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"Let your plans be dark and as impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt."

-Sun Tzu

Monday morning found Lelouch in bed wondering how exactly he'd been drafted as C.C.'s body pillow. She still refused to sleep anywhere but his bed and he was stubborn enough to refuse to sleep elsewhere himself. He wasn't sure if she was more annoying awake with her refusal to talk about his mother's murder and general snarkyness or when she was asleep where she was a clingy, blanket stealing bed-hog.

It was at times like this, when he was awake and she was not, that Lelouch gained insight into the green-haired immortal. Asleep with her guard down, the lines softened on her face and she murmured during her frequent nightmares. Also telling was how she would latch onto him as she slept, perhaps unconsciously seeking the comfort she would refuse while awake. What it all added up to was unclear, but he couldn't help drawing the conclusion that she was seriously damaged during her long life.

A glance at the clock informed him it was time to get moving for the day so he began gently wiggling out of her grasp. He'd learned that lesson the hard way, sudden or aggressive moves near C.C. while she was sleeping led to a great deal of pain. Shaking her awake was also out after the last time where she'd almost thrown him out the window. He'd never been so happy to run into a wall in his life.

Quickly gathering up what he needed for the day, he quietly left, not noticing C.C. opening her eyes to watch him.

Settling back on the bed with a sigh, C.C. wondered what to do with her contractor. She'd never had this much trouble getting close to one before, though she'd never met anyone quite like Lelouch in all the years of her existence. Flopping back on the bed, she opened up her connection to her past contractor.

"Your son is very difficult," she said seemingly into thin air. "Do you have any advice on how to handle him?"

Unsurprisingly Lelouch found Kallen in the gym giving one of the training dummies a hell of a pounding. Leaning against the wall, he marveled at how much power was hidden in her fairly petite form.

"You going to be alright?" he asked when she paused to catch her breath.

Kallen gave a startled screech as she whipped around to face him.

"Don't do that!" she commanded, one hand on her chest as she settled down. "I didn't hear you come in."

"I noticed," Lelouch replied dryly. "You seemed rather intent on murdering that dummy." He paused as Kallen flinched from the word murder. "Ah, I see what's bothering you."

"What? Nothing's bothering me," Kallen said on the defensive. "Just getting a good workout."

"Really? So you're killing time by murdering the dummy?"

"Alright, I'm not fine," Kallen said after flinching away from Lelouch's words. "I.. well I've never killed before and I don't like thinking of myself as a murderer."

"Oh please," Lelouch said scornfully. "You're not a murderer, not for that. Of the two of us, I'm the one that's killed in cold blood."

"What?" Kallen said, her eyes wide in shock. "But, there were the guards and the ones near Kusakabe."

"Every time you've killed, it has been as a soldier," Lelouch said calmly. "In defense of yourself, and in pursuit of your ideals. I killed my brother as he begged for his life, do you see the difference? If anything, the weight of your kills falls on me as the one that ordered them. That is also the duty of the commander, something to keep in mind as our revolution continues."

"You still like me? I mean you don't think differently of me for my kills?" Kallen asked seeking assurance.

"It would be very hypocritical of me," Lelouch said with a laugh. "After all, you are my Red Queen are you not?"

"Er, yes, I suppose I am," Kallen replied with a slight blush. "Lelouch, I've meant to ask, but why are we here?"

"To physically train our bodies?" Lelouch asked wryly glancing around the gym.

"I don't mean here here smart-ass," Kallen grumbled with a little smile before adopting a more serious expression. "I meant here, as in the school. We were identified but we just came back here like it never happened. I know you probably have a plan but I would really like it if you explained it to me."

"I'm unsure how much has changed from the status quo," Lelouch replied after giving it some thought. "It's true that Euphie and Cornelia know that I am Zero but I doubt that it's spread much further than that. She could unleash the intelligence services against us but that would require letting lose the fact that a Prince is leading a revolt. That would make Cornelia seem weak, and looking weak is a good way to find a knife in your back if you're a member of the Royal family."

"Ok, so she can't do a manhunt for us, that's a relief but shouldn't we be hiding or something?"

"We are," Lelouch said with a smirk. "We are normal academy students, doing normal school things. If we just disappeared, people would notice, people would talk. So, we stay on the secured campus, where we would notice anyone looking for us until or unless we have cause to leave."

"I suppose that makes sense," Kallen said shooting Lelouch a skeptical look. "I can't help but feel that staying in plain sight is a bad idea though."

