Oh boy third time a charm or something like that? But here it is, the reasons it taking me so long? It partly because I was distracted with life but partly...I realize it weird to type my story in script form, yeah go figure. So that make me decide while I am still at it before it too late, like more than 15 chapters in, it time for another rewrite, re-edit, etc. Nothing too grandeurs in term of story telling since the plot is still the same but with the fact I finally write like someone who is born on the Third Planet, it won't hurt the eyes of anyone who spend their time to read my story anymore.

On that note massive thanks for everyone who supported this story, I was thinking of making a separate one, with the other showing the rewrite an this one just to remind how horrible my second attempt was,but sentimental feeling alike make me want to do this rewrite on the same one since this is my first story after all.

Without further ado, the third and hopefully last rewrite of my story of Kamen Rider OOO and Senki Zesshou Symphogear!

Chapter 1: New World! Multi-King and the Songstresses!

Disclaimer: Kamen Rider created by Ishinomori Shotaro while Senki Zesshou Symphogear is licensed by Discotek Media. I gain no profit from this and don't own any of the series, the proof is the lack of official crossover.

A battlefield. The only fitting words to describe the current location with destroyed structures, ruined landscape, man and woman alike fleeing from it in terror.

But minute prior this was actually a concert hall, full of cheers, excitement and songs, until the mysterious menace that people in this world called Noise, have appear and trash this place to dust.

It is unclear where they from or why they are here except the fact they bring destruction with them everywhere they go, every weapons that human known and used to take proud of have no effect on these creatures as everything they touch is turned to dust.

But unknown to everyone the government have one kind of weapon that can kill the Noise, relic that harness mystical power of age old legend, which choose it user and give them armor with weapon that can bypass the Noise's impenetrable defense. These Relics are classifed as Symphogear by those who in the know and currently in this place there are two individual who have been chosen, they are using their powers to fight against the Noises.

They are Amou Kanade and Kazanari Tsubasa. While to everyone they are known as a famous pair of idol Zwei Wing. They have fight the Noise for almost years now but this time it is proven to be most difficult as the number is way higher than what they have face before, they try to slash away all the Noise with their spear and sword respectively but the number still too much.

As Kanade was struggling as a bunch of Noise she notice that there is one person who hasn't run from the Noise yet.

A girl about 13 or 14 years old, this is Tachinbana Hibiki.

"Hey! What are you doing!? Hurry up and run!" Kanade call out as she quickly push back the Noises to gain the chance and dash toward the young girl who still stubbed by what she is seeing.

"Huh? Y...Yes! I got it!" Hibiki responded shakily.

Then as if just got out of a trance, she ready to run when she found herself was surrounded by the Noise.

Kanade rush to her as fast as she can and slash away few of the Noise, some of them twist themselves to become an arrow and head straight to her while some other spit out green poison, she used her spear and spin it around as a shield to protect herself and Hibiki who is behind her and have a wounded leg which made her unmovable which forced Kanade to stand there while use her spear to block all the fire power coming from the Noise, but then Kanade suddenly feel the weight of her armor, something that shouldn't be possible for one who clad in Symphogear at all! Not just her armor, Kanade also starting to aware how heavy her spear is.

"Tch! Is the suit power already reaching its limit?" Kanade grunted under her breath as she still try to fend off all the attacks.

Eventually her weapon and armor can't handle the stress anymore as they start to crack with pieces of fractures blasted off Kanade due to the Noises relentless assault. Unfortunately, one of those fragment lodged into the young girl heart and slammed her to the wall nearby with blood flow out from the wound.

Shocked, Kanade rushed to her side right away.

The Noises have paused in their assault but slowly their numbers gathered around the duo.

"Hey! Don't die, open your eyes please." Kanade begged.

Hibiki let out a few cough indicate that she is still alive, making Kanade let out a relieved sigh before her expression hardened again as she ascertain the surrounding once more.

"She is still alive but the wound need to be treated right away. And this amount of Noises...Heh...I guess this is it eh?" Kanade thought with a resigned smile formed on her lips.

She pick up her spear and point it toward the where the Noise gather and begin to sing the song that will eat away her life. Tsubasa from afar also holding back multiple Noises seeing this let out a gasp.

