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Chapter 2: Short Lived Peace! New World! New Battle!

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Eight months later.

Back then, the day that was known as the Zwei Wing Tragedy, many have perished, some luckily escaped. But among them one case stood out for all the medical staffs involved. A young girl with a piece of debris lodged to her heart, who by all mean should have been add to the list of casualty, hanged on to the thread of life, then through the effort of the surgeons, the miracle of life. She has hang on, she survived and it was a case make all the doctors involved proud of themselves and the young girl will to live. But due to very specific circumstance revolve around her wound, this remained a secret to the public at large.

Yet follow that miraculous survive, the girl also been on the receiving end of the tough side of life, as if a price she paid for getting this miracle. It has cost her many hardship, take away something important from her but she push on.

One can't guess all of that of course, looking at her happily snoozing away in the middle of her class.

"O...?" The cream haired girl muttered. "!?" Then she abruptly wake up from her nap.

Only then did the girl realize that she is in a classroom, her dazed mind quickly recovered from the short nap.

And now here she is, Tachibana Hibiki, all recovered and living a normal life as a junior high school girl.

Of course the fact she enrolled to Lydian Private Music Academy already make that statement a bit lofty. In the first place despite its title, all those who managed to enroll in this Academy got a tuition almost equal to a public high school. And yet the equipment, education not to mention opportunity for scholarship live up to its title. This of course result in lots of parents who want their children to follow a field related to music, or just parents who want their kids to have a good education in general, applied for this school.

But in return for its low fee, the school has a strict rule of accepting its student. Perhaps not unreasonable though, all of them must possess some decent skills in music, specifically singing. Sometimes the school wouldn't accept an application and then it would seek out some students and invite them to it, in Hibiki's case she was honestly just giving it a try. With Hibiki's 'situation' require a change of environment and her best friend, who got an invitation to study here, Hibiki applied with prayers in mind and before she know it, she somehow enrolled to the academy.

The other is she might be one of the very few citizen in this country who known the existence of people like Kazanari Tsubasa and Amou Kanade. That statement would have no doubt draw laughter from the mass, if they assume she was talking about the famed duo of Zwei Wing. Said laughter would croak if they realize it was about how the same duo can wield weapons capable of fighting against the Noises.

And then there was him, that armored figure clad in flame. But unlike her memories of the Symphogear duo, Hibiki's memory of the Rider is very hazy, because by that time she was already slipping between the state of consciousness. So it is still debatable if there was even an armored figure even real or not.

"But...if the Zwei Wing can harm the Noises...why can't he...why can't OOO also be real?" Hibiki thought with a sigh.

Of course, she never told this to anyone, how could she? She herself known how many factors there are to consider. First, nothing could harm nor touch the Noise not to mention fight them, the military around the world have tried, many scientists have offered their own opinions and experiments, all kind of known weaponry of mankind was involved and it all have turn to dust in front of the Noises. That's why the only thing that people could do when the Noise's arrive is to run away, they are not regarded as threat anymore but as a natural disaster that the citizen can only evacuate from.

Second is the sheer insanity of saying out loud a pair of idols and a fiery figure descend from the sky, with no hint of religous at all of course, was the force that pushed the Noises back.

"Uwah...saying any one of those thoughtwould be enough for me to have a straightjacket as my new uniform. That or a very long, long absent days from school."

As tempting at the last part of the thought is, Hibiki would have none of it, she already has a hard time catching up attending everyday, imagine her trying to do that from home?

"I would be thirty the time I finish all the homework cram up on me." Hibiki muttered with chuckle.

"Oh? And why is that?" A sweet tone, too sweet, asked.

"I mean, it hard to understand the lessons...ah." Hibiki stopped.

That because said voice dripped with honey sound remarkably like her stern strict, and absolutely terrifying teacher, except without the sweetness like right now.

"Hard to understand you said? You sure it isn't because your eyelids was closing shut so tight that it can trap air?"

Yep, there's the sterness.

Hibiki turned to her teacher, the expression somehow a mix of a smile and a frown...and rage.

"Mercy, Sensei?"


Kohinata Miku, Hibiki's best friend, can only bury her face to her palm, muttering about cream haired idiot.

Lydian Academy is a beautiful school with eye catching construction and building, matching its reputation. But it still pale in comparison of what is hidden underneath said Academy.

