. Despite that, he couldn't help but feel that he was engaged in a massive game of chess and now he finally had pieces on the board. Outnumbered and outgunned, his opponents trained soldiers, he considered ways he could pull out a victory. It would be simple to order a retreat but he'd lose the chance to start building an army not to mention the loss of the new Sutherlands.

Noting the haphazard way Clovis had his forces scattered though Shinjuku, Lelouch began devising a path to victory. The only way he could see was to use guerrilla tactics while keeping tight control of his units. Lifting his gaze towards the horizon where he could just make out Clovis's G-1 command center. "Lets see if you've gotten any better since the last time we played brother.," he murmured under his breath.

The members of the resistance were grouped together, some of them skeptical of their new instructions. "Hey Oghi," one called out. "He had us strip the IFF systems, how do you know this isn't some sort of trap?"

Familiarizing himself with his controls, Oghi responded. "Trap? Why would the Brittanians go through some sort of elaborate trap that gives us Sutherlands? So far the voice has been very good to us, unless that changes you guys should get to your assigned positions."

"P-1," the voice came from the radio. "Any members that can't pilot a Knightmare should use this time to strip that train of everything of value. There is an opening to the underground at G-10 they can use to get clear."

"Roger," Oghi responded then stared at his radio for several seconds before keying his mic again. "Hey, who are you, can you tell us your name?"

"No," the voice responded coldly. "It's possible these transmissions are being intercepted." There was a pause before it spoke again. "For now, you may call me Zero."

Oghi stared at his radio in confusion. "Zero?" he murmured. "As in nothing?"

Unaware and uncaring of Oghi's confusion, Lelouch keyed his mic. "P-1, Q-1 is currently leading a patrol of enemy Sutherlands to your position. Shoot them through the wall!" Watching two enemies drop of his tactical map, Lelouch smirked as he bounced a black chess king in his hand. That should prove to them that listening to my orders will be rewarding, he mused, eyes scanning the map for his next opportunity.

The next half an hour passed in a bit of a blur and Lelouch used his units to pick off patrols and isolated units. He was very impressed with the red-head, Q-1. While the rest of the resistance members were proving to be more disciplined then he had believed, she was truly noteworthy accomplishing any task he set for her. He could only imagine the panic in the enemy command center as their units dropped like flies. They would have to react soon and he felt he had a very good idea of what actions they would take.

It only took another 15 minutes before the enemy command responded and Lelouch almost couldn't believe his eyes as they used possibly the most stupid response he could have imagined. Sure, on paper having all of your units swarm in would seem like a good idea but in reality, not so much. "Q-1, is your map accurate?"

"Yes, for the old town it is."

"Very good, commence mission 3." Watching the enemy units fill the center plaza of Shinjuku, Lelouch felt an evil grin form. When his units hidden underground collapsed everything costing Clovis the majority of his on hand forces, Lelouch couldn't stop himself from laughing. "It worked! I can do this, I CAN defeat Brittannia!"

Directing his units in mopping up the remaining enemies, Lelouch noticed a Knightmare moving in fast from the eastern edge of his display. Sending a squad to ambush it, Lelouch was very surprised when it cut through his men with casual ease. Uneasy, especially after hearing reports that the thing had some sort of energy shield Lelouch pulled his units back to deal with the new threat. "Attention all units. It appears the Brittanians have brought some sort of prototype out to play. Withdraw to grid D-5 and ready chaos mines. Q-1, move to grid C-3 and lure this thing to our little party. Beware, it seems to be very fast so use as much cover as you can."

Lelouch found himself unconsciously holding his breath as he watched Q-1 lead the new unit on a wild chase back to the ambush. Several times he thought she'd been caught but would pull of something spectacular to escape. At the end, her unit was severely damaged and missing both arms but she succeeded in her mission. Lelouch could only imagine the horror on the enemy's face when twenty Sutherlands popped up around him and launched chaos mines.

