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In this story Eddie's name is really Edward when translated from the Styx language.

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The large room in center of the third floor of the main building was typically the first place one thought of when the word "Library" was mentioned even though there were many libraries in the other buildings on the estate, they didn't quite leave the same impression.

The library was built in the old gathering hall over five decades ago, with mosaic ceilings and pale iron staircases that crawled high up the walls and brought out the black marble floors, it had retained its beauty and in the recent years along with a new keeper had gained some new ornaments. Maps, of all kinds now hung from every plausible area on the walls and the ornate cases that were once used to hold china plates were now filled with neatly rolled maps. Over the the last ten years the ratio of books to maps had become equal and that was just the way Estelle liked it.

Estelle was quaint woman, tall, thin and pale with long black hair that always seemed to manage to tangle itself around her long arms, in many ways, Eddie supposed she was very like the library she kept.

Earlier that morning, Eddie's mother had left to meet with his father and grandparents and shortly after, Estelle came, and as her husband was on patrol that day had taken Eddie to the library.
Along with maps, Estelle loved talking and rarely ever stopped, but Eddie didn't, mind as his cousin's words were never empty. She had a deep fondness of the history behind the maps in her possession and the role their species played in it.
"Then in Russia-Are you listening?"
Eddie was normally an excellent listener, something uncommon for a child his age, but at that moment he found himself more concerned with the seat he was constantly slipping off of and didn't hear his cousin's voice.
"Are you listening to me?"
After several minutes of wrestling with the cushion, he secured himself in the chair.

"Edward are you listening to me?" The words where repeated this time in Styx tongue, Estelle was losing her patience.

Eddie blinked, quickly straightening in his chair and upsetting the cushion in the process.

"Yes." he said, pushing back into the chair he again found himself sliding off of.

Estelle turned back to the map she had taken out, still clearly annoyed with his earlier behavior, she fussed with the edges of the parchment before rolling it up and putting it one of the cases in exchange for another.
This map, was a Styx map it had no significance to topsoil history or any history really, it was more of a blueprint showing their cities and every tunnel that extended from them.

Estelle hung it on the wall straightening its colorful edges she turned to him, her black eyes narrowed sternly.

"Now, are you listening to me?"

Eddie opened his bedroom closet and removed one tightly rolled parchment from the tall wicker basket that sat inside.
The map was yellowed with age, but faint hints of dulled blues and greens still rimmed the edges of the parchment.
Eddie had no intentions of using it, after all Drake was smart enough to find a proper way down to the interior when needed and Eddie would offer his input if necessary, but if a time where the map was needed ever came he'd have it ready.

Eddie looked it over once more before putting it in his coat, if Estelle had known that one day her precious maps would potentially be used in such a manner-in his hands no less, Eddie doubted she would even have let him near the maps let alone gave them to him.
But he didn't dwell on that.

Outside his room Emily was again questioning the Limiters about their nearing departure, Eddie had been surprised at how fast she seemed to lose her fear of them, she had been wary of his men for the better part of two days, now Emily talked to each of them daily about various things she thought would be of interest to the Limiters, however for the past week she talked of nothing else but seeing her family, Emily had finished packing long ago and now that the day had finally arrived she was understandably eager to leave and gladly expressed it.

That was one of the reasons Eddie's door was locked, in order to make sure he brought everything he needed, silence and solitude were necessary and because of this he had no regrets about leaving his men to deal with Emily and her jarring excitement. By the time Eddie was positive everything was being brought, Emily's excited voice was drifting further away. Eddie glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand, in fifteen minutes they were due to leave.

His other men had done a fine job at keeping Perry's estate under surveillance without detection for so long but now, that had ended and it was time to put the next phase of his plan into action.

Unsurprisingly Emily was the first to the Humvee where she watched as the remaining items were loaded into vehicles.

"How far away is the estate from here?" She asked curiously, As the others had busied themselves with packing and organizing, it was Eddie who got to answer her question this time.

"A little under thirty miles."

"Oh," Emily said sounding dejected then added more cheerfully, seemingly to herself than him " That's not long. Not long at all."

Eddie didn't respond.

And Emily didn't mind.

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