State of the art advanced technologies, spacious hallway and rooms with all the needs there is for the whole school itself to live down here comfortably, and then the computers and system needed to motivate the Noises or any abnormal activity around the whole city. This is where government most well keep secret, the 2nd Division, a special task force formed to battle against the Noises, stationed.

Right now one of its most valuable and essential member is standing outside an infirmary room as she watch through a glass wall, showing Amou Kanade in deep sleep. That is if one ignore all the machine attached to the red haired girl to monitor her heart rate, pulse, brainwave.

And the viewer none other than Kazanari Tsubasa, clad in the standard Lydian uniform.

"Kanade...When will you finally wake up?...We need you...I need you." Tsubasa said holding back a choke.

She is emotional, barely hanging on to her tear, a sight that everybody else haven't seen ever since that day. Suddenly the speaker around the hall spoke with the sound of the Division's Commander.

"Tsubasa-kun! Noises have been detected! The military force already engaging them, we need you there now!"

And with that, the blue haired singer's face devoid of any expression with her eyes glint with a coldness that one would feel like they staring at the side of a blade. This is the moment that Kazanari Tsubasa herself become a sword, without emotion holding her back she will slash away all the Noises and protect humanity. That is the vow she made, to the one she failed to protect.

OPENING! Play Synchrogazer!

Cover Image: OOO in Tatoba Combo stood back to back with Ame no Habakiri clad Tsubasa, the girl has a stoic glare on her face.

"Uwah~ That was tiring..." Hibiki said dejectedly.

The girl flopped down unceremoniously to the pillow seat.

"Isn't because you fallen asleep in the class?" Miku said with disapproving gaze.

Hibiki can only scratch her back head in embarrassment, she always remembere how her mother told her that Miku had cried to almost no more tear left in her as she sit outside of the operation room. That's prove to be wrong however as she once more cry her heart out but this time in happiness when she hug Hibiki, who had finally recovered.

"It not just that but also because the rest of the class was too tired." Hibiki said as she rub her shoulder then left out a big yawn to emphasize her point.

"But that also because you spend all of the time in class helping other and poking your nose to where it doesn't belong." Miku said as she start cleaning the book on her table and put it back to her backpack.

"I can't help it! I like helping people." Hibiki said with a pout.

"Sometimes you should know where to draw a line though Hibiki." Miku replied with a pointed look.

But Hibiki surprised the black haired girl as she tackle her to a light hug with a huge smile on her face.

"It's okay! You will be there to help me when I get into too much trouble. I know it Miku." Hibiki said cheerfully.

Of course hearing this Miku blushed a little bit.

Suddenly Hibiki let go of her friend as her eyes widen up before she joyfully bounced to her table as she grab the magazine on it.

"Oh I almost forgot! Today is the day her new album coming out!" Hibiki exclaimed excitingly.

She quickly turn to the page of the magazine that show the advertisement of a new album debut of Tsubasa. Already used to this antics, Miku show an amused smile.

"You are her big fan aren't you Hibiki? That also another reason why I managed to convinced you to try out the application." Miku asked.

"Yeah. I like her a lot." Hibiki said with a big smile, then quietly talk to her self. "Without the Zwei Wing I might haven't survive the attack of the Noise."

"But there is only one member now."

Miku can't help but recall how everyone was saddened by such news atop of all the tragedies deaths from the attack at the concert.

The pair of idols with a perfect voice work well together, such was what push them to their fame. Despite this no one can deny Kazanari Tsubasa is also working her best even if she alone now and it certainly didn't stop her song from still being as popular as ever.

"Kanade-san...I remember her words, that's why right now I am living my life the best I could. That's the only way I can think of to repay her..." Hibiki thought.

(Flash Back)

Tsubasa holding a bloody Kanade in her arm, whose Gear had already cancel out, while her other arm hold her sword up to guard against the mysterious figure that just call himself OOO in front of her. Despite he destroyed the Noises she can't still determine if he is enemy or friend, still the fact that he manage to take out such overwhelming numbers in one move clearly show the difference between their powers. Not to mention Kanade still in critical condition along with that younger girl still bleeding out of her chest behind them.

OOO instead just rush over, uncaring how exposed he allowed himself to be in Tsubasa's eyes, he paid no attention to her hostility toward him. He just focus on the wounds both Hibiki and Kanade sustained, before he took out...

"Coins? Medals?" Tsubasa thought.