Despite himself, Lelouch was rather impressed with the new unit when it managed to survive the massed chaos mines. The energy shielding had saved the torso of the white Knightmare from destruction but the frame was crippled, the legs almost completely blown away. Idly he wondered why the pilot didn't eject and considered ordering his units to capture the prototype before his tactical display caught his attention.

"All units, this is Zero. Enemy reinforcements are inbound from multiple directions. Withdraw to grid G-10 and clear the field before they arrive. Q-1, your unit won't make it in time, bail out and catch a ride from P-1."

"Roger," both Kallen and Oghi replied before Kallen grabbed her stuff and bailed out. Oghi outstretched and arm and Kallen jumped from her now abandoned unit into the Knightmare's hand. Hurrying up to ride on the Knightmare's shoulder, she looked up at the sky and saw a massive wave of enemy units moving towards them. Knocking on the side of the cockpit to get Oghi's attention she waved and called out. "I'm glad this Zero guy knows when it's time to retreat. Could you imagine fighting all of those?"

Oghi considered it and shook his head despite Kallen not being able to see it. "They wouldn't be there is Zero hadn't shown up but we wouldn't have beaten the Brits like we did either. I don't think even Miracle Todoh would have pulled out such a decisive win."

Waving to acknowledge she'd heard, Kallen murmured to herself. "Just wish we knew who he was. You'd think someone with those skills would have showed up before now." Picking up her radio, she decided to talk to this mysterious Zero. "Zero, Q-1. Should we hold at the rally point for you?"

She was surprised when Zero chuckled in response. "Negative Q-1, I'll be making my own way out but leave your radio on, I might have a present for you later."

"A present?"

Zero's chuckles took a darker edge. "It'll be a surprise."

Turning off the radio, Lelouch moved his Sutherland closer to Clovis's G-1 command center before parking it in a mostly destroyed building. After checking the green-haired girl and finding her still unconscious he dismounted and swiftly managed to acquire a nearby soldiers uniform. Quickly changing he began making his way towards a long overdue visit with his brother.

Waiting several minutes after Lelouch left, C.C. opened her eyes and looked around carefully. She'd revived shortly after her new contractor had begun issuing battle commands and had decided to fake being unconscious for two reasons. First, surprising and interrupting a commander in battle was never a good idea. Throughout her history, there had been times when she herself had lead units into battle and unexpected interruptions were more then merely frustrating. The second reason, far more important from her viewpoint was that it allowed her to observe her new contractor in an unguarded manner. He'd shone an absolute ruthlessness with his orders but had taken time before he left to shift her body so she would be more comfortable. Yes, this contractor was certainly interesting and she had the feeling that he would be the one to finally grant her the peace she desired.

Opening the cockpit and lowering herself to the ground she smirked a bit picturing his reaction to finding her missing. Undoubtedly he would have questions but she would answer them in her own time. She was actually tempted to remain but contact between them would be on her own terms. Turning her gold eyes in the direction she sensed him through their contract her smirk widened. See you soon Lelouch Vi Brittania.

Getting through to the command center of the G-1 was exceedingly easy for Lelouch using his geass on the guards he encountered. Arriving at the door and ordering the final guard to leave, Lelouch drew his stolen sidearm and took a deep breath. Once he opened these doors he was irrevocably committed to his path. It would be simple to retreat but another opportunity like this would be a long time coming, if it ever did. He allowed his mind to wander briefly, the image of his sister's smiling face foremost on his thoughts and he gritted his teeth drawing fresh determination. Their father's reaction to his mother's death, the word father being extremely vile in his thoughts, he could handle. Exiling him to Japan was also something he could take in stride. Nunnally being blinded and crippled, sent to die in exile with him was enraging. For his view that his beloved sister was useless, the emperor would die. Someday, Lelouch would stand over his body and only after crippling him like Nunnally, only then would he put a bullet through the man's head.

Opening the door, he stepped through completely unnoticed by the frantic men inside. Lelouch was somewhat surprised to find no guards but fought to keep a grin off his face as he listened to the disorganized panic. It seemed even with the battle over, these fools were trying to reason out why they'd lost or perhaps more accurately, who they could blame for it. Seeing no need for his geass at the moment Lelouch raided his pistol and began executing the command staff. A cold smile crossed his face as the panicked men realized he was between them and the only exit and he took his time to ensure head-shots. Probably doing the empire a favor by killing these idiots he thought as he continued his work.