"I see you've met my old friend 'Paranoia'," Lelouch teased her. "It should be alright and we've got escape plans set up if it isn't. Now, I know I'm going to regret this, but what would you suggest I work on here in the gym today?" He winced at the unholy smile lighting up Kallen's face, this was likely to hurt.

Lelouch sat limply in his chair behind the desk in his study. It hurt to move and it was all the red-head's fault. Still, he now had a perfectly valid excuse to skip classes today, and Kallen had to go. He mentally stuck his tongue out at her as he pulled up BK documents on his computer. He frowned as something caught his eye, skimming through the document confirmed things for him.

Pulling out his phone, he called Oghi.

"Oghi, I was reading the report from Toru's raid against the refrain dealers last night and I came across something. Does the name Nanase Kozuki mean what I think it does?"

Lelouch listened intently as Oghi explained how Kallen's mother ended up in the BK infirmary.

"Does Kallen know about this?" He sighed when Oghi tried to explain why he hadn't called Kallen to tell her yet. "Yes, I understand that she's under a lot of pressure but do you think she's going to appreciate you hiding this from her? No, I'm not going to tell her, you are, as soon as school gets out. No, I'm not upset that you ordered her into our doctors care but you're still telling her. Yes, you're probably a dead man, which is why you're telling her. Let Tamaki take the heat?" Lelouch chuckled at that. "Amusing as that thought is, don't you think it will come back and bite you in the ass sooner or later? Yes, we'll be there after school and I promise to not trip you when you try to run away from her, best I can do. No, I'm a Royal ass," Lelouch scoffed. "Yeah, see you this afternoon."

Putting his phone away, Lelouch sighed. Kallen was not going to react well to the news her mother was a refrain junkie. Hopefully school left her in a decent mood or the afternoon was looking fairly bleak. That cheerful thought in mind, he turned back to his paperwork.

"What's going on between you and Lulu?" Shirley demanded, placing her hands on Kallen's desk. "What was that at the hotel? What have you dragged my sweet Lulu into?"

"Sweet Lulu?" Kallen whispered, almost unable to believe she'd heard that right. "I'm not sure what you're talking about," she replied glancing at the many faces watching in interest. "Perhaps we could have this conversation somewhere more private?"

"Huh?" Shirley said looking around and realizing she was making a scene. Reaching down, she grabbed Kallen's arm and hauled her up, dragging her from the room and into an unused classroom across the hall.

As soon as the door closed, Kallen dropped the weak school girl act and glared furiously at Shirley. "What the hell Shirley?"

"So it's true, what I saw, you hide what you are here at school," Shirley muttered half to herself. "Are you trying to take Lulu away from me, drag him into trouble with you?"

Kallen stared incredulously at her classmate. The girl watched her kill three men and her question was if she was trying to steal a boy. 'Brittanians. Unfreaking believable,' she thought in annoyance.

"No Shirley, I am not trying to steal the boy you've never been able to confess to," Kallen said with a tinge of disbelief. "I'm friends with him yeah but I'm not romanticly interested in him and I'm pretty sure he doesn't really notice girls much."

"Lulu is not gay!" Shirley protested. "I've seen him looking at girls sometimes."

"Not even remotely what I meant," Kallen sighed. "I'm just saying that he has other issues to deal with and isn't looking for a girlfriend, ok?"

"You mean like what happened at the hotel," Shirley whispered.

"Er, I don't know, what do you think happened there?" Kallen asked trying to figure out what Shirley did and didn't know.

"We were captured and he told you something then you left the room," Shirley said. "Then next thing I know, the guards are dead, some pink-haired tramp was talking to him and all three of you left."

"Really? That's what you remember?" Kallen asked in disbelief.

"I was scared," Shirley whispered. "Really, really scared but then Lulu did something and we were free but he wasn't there and I had to talk to these policemen and I don't know, none of this makes any sense."

'So she fixated on Lelouch and didn't actually pay attention to anything else? Never thought I would say this but yay for brainless boy chasing!'

"Well, you know that Lelouch is resourceful. He was just making the best of a bad situation I guess," Kallen said hoping Shirley would buy it. "I'm not sure why he dragged me along, probably because my father is a noble if I had to guess."

"Oh, that makes sense," Shirley said quietly. "I guess I just wanted him to be my knight in shining armor but he's too practical for that."

"I guess so," Kallen replied struggling not to laugh. It wasn't that it was funny, though it sort of was. It was Shirley's obsession with Lelouch blinded her to things around her. "We should probably get back to class now."