What caught her attention of course, is beside its pretty design, these three colored coins look the same the three slot in his weird belt. But these three are more orange colored. Then in front of her eyes, said three coins shined before said light dripped over to the two wounded girls.


Whatever protest she about to make die in her throat when Tsubasa saw the blood leak from Hibiki stopped somewhat and Kanade's pale expression regain some live to it.

"It barely enough, I'm glad it worked like this for now, but they still need help." OOO said. "Don't worry I won't let them die, not when they within my reach. Where is the nearest hospital?"

Tsubasa need to be on guard more, but how could she? The experiment for the Complete Relic backfired, the Noises have trashed the stadium and god know if her Uncle and the 2nd Division is okay right now. And now she has to watch her friend die in front of her? So the girl told him, he didn't need detail direction and she doesn't know if he recognize the street, but it doesn't matter.

"As long as I know the direction that's all that mattered."

The wing of rainbow and flame engulfed them, watching through the wings Tsubasa can clearly see the ground quickly distance itself from them before the entire city is visible to her eyes. She has no time to take in the scenery, only focus on the fact the hospital employed by the organization is getting closer to her view within seconds.

Seconds later, Tsubasa found herself being treated by trusted doctors of the Division while both Kanade and the young girl was wheeled to emergency room.

It took her seeing Kanade wheel out of the emergency room hours later, alive, for the blue haired girl to realize she never noticed when has OOO disappeared.

(Flashback End)

"Tsubasa-kun! Tsubasa-kun! Are you listening?"

The Commander's voice coming from the communication device broke Tsubasa out of her thought as she remember that right now she is on a helicopter and is heading where the Noises are being sighted right now.

The evacuation has been carried out and the military force have come in contact with the Noises, but of course without a Symphogear their attacks are all useless and some of their men even get killed by the Noises. Despite proving its effectiveness, some simply can't accept the fact that only Symphogear can do this, part of its are due to pride, and the other is some soldiers genuinely didn't want to push the burdens on a girl who still in highschool.

"I heard you loud and clear, Commander, target almost in sight." Tsubasa replied formally.

Instead of the usual gruff voice, a mischevious one responded the blue haired girl.

"Ara...ara...For our always-serious-Tsubasa-chan to be so delayed in her respond...could this be about a boy? You finally enjoying your youth?"

"I am thinking about OOO, that is all. He still an unknown variable." Tsubasa replied in monotone.

Whether she pay no heed to the tease or it completely fly over her head, no one know.

"Well...from what you describe of him, it still count. Am I right?" Asked the female voice again after a few seconds of silence.

Tsubasa just has a blank expression.

"The destination already in my view, I will now work on exterminating the Noises."

"Wait Tsubasa. At least work wi- "

By that time, Tsubasa already leaped off the chopper.

"Hah~ And there she goes again..." The Commander sighed with a shake of his head.

Just like his voice indicate, he is a tall and muscular man with gold eyes, spiky red hair, and a goatee wearing a red dress-shirt with his sleeves rolled up and a pink tie with its end tucked into his left breast pocket, light beige slacks and black and blue athletic shoes.

Next to him is obviously the woman who has also been on the line, she is a tall woman with long brown hair done up into a beehive shaped dome with a purple butterfly clip on the left side, she has violet eyes and wears hot pink rimmed glasses with yellow tinted lens, also wearing a pink and coral dress and a white lab coat. If you are working in the 2nd Division yet you don't known these two then it can said either two thing about you. One, you area newbie, the other is an idiot. Admittedly the latter is rarer given the base lack of need for those individuals.

Because these two are Sakurai Ryoko, the women who is famous to the governments for her thesis that involve the use of Relic that lead to the birth of Symphogear, the Sakurai Theory.

While the man himself is the leader of the 2nd Division, Kazanari Genjuro. As well as Kazanari Tsubasa's uncle.

Bullets, smoking bomb, flash bang and grenade. Whatever the military throw at them, the Noises just ignored it, seeing only dust and ashes come in contact when it reached them.

Just when the military thought they have no chance of stopping the Noise they heard the sound of helicopter and when they look up, they caught the glimpse of Tsubasa pulling, in their eyes, a suicidal move, as she leap out of said aircraft.

"Imyuteus Ame no Habakiri Tron." Tsubasa defied such expectation by singing the special verse.

