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~Chapter 14~

An Adventure Never Ends

POV- Toothless

"Shoot it!" BluTail exclaimed.

"If I could, I would've done it earier!" I yelled.

"Why is it leaking?" I asked as I swam towards BluTail. I floated in mid water and glanced at her. She absorbed water and shot a water-blast af it. The large arm retreated. But the other one grabbed BluTail's tail.

"Always the tail!" I yelled as I dove in after her. I bit the weird purple arm and it let go of her.

It started with just going for an early swim, then I noticed a long chuncky arm just sitting there. I thought it would serve more than one purpose. I started poking it, the BluTail joined me and somehow, we made it mad.

Both of us rose to the surface and we laughed.

"Lucky we didn't get hurt." I said.

"Lucky? I think it shows style if you have one or two scars to show off." she said.

"There go go again."

"I got this scar from fighting sea sharks." BluTail bragged. I looked at the very faint scars she had. If you don't look hard enough, they're easy enough to miss. She says that they eventually heal on their own. Mine do too, except...

"You can show me whatever scar you want, and it will never be as big or worth it as the scar on my tail." I bragged grinning.

"You suck." she stated frowning. I laughed and nudged her. She gave a cheerful chirp. I chuckled.

"Thank you," I replied smirking.

"That wasn't a compliment." BluTail stated unamused.

"I know." I said.

"Then, why do you take it as one?" she asked as her ears flickered.

"Because you love me." I said.

"What does that have to do with anything?" BluTail asked. I merely smirked. She narrowed her eyes at me. "You little..." she started. I decided to change the subject before she continued.

"Do you think they're coming?" I asked. BluTail's ears rose. She probably knew who I was talking about.

"No, I think they're already here." BluTail replied narrowing her eyes.

"Then what are they waiting for?" I asked.

"For a wrong move." she said in a low voice. I also stood attentive. I angled my ears to try and hear. I heard air being blown quickly. I'm assuming that it was the Scauldrons. They were here. "I hate Scauldrons." she muttered.

"I hate Whispering Deaths." I said. She narrowed her eyes and glanced at me. I gave a sheepish shrug.

"I guess the days are up." BluTail said. I nudged her affectionately to cheer her up. I saw a smile form on her. "Shut up." she said playfully.

"Wha-? I didn't say a thing." I said with an amused expression. She shook her head at me and got up. I followed her, but my insticts told me to stay behind. I let her go off. I went into the trees. Before I took a step forward, I glanced back at BluTail. She was fighting for a fish with Astrid. She'll be fine. I continued to glide forward. Then, I stood still to listen to my surroundings. My eyes dilated as I heard soft voices. I brushed through the trees to try to get my scent to blend in.

I crept forward towards the voices. The dark shadows seemed to follow me, instead of me following it. My claws lightly stepped on the grass, cautious not to step on any twig. I glanced around, trying to pick up a scent. Then, I saw them. The leader of the Scauldron clan. He seemed to be alone, talking to a Changewing. One in which we had battled with in the beginning. What's going on here? I narrowed my eyes in confusion and listened.

"I'm staring to think that you practically gave them the pearl!" snapped the Scauldron leader.

"You think I wanted to?! I did what I could. I disrupted the starfish, bought the jellyfish onto the shore, made the eels come our way, I made sure that the clams were guarding, heck, I even when out there myself! Then, I led a Whispering Death back to this island. Still no good!" the Changewing ranted. My blood boiled. He was sabotaging the whole thing?! Then why go through ALL the trouble, if he knew WHERE THE PEARL WAS?! That stupid little-

"Watch it! I don't want your clan to end up getting chased by us.." muttered the Scauldron.

"Why would I care?! I have a whole clan behind me, what makes you think I'm scared?!" asked the Changewing as his bared teeth started to drip acid.

"Two dragons and two humans beat you. How easier can it get?!"

"Alright, why go through all this trouble then? Go take them on yourself, you coward. As of this moment, our packs are no longer allies. Deal with this on your own." the Changewing spat. He turned invisible and that was the last I saw of him in that moment.

That traitor! He sabotged our mission so he could chase us, or fight us. Why is he so obessed with chasing BluTail? I didn't like it. Time to make Scauldrons another species to hate. I quietly crawled away from the scene and didn't look back. Once I was at a reasonable distance, I flew back to the others.