Head still spinning a bit from her confusing conversation with Shirley, Kallen didn't notice the orange-haired girl watching her carefully as they crossed the hall back to their classroom. She missed the swirling emotions before Shirley carefully blanked her face, defaulting to a cheerful smile.

Entering the classroom, Kallen froze in horror when she saw Euphemia standing at the front of the class.

"Oh good, you're back," the teacher said. "Miss Stadtfeld, we have a very important visitor today, Sub-Viceroy Euphemia li Brittania. She's requested you as a guide so please show her around today."

Numbly nodding, Kallen made her way to her desk and sank into her chair bonelessly. She glanced up when Euphie gracefully took a seat next to her with a smile.

"Hello again 'Red Queen'," Euphie said with a serene smile. "Care to tell me where I might find my brother?"

"Hello General Tatewaki," Zero said to the vidlinked image of the JLF commander. "I'm very surprised to hear from you, given that you've ignored our requests for communications repeatedly in the past."

"An unfortunate misunderstanding," Katase Tatewaki replied. "Lt Colonel Kusakabe was our communications officer before his death. His successor found your messages and alerted me personally only a few hours ago." The general glanced down at the reports in front of him. "Am I to understand that these are accurate Zero?"

"If those are reports regarding Cornelia's encirclement and planned assault on your headquarters, then yes, they are," Zero replied evenly. "As you can see, she will strike within the month."

"I see," Katase said grimly. "Kusakabe's jealousy and refusal to pass on this information may have grim consequences for the JLF. May I inquire as to your plans regarding this?"

"Frankly, I was intending to use you as a distraction while I destroyed the Brittanian task force," Zero responded flatly. "To my mind, if you were unwilling to work with us, then I would find a use for you regardless."

"Presumptuous of you to decide such a thing," Katase said studying the masked image of Zero. "One would also call it arrogant."

"Perhaps," Zero conceded. "Tell me General, have you accomplished anything noteworthy lately? My forces have reduced the parasites infesting the Japanese population and have repeatedly stung Brittanian forces, can you say the same?"

"The JLF has survived since the fall of Japan," Katase said coldly. "No other resistance army in the world has lasted as long as we have."

"Because the Brittanians didn't view you as a credible threat," Zero flatly commented. "You sit in your bunker and build your forces but never do anything with them General. What good is it to have an army and not use it?"

"What good is it to use the army and lose it to no gain," Katase retorted. "We have plans that require certain force levels, one doesn't lightly pick a fight with the strongest empire in the world."

"You have to start somewhere," Zero said frostily. "As it is, you've waited too long, Cornelia will chew your mountain and it's garrison to pieces and where will that leave you?"

"And what would you have me do?" Katase exclaimed in frustration. "She's already cut off our retreat and is tightening the noose as we speak."

"Perhaps you should ask for help," Zero commented.

"If I did, would it do any good. You obviously dislike the JLF."

"Perhaps," Zero shrugged, acknowledging the point. "I'm failing to see why I should waste men and material to save you so you can just go hide somewhere else and leave the liberation of Japan to us."

"Perhaps a merger of our forces," Katase managed to spit out. "We have the same goals, it would make sense to work together."

"And who would lead this 'joint initiative' General," Zero asked curiously. "The Black Knights are independent and given the difference in track records, I don't see my men willing to just join the JLF."

"What do you want then?" Katase growled.

"Simple, should we come to save you, the JLF will join the Black Knights. I find myself in need of disciplined combat commanders and also a unified command staff, things you can provide." Zero paused, considering what to say as he saw a flat rejection in Katase's face. "Before you refuse, you should know that this isn't a plan to toss you and your officers away, quite the opposite in fact."

"How so?" Katase asked skeptically.

"The Black Knight's are growing rapidly," Zero responded. "We've been forced to promote those showing signs of leadership but they are not professionals." Zero reached over and dragged Oghi into the camera feed. "This is Oghi, my chief of staff. He is a good man and a staunch patriot General but do you know what his profession is? He is a school teacher." Zero let go of Oghi and allowed him to retreat from the field of view.

"We have need of professionals, Japan has need of professionals General."

"I'll have to consider your offer," Katase replied slowly.

"Of course," Zero replied smoothly. "Just don't take too long General, the clock is ticking and with or without you, Japan will be freed."

Reaching out, Zero flipped the video channel closed. Looking over, he noted the command staff watching him closely.

"Something wrong?" He asked.

"No," Oghi said. "Just wondering if that will work and what it would mean if it did."