The orb of light engulfed her and equip her with the Ame no Habakiri Symphogear.

The girl crash down right in the middle of where the Noises gather, as dust and debris kick up everywhere from where she land the Noises also become more vivid like they actually have body, not slightly transparent like before. This is the ability of the Symphogear and with the dust cleared up Tsubasa is already clad in her signature blue armor with her trusted special katana in hand.

Playing Zetto Ame no Habakiri.

After that she charge straight at the Noise with her sword ready in her hand. Instead of swinging her sword though, Tsubasa bend down and did a handstand while the folded blade behind her leg spread out and she spin her legs around along with the blade causing any Noise around her slash to pieces.


Tsubasa then jump high to the sky and point her sword to the Noise, just then, hundred of blue energy swords rain down toward the Noise. All of them vaporized the moment they were impaled with the projectiles.


For the decisive strike, Tsubasa focused on her sword, which now had become bigger, almost bigger than her whole body, rather than a slim katana. Despite her smaller frame, the girl give a mighty swing, sending a blue energy slash rushing down on the Noises.


That beautiful blue light was the last thing the Noises see, when it wash over them the spot they stood on exploded, eradicating the Noises without a trace left.

The blue haired swordstress then land down to the ground, giving one look at her handy work.


The explosion jolted Tsubasa, she quickly identified the location before she even saw the rising smoke, a part of the forest where she sure none of the military force were there. Quickly she dash toward that area with a frightening speed granted to her by her Gear.

End Song.

A moment prior, another group of Noises was about to join their brethren to face Tsubasa, but was stopped when they saw a silhouette stand in their way. The moonlight shine on him, illuminate his three iconic Core Medals first before reveal the full armor of Tatoba Combo.

The Noise as if curious by OOO appearance move toward him, want to see him become a pile of ashes as they stomp over him, only to receive a different outcome when OOO take out his Medaljalibur and swing it widely unleashing an arc of energy slash that easily wipe out the front row of the Noises.

"These guys...they like jelly if they didn't turn everything you throw at them to ashes huh?" OOO mused.

"Then finish them off already Eiji." A voice call out behind one of the tree hidden by the shadow.

Playing Regret Nothing Tighten Up.

"Right, right." OOO said.

The Rider then walk toward the group of Noises with his sword by his side.

The Noises, emotionless, but not without a degree of aware, crowd together to face this anomaly, as if a switch been flipped, their slow stride become a charge, with some of the Noises launch themselves toward OOO like projectile.

OOO quickly do a full circle swing with his sword. Once more, the blade release an energy slash behind that destroy some of the Noises while forcing other flying back and crash toward the tree around them. With the dust covered the area, a sound of a tiger roaring can be heard followed by a yellow light flare up before the dust were sliced away by OOO's Tora Claws. The Rider unleash a series of frenzy swipe as he simply run by each of the Noises, these monsters once by once fall prey to his claw. Finally he focus all his energy to his claws making it coat in golden energy aura, then OOO settle to a lunge position.

"SEIYAH!" OOO roared.

The Medal Rider leap at the remaining Noises, his body unleash a golden aura shaped like a lion head snapping its fang at its prey. In this cases the last few Noises that was eradicated from the attack.

End Song.

By the time she made her way there, the scene that greet Tsubasa is the aftermath of said battle, with deep crater, broken tree and claw mark dig deep to the ground to tell the tales. Already in Tsubasa's mind, she narrowed down the only person she can think of.

"OOO...Just who are you really..." Tsubasa muttered with a narrowed eyes as she survey the damage.

Until now she and the 2nd Division still in the dark of who the armored being is. Both times of their encounter was abrupt and brief yet it was always when something big was happening. Yes, both times, the first was obviously the memory still play clearly in her head, the day everything change for the Zwei Wing.

The second, Tsubasa has no way to know, and it is a tales for another time but it is an important event for OOO in this world.

"Are you sure we should avoid her?" OOO asked.

The Rider stand on one particular tall tree, far from where Tsubasa is but with his Taka vision he can see her clearly.

"Yeah, I still need more information on this world, before we are sure what is going on it is better keep our presence hidden. Do you really expect to just be welcome with open arms?" A sarcastic retorted.

OOO only nodded calmly. Batta Leg readied to carry him away from the area within minutes by jumping across the tree and rooftop.