It took him less then two minutes before the only one left was a badly shaken Clovis. Pointing the pistol at him to emphasize his words, Lelouch spoke in a cold, commanding voice. "If you wish to live Viceroy, you will order your forces to withdraw."

Shaking and at gunpoint, Clovis stepped forward and pressed the button to link to all units. "Attention all units, Clovis La Brittania, Viceroy of Area Eleven, Third Prince commands you, ceasefire and withdraw. I repeat, ceasefire and withdraw. I shall allow no further fighting here." Turning he moved back to his throne and sat trying to look dignified to hide his fear. "There," he spat. "I've done as you ask now leave."

Lelouch chuckled as he took off his helmet and flared his geass. "No, now you will answer my questions." He felt satisfaction when he saw Clovis's face go vacant with red rings around his eyes. "Who killed my mother?"

"I don't know. Schneizel, the second prince and Cornelia, the second princess may know."

Lelouch gasped in surprise. Those were two names he hadn't thought to hear. Unlike many members of the family he'd never seen them treat his mother with anything but respect. "Were they the ringleaders?" Still under the geass, Clovis said nothing and Lelouch thought out-loud. "So you know nothing else. Why did you order your men to purge Shinjuku to retrieve that girl?"

"She is immortal, if anyone found out about my research, I would be disinherited."

Lelouch snarled in rage. Disinherited? He ordered the murder of thousands to avoid being disinherited. He doesn't have a prayer of taking the throne anyway and he knows it. "How could you justify it?"

"They were only Elevens."

Those words damned him in Lelouch's eyes. He tried to remember the funny artistic brother from his youth but those words kept surfacing over those memories. He felt grief as he realized that boy had grown to become a monster, something he lay at their father's feet, just another reason he needed to destroy the empire. Sliding his helmet back on, Lelouch pulled out the resistance radio and turned it back on. "Q-1, this is Zero. Are you receiving me?" Seeing his brother awakening from his geass trance, Lelouch aimed his pistol at Clovis's head.

Sitting at the rally point still on the shoulder of Oghi's Sutherland, Kallen felt her heart jump into her throat when she heard Zero's voice from her radio. The rest of the group had left to hide the KMFs and stolen supplies after Clovis had ordered the ceasefire but she'd convinced Oghi to stay in case the mysterious Zero needed help. Her hands shook with excitement as she raised the radio to her mouth."Q-1 here. Do you require assistance?"

Zero's chuckle sounded over the sounds of a man begging to for his life. "No, but I appreciate the offer Q-1. This is about your present. If I recall, I told you that if you wanted to win, you need to trust me."

Kallen responded cautiously. "Yes, but we won and the Brittanians have retreated."

"True but do you hear the man in the background?"


"That is Viceroy Clovis, this is my present to you, this is the win." Zero's voice stopped and was replaced by two gunshots and the background voice stopped. "I need to make my way out but I will be in touch."

Kallen stared at her radio in shock. She was somewhat worried that this 'Zero' could shoot a man begging for his life but it was the Viceroy she told herself. Oghi opened his cockpit and stared at her with a look she thought was similar to the one on her own face. "You heard that right?" She asked.

Oghi nodded, eyes still wide. "I never would have thought it was possible," he finally said.

Kallen nodded in agreement. Defeating the Brittanian military in a full-out fight, withdrawing with many stolen Sutherlands and the icing on the cake, Zero killing the VICEROY. Today had certainly been unexpected. "Such a strange day," she said quietly before moving over to join Oghi in the cockpit. "We should get out of here and meet up with the others and I'm tired of riding, how bet you let me drive?"

Oghi tried to avoid the wide blue puppy eyes aimed at him. "No."


Oghi sighed, he knew he was defeated and was saddened that it was so easy. "Fine, you can drive."

Kallen flashed him a bright grin as she traded places with him. "Thanks, your such a sweet guy."