On the way back, I couldn't help but think about the situation. It doesn't make any sense! It made me furious. It was all... Nonsense, useless, or just stupid! No words can express how angry I feel, that they wasted my time!

Well, if it weren't for them, me and BluTail might of not gotten together but.. It was proabably bound to happen!

I have to get them back. Something that'll surprise them. Something unpredictable. What can I do? Maybe I can't do it on my own...

POV- BluTail

I stood in the presence of those... despicable things. The leader eyed me, and I was just about ready to claw his face off. Hiccup and Astrid remained behind us, observing. Toothless had a grin on his face. I don't know what got into him. He disappeared for a while and once he came back, he seemed kinda smug. I didn't care, as long as his ego doesn't inflate to the point where it pops. I'm not even being sarcastic, he worries me.

"BluTail, Night Fury." the Scauldron acknowledged.

"Yes that's us, do you have to be that obvious about it?" I asked irritably. His head raised up and the bloated dragon looked down at me. Toothless looked amused as he glanced at both of us.

"Very humorous, BluTail." he said.

"I wasn't trying to be." I snapped. Toothless muttered things to keep me from talking again. He pushed the pearl towards them. As the large Scauldron sniffed it, Toothless smirked.

"Interesting. You were able to replace it," the Scauldron started.

"Are you surprised?" Toothless asked. The other water dragon shifted.

"I'm surprised BluTail didn't run away." the Scauldron said. I growled and pounced on him. I dug my claws into his long neck. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw more Scauldrons come. I could head Astrid call my name, in the backround.

Then, blue shots was seen flying right past me and exploding. I felt the Scauldron I was biting, shift over. I stopped and looled up. Toothless had punced on him. He glared at me, and even though I don't regret anything, I forced myself to retreat. The other water dragons took a while to recover.

"Regardless of what hust happened, we made a deal. Your pearl is right there, and you should be on your way." Toothless said acidly.

"You're right. No use in crying over an insignificant fight," he said. You're insignificant! "You shall be left alone, and our chases will be in the past." he said.

"Forever." Toothless stated.

"Forever." the Scauldron confirmed. He took the pearl in his mouth and he winked at me. My stomach turned in a wrong way. I looked at Toothless and he just glared at the larger dragon.

"Don't let anything happen to the pearl on your way back." Toothless said turning his back towards them. What did he mean by that?

"You're getting more insane everyday." I said.

"Maybe because I'm influenced by an insane person." he remarked. I looked back and waited until all the dragons had left. First, I cheered, sighed in relief, and then, I ran towards Toothless and tried to tackle him.

"Did they leave? Are they permanently gone?" Hiccup asked. Toothless stopped running and nodded cheerfully at Hiccup.

"That's it? Can we finally go home?!" Astrid asked with excitement in her voice.

"Lets go right now!" Hiccup exclaimed. I saw that Toothless wasn't looking, so I tackled him. I was on his back smirking in triumph. The humans began packing their stuff.

"We're going to Berk, right?!" I asked chirping excitedly.

"No, we're going to the end of the world." Toothless said sarcastically.

"I don't need your sarcasm at this moment, Toothless." I said. He flashed me a smile.

With the Scauldrons

Hundreds of miles later...

The Scauldron leader was putting the pearl back in it's place under water. Right when it was placed, the top started disintegrating. Down to the last dust. The Scauldron gasped and growled with anger. He knew there was something that had smelt wrong with it. They tricked him! The two Furies had outsmarted him. He should've seen it coming. His parents always told him to never trust the Fury species.

That was his mistake he would not dare blame on himself. He might've attempted to outsmart them, but it was proven useless. It angred him with all his force.

"Where is BluTail located at now?" The Scauldron said in a very low voice that could cut through anyone elses.

"Unknown. Before we left, we saw her flying! Tracking her will now be as close as impossible." a clan member responded.

"That is a mere complication. This is not the first time she's escaped from us. Nor will it be the last time we've found her." he replied.

And that was the end and start of that problem. For the Scauldron leader and BluTail.

