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Chapter 1


Hiccup clicked on my prosethic and we flew away from our small Island. I flew over the blue seas and under the clear sky. There was not a single cloud. I spun around, with Hiccup yelling with joy as he almost fell off. Of-course, I wouldn't let him fall. I soared across the mountains, the trees, and Berk's houses. Old village, more new houses. Just another early day on Berk. The human vikings wandering around doind their daily... things, or what ever humans like to do. After a couple more loops, dives, and adrenaline, Hiccup patted my neck motioning me to slow down. I looked at him and began to slowly fly parallel.

"What do you want to do today, Toothless?" Hiccup asked. I shrugged. "It's been a while since anything's happened on Berk. No more fighting to keep dragons on the island. No more fighting off Outcasts. No more fighting off dragons. No more species to discover any more. I mean, if we don't get off the island, nothing happends" Hiccup said. I nodded. I wouldn't mind getting out of Berk. Don't get me wrong, I love Berk, but it can get kind of boring. It has been a while since we did or found anything interesting. The problems died out from Berk. Everything's just too peaceful. I sighed.

"I'm guessing you agree. Then again, I do always get in to trouble even when I don't look for it" he said. That's true. But even with Hiccup's consistency to get into trouble, nothings happened. "How about we fly around the island, it'll be a relaxing day. Just like every other day" Hiccup said glumly. I'm not the only one who's tired of the same routine. Maybe me and Hiccup got too used to life-risking events and a normal life seems too boring. Is that what I want? To almost DIE to be satisfied with my life? I'm not even sure what I'm trying to convince myself to do.

"I wonder what you think. Must be interesting" Hiccup said. I shrugged, it's moderate. I made a right turn. Maybe I'm not asking to DIE, but just to stop the boredom. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut, because I might regret it. Me and Hiccup flew peacefully for a while. Then, I instinctively wrinkled my nose. Hiccup saw this.

"What's wrong bud?" Hiccup asked. Should I turn around?... But if we turn around what do we do? Continue to 'relax' and fly around. Yeah right. I continued to fly forward. Suddenly, I heard an echo of...singing? There weren't any words, just beautiful sounds. My eyes drooped and I pursued.

"Toothless, where are you going?" Hiccup asked. I tuned out his voice as I attempted to find the singing. This singing allured me. It was like the aroma of roses yet, in the form of singing. My heart pounded as I landed by a wide lake and few trees. Hiccup stepped off my back. "What was that about?" he asked. I still ignored him. Suddenly, the singing stopped. I sniffed around the lake still trying to find the cause. Hiccup crossed his arms and watched me.

"Did you find where the singing was coming from?"

"No" I replied shaking my head. What the? My eyes flickered up as I realized that, that voice wasn't Hiccup's. I turned around, but as I did something harmlessly pierced my scales and pulled me into the lake.

"Toothless!" Hiccup called. I turned everywhere and I squirmed to get out of there. I couldn't even see what was pulling me down. I roared and flapped my wings to rise out of the water, but it was no avail. Then, the weight that was pulling me in, disappeared. I opened my eyes and stood still. No one was there. I paddled to the surface. Once I rose up I heard Hiccup.

"Toothless, watch out!" he exclaimed. I looked behind and saw a figure swimming very fast towards me. I tried to move out of the way, but I was too slow. Again, I was dragged down into the lake. I shook and tried to swim up but that only seemed to make it worse. Once I finally stopped, I didn't waste time swimming to the surface. I was almost out of breathe. Maybe roaring and panicking wasn't such a good idea. My head rose into the surface and I searched for Hiccup. When I did find him he was near a blue dragon. My eyes dilated and I jumped (and splashed loudly) out of the water and by his side. Wearily, I pushed him back. Drops of water ran down my scales and I took deep long breathes. When I did manage to look at the other dragon, my eyes widened.

"Look! It's a.. a.." Hiccup said drifting off. The she-dragon sat up straight and had her eyes narrowed. I didn't like her. It doesn't take a genius to realize that she was the one dragging me into the water.

"Who are you?" I asked carefully. Hiccup tried to step forward but I pushed him back with my wing. He quietly groaned. I'd usually let him 'train' any dragon... but the females are always the crazy ones. I learned from that mother Typhoomerang, Meatlug, and Stormfly. The female rolled her eyes. What? What did I say? All I did was ask her a question and she rolls her eyes? I'm sorry, am I annoying you? I pushed the thought away and kept silent as I waited for her to respond.

"What else are you going to as next? 'Where are you from?' 'What are you?' 'What are you doing here?' Why can't anybody ask something original? When people ask me questions, they're always thinking about themselves. Just like those stupid Scauldrons. Nooo!... they don't think about me" she said rambling.

"What would you want me to ask?" I asked sarcastically polite.

"Yah know, I really don't like sarcasm, so it's not really original to ask with it" she said. Well then...

"So... I guessing this isn't the first time this has happened" I stated. She gave me a devious smile as her long tail moved from side to side. She looked weird, and familiar at the same time. Mostly because she looked kinda like me. Except with smaller wings (that were thicker than mine) and her middle sets of wings were longer. So was her tail. Other than that, she resembled a Night Fury. Except blue... and with bright grey eyes.

"In my opinion, you're a horrible guesser. But yes. It's possible that it might've happened before" she replied. Hiccup peaked and caught a glimpse of her. I didn't do anything, because I didn't know what to respond. Her eyes narrowed at Hiccup, but she didn't say anything about him.

"Nice human" she said not breaking eye contact with Hiccup. Was I supposed to say thanks? Yep, all females are crazy. Maybe it's their hormones. I shook the horrifying thought from my head. I focused on the female again but she wasn't there. I heard a splash. I turned and saw her head pop out of the water.

"See yah!" the said with a wink. Me and Hiccup exchanged glances. Am I imagining this?

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