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That night had been their cousin's twenty seventh birthday, gifts had been plentiful and their mother was still showing off her gift to the rest of family and Rebecca two found herself glad her sister was with the Burrows that day instead of her. The Rebecca's mother had given their cousin a surprising gift, her library, Rebecca two couldn't care less about the old library in fact she thought it was a horrible gift, but Rebecca two knew her sister was the more envious of the two and no doubt would have a foul mood when she found out. But at least at the moment no trouble would be had.

Rebecca two reached over to pick up small piece of paper from the dinning room table adding it to one of the many lit candles that set along the long table she watched the flame flare and double in size before reaching for a another piece of paper this one slightly larger than the last. Rebecca two had opted out of following the family to the library it was a boring old place anyway, she paused thoughtfully holding the paper above the flame not noticing as it licked at the parchment, her cousin was boring and Rebecca two figured he probably liked boring things too, the library suited him.

"Be careful" said a nasally voice that Rebecca two had learned to associate with her older cousin, it was then Rebecca two noticed the flames had caught the paper and started to crawl up it rapidly.
Rebecca two let it fall into the candle and turned in the direction her cousin had come from there were no other family members behind him and she could still hear faint voices from up stairs.
"You'll burn yourself" He continued even though she had already dropped the paper which was nothing more than ash now.
Rebecca two shrugged in response, she already knew that.
It seemed her cousin had tired of the library but had no intentions of staying with her either, as soon as he delivered his warning he was making his way towards the door.
"Eddie?" She called grabbing for another piece of paper.

He stopped turned back to her looking rather irritated, whether it was of her name for him of the fact that she disregarded his words Rebecca two didn't know. "Yes?"

"Where do you go?" Rebecca two asked with interest, Eddie was always leaving randomly and not returning until early next morning and to Rebecca two and her sister this was just one of his many quirks but they did wonder where he went.

When her cousin opened the door she thought her question would go unanswered, she turned back to the candles and heard her cousin sigh and mutter something under his breath and walked to the table.
"Out," He said simply, "Stop playing with the fire."

"No," Rebecca two responded in even tone similar to his, then seeing an opening added "Not unless you tell me where you go."

"That wont work" Eddie told her almost seeming amused, but not quite "Now put that down."

Rebecca two frowned in disappointment she had been sure that would be foolproof, grudgingly she lowered the paper to the table refusing to look at her cousin.
"Will you tell me where you go now?"
Again Eddie speaking lowly to himself, Rebecca two was able to pick up something that sounded like "Persistent, just like my daughter." but that couldn't be right Eddie didn't have a daughter, she didn't have time to dwell on this oddity however, because at that moment her cousin choose to address her.
"I'm going to see a friend."

Rebecca two couldn't help but feel there was an underlying meaning in those words one that she wasn't supposed to pick up on but before she could question him about it, her cousin was gone and so were her clippings of paper.

By now the building would be reduced to nothing more than ash and charred chunks of concrete scattered along the collapsing framework and surrounding area.
Police and Press would no doubt be crawling over it also, like ants over a cookie, except this was without sugar and chocolate chips instead it was filled to the brim with blood and mangled bodies.

Rebecca two was positive there was touch of hatred in there too.

Their "brother" was either getting smarter or very dumb, either way, he and his group-who no doubt came up with the plan in the first place- Had done a surprisingly good job that day, of course in the end Rebecca two and her sister won. But the fact remained that Will and his friends had managed to knock up quite a number of casualties in one day.
And despite herself Rebecca two was almost impressed, something she'd never let herself admit.


At the moment she was in the security room watching the cameras.

This was her post.

So far people seemed to be buying the "Under Construction" sign, which would be removed when the need for more bodies came, but if anyone started nosing around Rebecca two would be there to alert the Limiters, who should be watching the cameras themselves.
Even though she had pointed this out, her grandfather had still placed her in the security room far, far from Franz.
She wondered where he was.


And if he was okay.


Rebecca two turned her attention to the screens closet to her, there were eight of them one was fuzzy so Rebecca two ignored that screen, the remaining seven showed the lobby, the main halls along with the emergency exit and front parking lot


The residents had all been darklighted, the Limiters and her grandfather were else where and Alex was...Making up for lost time, so the halls were empty and except for the rare passing squirrel so was the parking lot.



Rebecca two's job was one of the most pointless ones she had ever been given.
And now the fuzzy screen was starting to get on her nerves.
Her fingers halted briefly in their assault on the metal desk as she turned a few buttons in hopes of clearing up the static when that failed she turned it off, if it couldn't serve its purpose it was no use to her.


Rebecca two sighed, and felt grateful her grandfather wasn't there to hear it, she crossed her arms and looked fleetingly at the clock, something she had been avoiding doing all day.
It had been almost three and a half days since Rebecca two and her sister had parted the first two days reports had been sent every six hours then the third day came and went but no contact was received, Rebecca two had found this strange but no one else seemed to be concerned, because of this Rebecca two held back from questioning the incident, but in twelve hours another day would pass.
Various dark scenarios bounced around her head but she forced herself to wait just a little bit
longer before bringing up her concerns.

Just a little longer.

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