Chattering voices could be heard through the night as the paty lingered on. There was a big event that night, whom all the importaint people in America had been invited to. Among them, Steve Rogers who were to recieve an award for his work as Captain America, but right now, he was outside, breathing in the fresh air. He didn't handle big crowds for a longer amount of time very well and just had to clear his head.
As he looked up, towards the entrance, he noticed that someone else had stepped outside as well. When he came alittle closer, he could see it was Tony Stark. He was leaning against a beautiful Rolls Royce, smoking a cigarette.
"Mr. Stark." The Captain greeted him with a nod. "Not enjoying the party?"
"Even I get sick of crowds sometimes, Captain." Tony Stark answered carelessly, blowing out some smoke. He offered him a cigarette, by holding out the package, which Steve declined by shaking his head.
"Please, calle me Steve."
"Alright, Steve. Why aren't you inside? Aren't you like the bigshot at this thing?"
Steve looked down shyly.
"Believe it or not, I don't deal too well with crowds or speeches."
The genious millionare grinned amused and raised an eyebrow.
"Really? But your shows.."
"Scripted. Obviously." Steve explained, rolling his eyes.
Tony chuckeld. "Of course, I should have known. It just looked oh so natural!" He said ironically.
"Especially the way you lifted three girls on a motorcycle!"
This made him laugh.
"Actually, that was real."
"Really?" Tony said in wander, his eyes looking to his arms.
"Could you lift my car?"
"Probably." Steve admitted. "But I don't think you want me to try.." In danger of damaging that beauty.
"Not bad.." Tony muttered to himself. "But you're probably right."
When his cigarette had gone out, he glanced at a pocketwatch and sighed.
"We should probably head back in, before they start writing stories."
Steve chuckled and nodded in agreement as they went.

Inside, they settled in the bar and Tony ordered whiskey.
"Want anything?"
"Schnaps, please." Steve replied. Tony signaled the bartender and ordered the drinks, as Steve muttered to himself: "I just wish it could affect me right now.."
"I'm sorry?"
"What?" He thought he had been thinking it, but apparently he had said it outloud.
"Are you saying you can't get drunk?"
"Oh, uh.. yeah."
"Fascinating." Tony stated. Steve raised his eyebrows at him.
"I would love to expreiment in ways to get you drunk."
This made Steve laugh.
"Now that would be a great scientific discovery." He held up his drink in a cheers, Tony did the same and they drank.
Suddenly, their attention where turned to the stage, as the music died down and the host anounced it was time for the awards. Four people recieved their awards, among them Tony Stark who was so relaxed, funny and charismatic on stage and then it was Steve's turn.
"And now, for his work as Captain America, turing the wat and saving countless lives.. Steve Rogers!" The anouncer called out.
Tony muttered a "Break a leg" And he walked up to the stage.
"Thank you." He said into the microphone after he had accepted the award and shaken the host's hand.
"Many people call me a war hero, but I'm simply trying to serve my country and do whatever I can to help people. Therefor, I think this award belong to all the men and women who gave their lives to defend their country." He paused, grief falling over his face. "Including my dear friend, Bucky, who stood by my side until the end."
He bowed and applause filled the hall. He exited the stage and seated himself next to Tony in the bar once more. Tony made a dramatic whistling sound and pushed a drink towards him. "Schnaps."
But Steve just stared empty at it. He shouldn't have braught up Bucky.. The memories flashed in his mind and it was too painful to remember.
"Look.." Tony said, a bit more softly this time.
"I'm sorry about your friend. It must've been horrible."
Steve looked up at him.
"People normally just say things like 'He died bravely' or 'He did his duty as a soldier' or 'It's the way he would've wanted it to be..' "
Tony wrinkled his eyebrows.
"That's bullshit. You lost your best friend in war, it must've been a nightmare." He got some looks at the vulgar language, but neither of them noticed. Tony's sincerity actually made Steve smile.
"Well.. thanks."
The music had started playing again and people were chattering all around and even though it was smooth jazz music, it felt like they were inside a beehive.
"Wanna get out of here?" Tony suggested and Steve nodded as before they headed out.

Outside, they stopped by Tony's car and he lit a cigarette. This was the first time Steve actually stopped and got a good look at him. He had always seen how women swarmed around him and heard what a womanizer he was and he had wondered what the fuzz was about, asuming it was because of his money. But now he could kind of see it. He was actually a very handsome man. With his suit perfectly tailored to his body, his stylish beard and his dark brown hair slicked back for the evening.
"What?" Tony popped Steve's thoughtbubble, as he noticed he was staring at him. Steve quickly looked away.
"Nothing. I just uh.. I like your car." Nice Stave Rogers. But luckily, Tony seemed to buy it.
"Thanks." He said, stroking his hand along it's side.
"Do you wanna take it for a ride?"
Steve eyed the car. "Seriously?"
"Yeah!" Tony decleared. "I normally don't let anyone touch my cars, but seeing as you've saved thousands of lives, I've decided to trust you."
He had to look away from Tony, to the car, hoping he wasn't blushing.
They got in, Steve sinking down in the leatherseat and stroking his hands along the wheel.
"So where to?"
"Wanna come back to my place?" Tony suggested. Steve agreed and they sped onto the highway, while Tony explained the way. It was quiet in the car for a while, except for the radio buzzing low, as streetlights flashed past the windows. When he listened, Steve recognised the song and hummed along.
"You know this song?" Tony asked.
"Yeah, I love it actually. My mother used to sing it to me as a kid."
As Steve hummed along in a low voice, Tony listened to the lyrics (link):