"I'm not sure," Zero admitted sitting back in his chair. "We can certainly use the members of the JLF but the decision lies with them now. If they chose to join us, excellent. If they chose no, well let's cross that bridge when we come to it."

"Will you really use them against Brittania if they don't?" Inoue asked from where she was doing her paperwork down the table.

"Yes," Zero said flatly. "Thank you for notifying me that the General wished to talk but I need to return and make an appearance at the student council at least. Oghi, I'll inform Kallen you need to speak to her, good luck with that."

"Awesome," Oghi muttered under his breath as Zero left. "Hey Tamaki, come here for a second, I need you to do something for me."

A quick change of clothes later, Lelouch was headed for the student council room when he noticed a light on in a room as he passed. Slowing down, he stuck his head in and found Nina feverishly typing away at her computer, her body language screaming of tension and unease.

"Nina, are you alright?" he asked softly stepping into the room slowly so he didn't spook her.

""Huh!" Nina's head shot up in panic before relaxing slightly when she noticed it was Lelouch. "Yes, yes, everything is fine," she said hurriedly. "Just trying to get this done before the council meeting."

"I see," Lelouch said getting closer and glancing at a screen full of mathematical formula. "You mean the council meeting that started ten minutes ago that I'm late for?"

"Really?" the girl asked glancing up at the clock. "I must have been really focused I guess."

"Apparently so," Lelouch replied nonchalantly. "So I've meant to ask, what is this?"

"This?" Nina asked with a slight blush. "I think I've drawn out mathematical proof describing a new form of energy generation. If I'm right, and I think I am, you can produce a great deal of energy by splitting atoms. It would take a heavy element, something like Uranium or a close neighbor element and it would have to be carefully controlled."

"Why?" Lelouch asked, intrigued by the mention of energy production. Large uncontrolled energy production translated in his mind as 'explosion' and those he had a use for.

"Well, splitting an atom would create a chain reaction and if not properly controlled, it would be a very large explosion." Nina lectured. "It would be like filling an entire room with dynamite, possibly worse. Still, it can be controlled, a layer of graphite should in theory slow the reaction down to manageable levels. This could be the big break in unlimited power generation!"

Swallowing down bile at the thought of what he was about to do, Lelouch activated his geass.

"You will continue to research this," he commanded. "You will tell or show no one except me or anyone I might designate this research. You will continue both power generation and a way to control and focus the chain reaction to produce a controlled explosion." He paused and considered the Nina's rampant xenophobia.

"You have no fear of Numbers, you will join the Black Nights and will follow any commands Zero or I give you."

Deactivating his geass, Lelouch waited for the girl to become aware of her surroundings before speaking again.

"Well, we need to get to the meeting, may I escort you there fair maiden?"

"Of course," Nina replied with a giggle and a slight blush. She wasn't interested in men really but having the school heartthrob flirt with her was a little exciting.

"I wonder what crazy scheme Milly's cooked up without me there to keep her in check," Lelouch commented as they walked towards the meeting room. "Knowing my luck, it's probably another bizarre festival or something."

"Probably," Nina agreed. "With any luck, she'll stuff you in a dress again."

"I hope not," Lelouch said with a groan. "Once was bad enough thank you."

He froze and held out an hand to stop Nina when he heard a familiar voice from inside the meeting room.

"I can't tell you how good it is to talk to you Euphie," Nunnally said happily. "Onii-sama is very kind and sweet but he doesn't really do girl talk."

"I can imagine," Euphie said with a laugh. "He was always a bit stiff even as a child but he'd still play house with me sometimes. You remember the times I was the momma, he was the papa and you were the baby?"

"Of course," Nunnally replied. "Happy times then, unlike now I suppose. Should you be here Euphie Onee-sama?"

"Of course, why shouldn't I be?" Euphie asked cautiously.

"I'm not a silly little girl anymore sister and I suspect you know why you shouldn't be here," Nunnally said tartly. "I doubt Onii-sama will be terribly pleased to see you."

"I don't care," Euphie answered crossly. "I need to talk to him, I need to know why he's doing what he's doing! Why did he turn his back on the family, why is he leading a revolt against father, why did he kill Clovis! I need to know Nunnally, none of this makes any sense."

"And you think he'll just tell you?" Nunnally asked incredulously. "Onii-sama is not the sharing kind, you know that Euphie, or you should."

Lelouch remained frozen outside the door, his mind fixated on only a few facts and seemingly stuck in a rut. 'Euphie is here? Nunnally knows? NUNNALLY KNOWS!? EUPHIE IS HERE!?'

