This little piece was written during rthstewart's 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon, inspired by the celebration in The Peridan Chronicles. I didn't forget or abandon it, promise, I just have many other things to do and ideas persistently come for other stories or for later in the work rather than the chapter I need to put up right now... In other news, I now have a dreamwidth journal (link in my profile), which isn't exactly updated often, either, but you may want to keep an eye on it, because I may occasionally put up progress notes that I can't put in author notes when there's no full new chapter to publish. Also, Syrena_of_the_Lake made a fun continuation of this piece which is up on AO3 in "Of Courtship, Birthdays and Other Disasters". Thus the author's note becomes longer than the piece itself. I'll try and not make a habit out of it.

Marwiggles and Birthdays

"Remind me, whyever did we think it was a good idea to invite the marshwiggles to the celebration?" Susan sighed.

"They're good archers," Edmund offered. "And you may not have noticed, but Lucy was laughing whenever they were particularly ridiculously gloomy; so I think that was a mission accomplished all around."