"Better hit the bed, another early morning for the dining place tomorrow." OOO said with a chipper voice.

"Oi, stopped by the convenient store first, they have an interesting flavor there for the ice cream."

Upon returning to the Base, Tsubasa finished her report of the battle, along with a brief encounter, if it could even be called that, with the armored being.

"Commander, what is your thought on the matter?" Tsubasa asked.

Ryoko closed her eyes in thought, but at the corner one can see she is peeking at Genjuro's silent visage. With the way he closed his eyes, yet there a slight wrinkle at the corner, he seems to be deep in thought. One could almost see the level of concentration from the aura around the man.

Finally he open his eyes with a serious expression, both Tsubasa and Ryoko focused all their attention on the Commander as he calmly take out a handkerchief.


Needless to said perfect face-fault was performed by Ryoko, Tsubasa also used all her wills to not follow said action. Instead the blue haired girl just settle with a resigned sigh, using one hand to massage her temple with a tired sigh.

"Sorry about that you two, my nose suddenly feel itchy." Genjuro said as he finish cleaning his nose with the handkerchief, inwardly he withheld an amused smile, at least he manage to get some reaction out of Tsubasa, but then his expression quickly become stern again. "The anomaly identified himself as OOO. It's been eight months since the day he reveal himself. Ever since then we haven't got anyway to locate this figure, the only thing we practically do is follow his trace. We don't known who is it behind the armor or if he even human at all. We were at least able to tell he a male base on Tsubasa-kun's testimony along with several other witness."

Ever since OOO appear, Tsubasa and the 2nd Division didn't got any other chance to meet face to face with him anymore beside one instance, one that was very brief. From then on, the one who managed to see OOO himself is those who encountered the Noises and survived, all thanks to the armored being rescued them in time.

The Japanese government when aware of this have ordered the 2nd Division to find a way acquire this armor and retain its wearer. Needless to said the fact that a power completely different from Symphogear able to take out the Noises is a slab of meat dangling in front of a pack of wolves. Right now humanity can only rely on the Symphogear to stop the threat of the Noises and it is not something being mass produce for sure, at this point there is only two known Symphogear, the Ame no Habakiri and the Gungnir. With Amou Kanade's condition this make it the world only able to rely on one Symphogear.

In the first place, the idea of using phonic gain generate from adolescent girl's song as a weapon against the Noises sounded like a fever dream to the people in powers, the amount of people who actually listened to Ryoko's theory can be count on one hand. The project might no have any real investment in it if not for a chance of a 'live' demonstration. And it none other than when Ryoko presenting her result with Gungnir and Ame no Habakiri to the government, the location was breached by the Noises. With stationed defense forces unable to stop the Noises, they were saved by Tsubasa and Kanade in their Symphogears.

Thus the government finally provide Sakurai Ryoko with the resource she need to research on the Relic, the source of power for Symphogear. The official weapon to counter the Noises.

But with OOO, another possibilities will be possible if they can get ahold of said armor.

"Speaking of which, Ryoko-kun. How your study in regard to OOO go?" Genjuro asked.

Just in time, the big screen on the wall loaded with images. Images that managed to capture OOO in his Tatoba Combo destroying Noises and saving citizens, Ryoko tap her chin in thought. Her expression is no different from a kid with an unwrapped present in front of it.

"OOO's existence, history and origins are still a mysteries. One that I doubt can be answer unless we meet him directly. But I can take a few guess from how his power work." Ryoko said in an analyzed tone, she pressed a keyboard to zoom in on one of the picture, particularly to OOO's Driver before continue. "Look at that belt. It is not too hard to guess it is his source of powers, similar to how the Symphogear use the Relic to draw out the armor. The belt is doing the same, with the substitute for Relic being no doubt those colored coins."

Genjuro who were contemplating Ryoko's explanation can't help but cut in as he carefully exam the zoomed image.

"You can never judge a book by its cover eh? So much power hidden in something that fit inside one palm." Genjuro commented.

"That's not all, Tsubasa-chan herself confirm OOO have other colored coins like this. And base on the fact he look so different? My guess are our friends here have a luxury that my precious Gear don't have, yet." Ryoko said with a sigh.

"Adaptation." Tsubasa said.

Ryoko can only sulk and nod.