Lullaby of birdland that's what I
Always hear when you sigh
Never in my wordland could there be words to reveal
In a phrase how I feel

Have you ever heard two turtle doves
Bill and coo when they love
That's the kind of magic music we make with our lips
When we kiss

And there's a weeping old Willow
He really knows how to cry
That's how I'll cry on my pillow
If you should tell me farewell and goodbye

Lullaby of birdland whisper low
Kiss me sweet and we'll go
Flying high in birdland high in the sky up above
All because we're in love

When the song ended, Tony sighed and Steve shot a glance at him.
"Are you alright?"
"What? Oh, yes I'm fine." Tony smiled shortly, before looking out of the carwindow. Steve couldn't help but thinking he looked alittlebit sad.

When they arrived at Tony's place, Steve couldn't help but stare in amazement. The Stark manor... it was huge! He would probably get lost in all the rooms, if Tony didn't guide him trhough them. They ended up in the _ and Tony put on a record. Steve could see what it was, but it played mostly smooth jazz music. Tony then proceeded to pour two glasses of chognac, sat down and lit a cigarette.
"So Captain.." He started. "Have you ever been to birdland?"
"I'm sorry?"
"Have you ever been in love?"
Steve was a little surprised that he suddenly asked this out of the blue, but didn't really mind either.
"I suppose so.." He answered. "What about you?"
"I have." Tony said, taking a long drag of his cigarette and Steve couldn't help but thinking he looked sad again.
"But it didn't work out to well." He continued.
"Why not?"
The normally playful and outgoing millionare was now quiet and smiled darkly.
"Let's just say the public wouldn't be too happy if the press found out about it."
It was probably crazy thinking so, but it sounded like he was suggesting..
"I'm sorry if I'm really out of line here" Steve started carefully. "but do you..? I mean are you..?" He trailed off, not knowing what to say.
"A homosexual?" Tony finished for him.
"I'm not even sure myself. I mean, I like women, but the only time I've actually been in love have been with men.."
Steve watched him talk as he listened intently, when Tony suddenly cleared his throat and shifted in the chair.
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't be talking about this. You must think I'm crazy! I've just had too much to drink and-"
"No." Steve cut him off. "I don't think you're crazy. Please- this must be hard for you, so if you want to talk, you can trust me."
"Thanks." Tony muttered. Tears started welling in his eyes and he looked away quickly.
"So um.. who were you in love with?"
"Well.." He started. "There was Bucky. But you know.. I could never say anything. They would've thrown me out of the military and even worse they might thrown him out as well.."
"Tough luck, huh?" Tony muttered and Steve nodded. This was the first time he had talked about this with anyone ever and frankly, he wasn't even sure why he talked about it now. He just felt so at ease with this man.
"I just don't understand.." Tony interrupted his thoughts.
"The doctors say it's a disease.. That there's something wrong with the brains of people who're attracted to the same gender. But I've researched it! And as far as my experiments can tell, my brain is just like everyone else's! I don't understand.."
"Wanna dance?"
Tony's brown eyes looked up in wonder. Steve had stood up and was standing in front of him, holding out his hand. Alittle puzzled, Tony blinked, but took his hand and Steve lead him out on the floor, wrapping his arms around him. They moved their feet smoothly around the floor, locking their eyes together. In the background, the song went like this:

Is it a sin, is it a crime
Loving you dear, like I do?
If it's a crime then I'm guilty
Guilty of loving you

"Don't worry too much of what other people think, Tony." Steve muttered softly.
"The way I see it, as long as you're a good person, it doesn't matter who you are or what you look like or what you believe."
Tony laughed lightly.
"You may be right, Captain."

Maybe I'm wrong
Dreaming of you
Dreaming the lonely night through
If it's a crime, then I'm guilty
Guilty of dreamig of you

What can I do
What can I say
After I've taken the blame?
You say you're through
You'll go your way
But I'll always feel just the same

Their movements went slower and slower throughout the song. Steve lowered their hands to their sides and he could feel his heart hammering in his chest. As the song came to an end, they stopped all together. It was apparently the last song on the record, so they were left in silence, drowning in each other's eyes. Tony leaned closer and Steve froze in place. He closed his eyes and he could feel the other man's lips against his own. It was the most incredible feeling he had ever felt. It was light a mighty weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He felt so light and sort of free! Without even realising it, he had wrapped one arm around the shorter man's waist and kissed him back the other was at the back of his head, burrying his fingers in his dark hair. But after a while, he pulled back.
"S-Steve?" Tony whispered. Steve couldn't do anything. He was frozen in place staring at the floor. He put his hand over his mouth.
"Hey, are you alright?" Tony said a little cleared this time. A thousand thoughts and emotions was racing through him at once and it was overwhelming. It felt so good, he couldn't believe it. So good, he almost felt guilty for feeling that way? It sort of felt like he was doing something illegal, but at the same time, he wanted more. His heart pounded in his chest. He shut his eyes and shook his head.
"I'm sorry." He muttered, before he hurried out of the house.