"Should you be having this conversation here?" Kallen's voice cut into the sisters conversation. "This seems like a private family matter."

"No, I don't think so," Euphie responded. "I have questions for you as well Miss 'Red Queen.'"

Snapping out of his shock, Lelouch hurriedly ordered Nina to collect all of her research and to leave campus and stay home until he called with further arrangements. Bracing himself after the girl hurried off, Lelouch stepped through the door with a smile plastered on his face.

"Good afternoon dear sister," he said civilly. "It's nice to see you under better conditions Euphie, you've certainly blossomed into a fine young woman."

"That's very gracious of you to say," Euphie replied hiding a smile behind her hand. "You've certainly become very handsome yourself." The group gathered in the council room in the know stared between the two siblings in disbelief, the ones unaware of the relation before completely shocked.

"You're a prince?" Rivalz asked in a low awed tone. "So many things about you make sense now."

"Perhaps this is a conversation best taken somewhere else," Lelouch suggested, slightly panicked at the rate secrets he'd kept for years were spilling out.

"No," Euphie said with a serene smile. "These are your friends, surely you don't have secrets from them Zero." Glancing around, she only saw surprise on Rivalz face at the additional revelation. "See Lelouch, its common knowledge here. So, perhaps you can explain to me why?"

Cornelia curiously glanced at her phone when it rang. Seeing the call was from Euphie, she accepted the call and wondered what was wrong. As far as she knew, her sister was merely touring Ashford Academy today. She froze in shock when she heard the voice of Lelouch on the other end of the line but not as if he was speaking to her.

Suzaku held Euphie's phone in his hand and tried to maintain a straight face as Lelouch faced down his sister. Euphie might only be here to talk but Lelouch, no Zero, was the most dangerous man in Japan and he was a traitor, he couldn't be trusted with the safety of princess Euphemia. Perhaps Euphie would see this as a betrayal but he was a Brittanian soldier and his duty was to keep her safe, by any means necessary.

"I have my reasons," Lelouch replied evenly, his gaze fixed on Euphie though his eyes flicked towards Nunnally involuntarily.

"I see," Euphie said sadly. "It's always the same story with you isn't it Lelouch. I don't see how what you're doing helps you protect her. Who you are isn't common knowledge, why can't you just come home?"

"Viceroy, we have the location from the sub-viceroy's phone," an officer reported to Cornelia. "As you ordered, a tactical squad is now enroute."

"Very well," Cornelia replied drumming her fingers on her desk. "Issue an alert to all Brittanian forces near Tokyo. If the tactical squad can't subdue Zero, it's possible we may be forced into conflict with the Black Knights. Order my Guard to assemble and meet me at the Knightmare hanger. With any luck, today we crush the Black Knights."

"I can't," Lelouch said flatly. "Our father has already attempted to kill Nunnally and myself during the invasion, I refuse to be locked up where he can get at me at will. I will not die at his hands like my mother did."

Lelouch's phone chirped at him and he paled at the message he received from Jeremiah.

"What did you do," he snapped at Euphie. "So much for just being here to talk."

"Me?" Euphie protested. "I didn't do anything, why? What's wrong?"

"There is an assassination squad headed here now!" Lelouch roared.

"The Princess had nothing to do with it Lelouch you traitor," Suzaku snarled at Lelouch. Turning to Euphie, he apologized. "I'm sorry Euphie, it needed to be done."

"Suzaku?" Euphie asked hurt and bewildered. "What did you do?"

"It doesn't matter now, I'll explain later. Now I need to detain Zero." Suzaku snarled the name in distaste.

"Over my dead body!" Kallen shouted getting between Lelouch and Suzaku. When Suzaku tried to push past her, Kallen grabbed his wrist and forcing Suzaku to break her hold and face her directly.

"Not as frail as you'd like to appear," he murmured to himself before dropping into a fighting stance and gliding forward ignoring Euphie's shouts to to stop.

Unsure of his opponents skill level, he cautiously pressed in exchanging a series of rapid strikes and counters. Realizing Kallen was close to his level of skill, Suzaku used his weight and strength advantage against her, allowing her grab his arm before yanking her off-balance. Once her balance shifted, Suzaku swept her legs out from under her and dropped a kick into her head that bounced it off the floor.

"I see you're still very skilled at martial arts," Lelouch said coldly from where he was holding a pistol on Suzaku. "I couldn't shoot you while Kallen was in the way, but I certainly can now."

"Please don't," Euphie begged her brother. "I don't want to see anyone die, please Lelouch."