"So he can change his armor, base on the coins he using or something along the line?" Genjuro asked with an arched eyebrow. "Simple but effective. Make me wonder if anyone can use it like that." Genjuro said before he shook his head. Tsubasa narrowed her gaze, knowing her Uncle reached the same conclusion. " not just that, he moved with experience, this man definitely possessed this armor for quite some time."

"Yes, he quite familiar and comfortable with his power and he hasn't bother to bring out his best set yet ever since he make his appearance from what I am seeing here." Ryoko said biting her nail with a smile.

"Could those coins be some kind of Relic?" Tsubasa asked.

Ryoko gave a negative shrug.

"Even though we never have a chance to come in contact with him directly, I have tried to use the same method we detect Symphogear's signal at the spot that he appeared. Despite his energy still remain strong after some time, there isn't a single signal that indicate his powers come from a Relic. Of course there are some similarity but only enough to indicate his powers also come from lost arts, nothing concrete yet." Ryoko then tap another key to bring up Tsubasa's Gear and the photo of the legendary sword. "For example if we analyze the wave of Tsubasa-chan's Gear we can sync it up with the record of Ame no Habakiri. For OOO, while there are interesting trace that indicate arcane art mix with alchemy formula, it too little to make a conclusion. For all we know it might as well be Solomon's Ring or something. Regardless, it is a marvelous products, both for its and our time."

As Ryoko finished her analysis there is a tone of respect along with great curiosity in her tone, but there something else in it too. Being overlapped by two other clear emotion is a small mix of wariness that not even Genjuro himself noticed.

"So that also mean any way to detect a Symphogear users and Noises are useless against him?" Tsubasa asked with controlled frustration.

But it still not missed by both Ryoko and Genjuro and it only become more clear when Ryoko noded somewhat disdainfully.

Genjuro in contrast though actually kind of relieve. Clearly the blue haired girl expected someway to track down OOO faster from Ryoko, but the problem is he got a bad feeling from letting Tsubasa meet OOO. He has faith in his niece for her to not act irrational. If anything her cool personality developed, ever since Kanade fallen into a coma, has helped her control the flow in battle against the Noises almost perfectly. This doesn't mean he anywhere happy with it if not outright worry the fact she always bottle up her emotions to an unhealthy level. Hence he couldn't help but feel if Tsubasa found OOO the result would somehow similar to when one pour cold water down to boiling oil.

Regardless this doesn't mean the situation could go on like this for long. The higher up have been breathing down on their neck and if they don't produce their result soon then it not just him and the 2nd Division, but the Ministry of Defense, who had been sticking his neck out for them to operate smoothly this entire time, would definitely get drag down the mud too. And worst of all, Genjuro actually fear that some in the higher up will finally lose their patience and actually resort to the use of arms to locate OOO, not only does Genjuro fear that innocent life will be lost but the chance for OOO to actually help them might be flush down the drain for good, given the man has saved so many citizen. Genjuro make up his mind as he gather everyone attentions.

"Ah-hem. Alright everyone I known we still have a lots of work cut out for us, but regardless right now our best chance is to wait for the Noises to appear and use that chance to locate our mysterious friend. This of course doesn't mean we should carelessly deal with his presence nor does it mean we should treat him like the Noises. We will proceed with caution in mind and if we do this right humanity might gain a great ally." Genjuro said passionately.

Rather than command, it is his fiery heart to protect other that make this group willing to follow him, as the Commander of the 2nd Division.

With the meeting finished, Tsubasa dropped by Kanade's room. She once more stood behind the glass looking at her friend's conditions she can't help but grit her teeth remembering Genjuro's word.

'...He could very well be humanity's greatest chance...'

"No. This is not how a sword supposed to be. A weapon can't and shouldn't have emotion that's why I cannot be angry for the fact that..."


As she cut off her thought with a punch right at the glass wall her mind didn't even register the pain in her knuckle impact against a special durable glass. Instead her mind try to push her thought under control. She won't let her emotion control her, if OOO really want to be the allies of humanity then there no reason not to accept his help, despite how she feel like he is taking Kanade's place away she won't let it affect her. If she will kill him though it will only when it prove he is the threat of humanity.

Unknown to Tsubasa though a dark smile slowly made it way to her face.

Meanwhile hidden in the corner silently observing Tsubasa is Ryoko, who simply let out a small smile as she see this.

"Well what do you known? Our little lady still have lots of emotion inside her and they are quite interesting too." Ryoko said with an amused grin.

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