"No! Stop it, Kanade! Please don't sing that song!" Tsubasa shout as loud as her prided voice allow her to.

As Tsubasa try to get to Kanade side she is surrounded by bunch of Noise and try to slash all of them away with her sword but the number still didn't decrease much as she hopelessly witness her friend ready to throw her life away to destroy the Noise, evident by half sung Swan Song. Just then though the blue haired swordswoman heard a sound, as she look back to this day, Tsubasa will always remember that sound.


After that the swipe through the battlefield was a giant phoenix made of flame and it wipe off all the Noise, it presence also stopped Kanade from finish her Swan Song but she still collapse and cough out blood, Tsubasa rush to her side right away after the Noise around her was also destroyed by the visual representation of the legendary fiery bird. At that time not just Tsubasa and Kanade but the semi-conscious Tachibana was also staring as the phoenix, that just appeared out of thin air and offered aide, in awe as it descend to the ground after all the Noise was destroyed.

The phoenix disappear to beautiful rainbow ember, revealing an armored figure with a belt that have three red coins in it.

"Who…Who are you?" Tsubasa asked in dazed shock.

"I'm OOO. Kamen Rider OOO." The armored phoenix replied calmly.

That sound...is a signal that announce to this world the arrival of the Multi-King.

At the universe of Neo-Heisei Riders, in space. A few moment prior.

Right now, there is a battle that determine the fate of the planet, on the Riders side there are Kamen Rider OOO, Hino Eiji, and Kamen Rider Fourze, Kisaragi Gentaro, while their enemy is Lem Kannari who have obtained the power of Cosmic Energy and Core Medals, leading to his crowning as the Galaxy King.

Both riders OOO, Super Tatoba Combo, and Fourze, Double Rocket State, is ready to launch their Rider Kicks.



"RIDER DOUBLE SPACE DRILL KICK!" OOO and Fourze shouted in sync.



The two Kamen Rider rush toward the Galaxy King with their respective finishing moves and collies at the mad scientist.

"How!?...How could I... someone who... suppose to be the new King of this whole galaxy... be defeated by bunch... of ...Kamen Riders like you lots?"

This was Lem Kannari's final words as he get blow away by the force of the attack, launching him ahead of the rocket that serve as the battleground, but with its speed the rocket caught up, this mean it ram right to the defeated Galaxy King, the impact and the energies tearing him inside out result in a big explosion that can be seen down on Earth.

With Kannari destroyed from the attack by both Riders, Fourze finally released the Soluu energy in the form of Nadeshiko and she said goodbye to him after she give him a kiss.

"Ah, youth."

The older Rider thought with an amused smile seeing the heart warming scene in the middle of this dark cold space.

But then OOO, now in Tajadoh Combo, noticed that the same black hole that Poseidon and Ankh came from have opened again from the explosion of the Galaxy King.

"Eiji-san is everything alright?"

Fourze asked seeing how quiet the phoenix themed Rider is.

"Gentarou-kun, can I ask you a favor?" OOO responded with a request.

"Eh? Sure. What is it Eiji-san?" Fourze asked, more than happy to help.

"Right now...in that portal, there might be a chance for me to reach a dear friend of my. Maybe it will be a failure in the end..." OOO said as his voice hardened. "Even so, if there is a chance for me to find him, I must take this chance." OOO explained as he turn toward Fourze. "So I hope you can tell my friend back at Earth, that they don't need to worry, I am just going on another journey that's all."

Fourze just look at him before a wide smile appear behind his armor.

"Sure! Friend is people who are most important to you! Don't worry Eiji-san, I will help you. Is the least I can do, too bad I can't help you since the Zodiarts are still a threat to my school." Fourze said as he lowered his head in shame.

But OOO just pat the astronaut themed Rider on the shoulder in grateful manner.

"Thank you Gentaro-kun, this is the best you could do for me already. I wish you good luck on your school year and your battle a head. Until we meet again." OOO said.

And this time, he's the one who give out his hand first.

Fourze just look a bit surprise for a moment before he grin and nodded as he does his signature handshake with OOO.

And just like that OOO take off in his quest to find the lost Greeed, Ankh and unknowingly will get drawing to another conflict from another world. But that's alright, because this time, he has the Core Medals with him once more, and of course a fresh pair of underwear for tomorrow.