"I don't think you want to do it," Nunnally said gently adding her voice. "He was a friend before though his path seems twisted now. Perhaps one day your friendship can be repaired."

"He called me a traitor," Lelouch said pulling out his phone and calling Oghi. "Ironic that the Brittanian fights for the Japanese and the Japanese fights for the Brittanians. You live today only because my sisters pleaded for your life Suzaku, remember that. Milly, grab Kallen, we're leaving. Sayoko, you know where to take Nunnally."

Getting a nod from Milly and from Sayoko, he waited until both women had their assigned partners out of the room before slowly backing away, his pistol trained on Suzaku.

"If you follow me out of this room, I will shoot you," he threatened Suzaku before turning his head toward Euphie. "Sorry Euphie but it seems that we'll have to talk some other time."

Slamming the door closed behind him, he ran off towards the elevator issuing evacuation orders to Oghi for the Black Knights.

As soon as her brother slammed the door closed, Euphie wheeled furiously on Suzaku.

"Why did you do this!?" she yelled, preventing him from chasing after Lelouch. "I just wanted to talk to him and you ruined it."

A mixture of shame and determination crossed Suzaku's face and he stood defiant in the face of Euphemia's wrath.

"I did my duty to keep you safe," he told her. "Zero has already killed a member of the Royal Family, you can't expect that bond to save you!"

"He isn't dangerous to ME!" Euphie raged. "I was talking to Lelouch not Zero and Lelouch would never hurt me anymore than he would hurt Nunnally!"

"THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON!" Suzaku roared back. "Lelouch is Zero and he is a traitor. You can't trust him and I needed you to be safe," he said moderating his tone.

"Get out of my sight," Euphie said sullenly. "I don't want to see you right now."

"Not until reinforcements arrive Your Highness," Suzaku said mechanically, hurt that Euphemia refused to understand his actions. "After that, you won't ever have to see me again if you so desire."

Reaching the elevator at the same time as Milly and Kallen, Lelouch practically pushed the two inside before jabbing the down button repeatedly.

"Your mask," Milly reminded him.

"No time," Lelouch replied in a flat, calm tone as he pulled out a remote. "It will have to burn with everything else."

"What's that?" Kallen asked, beginning to recover from Suzaku bouncing her head off the floor.

"There are sensitive documents and materials in my room and work areas," Lelouch replied. "The Brittanians can't get them so I'm sorry Milly but this building is about to burn."

"That sucks but we can always rebuild it assuming any of us have a future," Milly replied showing the calmer, more rational side of her personality. "Will the others have time to get out?"

"Yes, the charges are set near my study and room, the alarms will activate."

"Good," Milly said with a sharp nod. "I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt on campus."

"Spoken like a true student council president for once," Lelouch joked to remove some of the tension as the elevator arrives at its destination. Stepping out into the chaos of the Black Knights preparing to evacuate, Lelouch activated the remote and tossed it aside as the worthless thing it now was.

"Milly, get with members of the command staff and try to organize this a bit. Kallen and I are headed to the knightmares."

"Alright," Milly said looking doubtful. "I suppose this can't be worse than trying to clean up after a festival."

"Especially one of yours," Lelouch and Kallen retorted before taking off towards the knightmare bay leaving a flustered Milly behind.

Reaching the knightmares, Lelouch paused in front of the new arrival from yesterday. He took a moment to savor the awed expression on Kallen's face as she stared at the red knightmare in front of her. Digging into his jacket pocket, he tossed her the activation key.

"So, when I heard we were getting an experimental seventh generation knightmare and it was painted red, I knew that there was only one pilot for it," he said with a grin before striding towards his command Sutherland.

Kallen blinked at the key in her hand before hurrying after him.

"Are you sure about this. You're the commander, you should have the best knightmare," she protested but not very hard, struggling against her desire for the machine.

"I'm a commander," Lelouch reminded her with a grin. "Does that look like a command knightmare to you?"

"No, no it doesn't," Kallen said, her eyes lighting up. "Thank you Lelouch."

"You're the best pilot I have," Lelouch said softly. "Just use it well but you should start using it now."

"Oh right!" Kallen exclaimed, turning around and hurrying over to climb up into her new knightmare. Firing it up, she punched in the code for the BK tactical channel and heard Zero assuming control of the chaos around them.

"Attention all Black Knights. This base has been comprised so we will be relocating to a new secure location. I have received information that some Brittanian units may attempt to stop us but they will fail for we are the Black Knights and Justice always prevails in the end! All units, move out!"

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

-Sun Tzu


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