Oghi grumbled under his breath as she began moving far faster then he was comfortable with. Bouncing around and banging his head several times he couldn't believe she'd talked him out of the nice chair with the seat-belts.

Arriving back to his Sutherland, Lelouch was not pleased to find his passenger missing. Since the Knightmare was still present and unguarded he ruled out her being taken. The most likely explanation was that she'd simply left on her own. Trying to control his irritation as he powered the frame back up and headed towards an entrance to the underground he tried to remind himself that in her place, he would have escaped as well. It did little calm him down until he realized he had other priorities at the moment. Still, he'd really wanted those answers.

Following the tunnels he vaguely remembered from his time in Japan before the invasion, he began to make his way back towards Ashford Academy. Most people didn't know it, but the original purpose of the academy before the Ashford family fled Pendragon after his mother's murder was that of a Knightmare research and manufacturing lab. The facilities were by no means a regular factory but there was a small manufacturing bay and large hangers for Knightmare storage and maintenance. Access was limited to two hidden elevators, one in the Student council building for staff and another in a nearby storage facility for Knightmares. There was also a hidden entrance that connected to Japan's old subway system for deliveries of raw materials. Reaching that entrance, he used the wireless transmitter in the Sutherland to transmit an access code and hurriedly entered to avoid possible detection.

Backing the frame into a maintenance bay, Lelouch sighed in relief as he shut down the Knightmare. The day had taken its toll on him and he couldn't control the slight tremor in his hands as the picture of shooting Clovis appeared in his head. It seems I'm not as hardened as I thought, he mused as he made his way to the staff elevator after changing back into his school uniform.

Noting the time, Lelouch stopped to look in on his sister, a sad smile on his face as he gazed at her sleeping form. Quietly crossing to her, he gently held her hand and kissed her forehead with a murmured "sweet dreams little sister." Tucking in the blankets she'd disturbed in her sleep, Lelouch took a long look at her peaceful face before turning to leave. I know that she wouldn't wish it of me, but for her sake I will destroy the corruption of our father's empire. Someday she won't have to remain hidden to avoid being a puppet, this I so swear!

Headed to his room he was not surprised when he saw Milly sitting in the student council room waiting for him as he passed. Entering the room he slid into the seat across from her and waited for her to speak.

"So," she said quietly. "You've decided to begin then?" Lelouch nodded, unwilling to speak for some reason. "I see," Milly sighed in response. "I don't suppose I could talk you out of it?"

Lelouch cleared his throat. "No, you've always known that we couldn't just hide here forever. Sooner or later someone would discover us and we'd be forced back to Pendragon if they didn't just kill us. This isn't just a whim Milly, you know I wouldn't risk Nunnally like that."

Milly drummed her fingers on the table as she considered Lelouch's words. "I suppose you have a point and I truly can't see you doing something like this on impulse." She paused and her face tightened with anger. "I have my own reasons for hating the empire, is there something I can do to help?"

Lelouch shook his head. "No, while I do not intend to fail, I wouldn't repay your families kindness by dragging you into this. I would like a favor though, if the worst does happen, destroy the records connecting me to Nunnally and protect her please."

Milly smiled at him. "You know you don't have to ask for that. I love your sister almost as much as you do, you know that."

Lelouch stood with a smile. "True but I felt that I should at least be proper and ask."

Milly stood with a grin. "No, you're doing it wrong, you're suppose to ask on one knee."


"I'm sorry Lulu," Milly said gravely. "At this time, I don't think I can commit my heart to you, I'm afraid I can't marry you." While Lelouch was frozen in something between disbelief and shock Milly bounced over and kissed him hard as she grabbed the sides of his face. Pulling back slightly, she stared him in the eye. "Be careful Lelouch and don't forget who you are and what you fight for." Letting him go, she turned and bounced from the room humming something cheerful under her breath. Lelouch sat frozen in his chair staring after her until he blinked and shook his head. "What the hell was that?"

Those wars are unjust which are undertaken without provocation. For only a war waged for revenge or defense can be just.

Marcus Tullius Cicero


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