Meanwhile in what one could describe as a space between dimension, the Galaxy King just defeated by OOO and Fourze can be seen with only his upper body while his lower body along with his limps are destroyed. But for some reason even with this mutilated body, there is movement coming from it. Did the Galaxy King manage to survive both OOO and Fourze final attacks?

No. At that time both Riders had put their strongest powers for one finishing attack, the powers behind it was enough to vanquish any life there is in the former human. Yet this movement come from something else that was also inside the Galaxy King. For it was not only Nadeshiko who retained her consciousness while trapped inside Kannari. There was another existence, who despite received a combination attack from both OOO and Aqua, still manage to survive. But because of the state he was in, he couldn't resist at all as Kannari freely draw out his powers, but now with the arrogant fool death, nothing could stop this existence from breaking free and reclaim what is his.

An armored gauntlet burst out from inside of the dead man chest, another hand shot out and rip apart his body before it slowly form itself again in a darkness. It shift to a blue light with three familiar Medals revolve around it. It slowly become a small vortex before a figure can be seen inside it.

"Hm...To dare and use my power like that, death is too good for you Kannari." The being snarled as it absorb the darkness that was the Galaxy King just a second before. "Galaxy King eh? At least your power in the end give me a great help to recover faster. For compensation I will be taking it then." The armored figure said as he absorb the energy, this result in two yellow eyes flare up in power. "Incredible, this power was never unleash it true potential because someone like Kannari hold it." The being with a rejuvenated tone marveled as he clench his fist before he use his new enhanced sense to find someone who he can tell is also near. "Now then...to finish what I started."

The being body radiate intensely with power, while the golden orbs in his eyes become brighter like a star.

"I can sense it...Ank's Medal." OOO murmured.

His helmet eyes piece now flash in purple, he is utilizing the power of the only set of Medals that are the most dangerous to him and his enemies, but as the same time the set that truly belong to him.

In truth, the purple Medals were never destroyed. To be more precise they were meant to be asleep forever in his body since their powers are basically gone after he defeat Maki. Since unlike other Medals, the Purple Medals had bond with him way above the level of separate existence already, even if he never use it, even if it lose all its power. The Medals still exist in him. It merged and represent his hollow desire for power to reach out for other. That's why when he gain back the other Medals once more, these Medals also awakened. But of course due to its nature it take longer than other to stabilize. Of course that doesn't stop OOO to track down the Medals belong to his friend. After a while of wondering through a dimension space, OOO can't help but wonder if this is just like how Kadoya Tsukasa feel when he travel through the world.

OOO chuckle to himself wonder how Anhk would react to this probably, no definitely, he would call Eiji an idiot again and in order to hear those words he would need to go to where Ankh is and find out how to fix his Medals.

When OOO had finally make his way to this world, he can tell one thing right away. This is Earth, at least as Earth as it can be to him. It could be the future with how complex some building is, even if they are burning and falling apart, but there are definitely humans, teenagers. Girls who are around Gentarou's age? And just like the young Rider they are fighting some unnatural looking being. Unnatural but familiar, a scene where people equip with strange looking armor fighting anomaly? Almost feel like he back at home.

But this is not his Earth, something feel different, is it because he held the future Core Medals Super Tatoba? He does not know. But he know, somewhere Ankh is here was it intentional? Probably not but he can find him, later.

Right now what caught OOO's attention are those girls, one with with fiery red hair and the other with aqua blue hair, fighting against those monster. He also notice a girl with orange hair is wounded and she need help. Then the red hair girl give out a content but daring grin as she face the horde of monsters in front of her without fear, if anything it is a sense of acceptance.

He can tell, because it so eerily similar to when Ankh ready to use his last power to save him before disappear. Not waiting anymore moment he take out his OOO Scanner and swiped it across his Driver.

Back to Tsubasa, Kanade and the still barely conscious Hibiki, they watched on in silent, surprise, doubt, awe, hope all traits of emotions are there.

"W...Who?" Kanade asked weakly.

And OOO heard her clearly.

"Call me OOO, Kamen Rider OOO."

From now on this world will not only have Symphogear as the weapon that can fight Noise it will also include the Kamen Riders, for better or worse.