Back with BluTail

I flew into the human village of Berk. I wasn't used to flying and I just had to look at all the other dragons in the village. I looked at them curiously. Toothless shot a plasma blast that colored the sky in a blue/purplish color.

We landed and Hiccup and Astrid were greeted by many humans. I stayed back, not wanting to get stared at. It's hard to miss a blue dragon, though. The big man stepped in front again. He gave me a look. My tail lashed around, as usual.

"How do we kno' she's trained?" the burly man asked.

"BluTail, circle that house." Astrid commanded. I took her signal and flapped my wings and circled which ever building I could find. I did my best to go fast. I whipped around the corner and steered to go back. I landed behind Astrid. I bowed down and she patted my head and I purred. It was all for show. The man's emotion did not change.

"Are ya sure Hiccup?" the man asked.

"Dad we're sure. We know she won't cause any harm." Hiccup said.

"I still don't kno', but I gave ya my word. She'll stay. Just, make sure she doesn't get into any trouble. We already have Toothless." the man said. His last statement made me laugh, also causing Toothless to narrow his eyes.

"Thanks dad." Hiccup replied. With that, the man left.

"We'll talk about were she sleeps, later." the man said as he walked off.

"Yeah, there's still that issue." Hiccup said.

Then, two males and a female approached Hiccup and Astrid. They all jumped and laughed. I didn't like that they were pointing at me. They must be friends of Astrid and Hiccup. Then, I saw Astrid punch one of the males. Nevermind.

I saw that I was no longer needed, so I walked over towards Toothless. He was talking to a particular group of dragons. A blue Nadder, a red Nightmare, a green Zippleback, and a brown Gronkle. They all stared at me. I narrowed my eyes in confusion. Then, Toothless noticed me.

"Oh, this is BluTail, the new dragon. BluTail, these are my friends." Toothless introduced.

"Hi 'my friends.'" I said.

"Very funny." he said rolling his eyes. The brown gronkle was the first to come up to me. She smiled.

"I'm Meatlug, or, that's what the humans call me," Meatlug started "So BluTail, where'd you come?"

"I'm not really sure. But, Berk's going to be my home. At least, that's what I think." I replied.

"Berk's a home for all dragons." one head of the Zippleback said. "Except if you want to kill us." the other one replied.

"I don't think I want to kill..." I started.

"Not anymore.." Toothless said smirking. I glared at him, but continued.

"Which means I can probably stay." I said shrugging.

"Probably. Anyways, it looks like you and Astrid have gotten along... well" the Nadder said. My ears flickered as I realized who she was.

"You're probably Stormfly." I stated narrowing my eyes. She returned the gesture. Them, the Nightmare pushed forward.

"She's just a little moody lately. Her getting sick and all. I'm Hookfang. I was wondering by the color of your scales, if you were a water dragon." Hookfang said pushing the others away.

"Yeah, a Water-Fury, to be specific." I replied. He backed away from me and didn't say anything else. I questioned Toothless.

"He lits himself on fire. Which means, he doesn't really like water." Toothless replied.

"You have very interesting friends." I said.

"I can't tell if that was sarcasm or not." Toothless said smiling. I could tell he was teasing me.

"That wasn't sarcasm!" I defended.

"Then, what was it?" he asked waiting for an answer that would clearly never come. I looked at his friend who were watching us intently. Once I turned to them, they turned away.

"Don't mind us..." the Zippleback said. I shrugged and continued as if I weren't interrupted.

"It was... words. That were expressed in a different way." I replied.

"Oh, really?" he asked. I didn't like his tone of voice. I frowned.

"You-" I got cut off.

"Suck?" Toothless asked with an amused expression. I narrowed my eyes at him as my tail lashed.

"You both fight like an old couple." Meatlug said. I blinked and my ears rose.

"We're new, not old." I remarked with a small smirk. They stared wide-eyed at Toothless. He looked away and gave a frustrated sigh. That made my smirk grow.

"You're... a couple?" the Zippleback asked. I nodded proudly. I heard Toothless sigh again. I was enjoying his embarrassment. Who knew? I made an obvious wink towards Toothless. He muttered my name in an irritated tone of voice. I was not making this easy for him. And I loved every moment of it.

"You disappear for days, and you come back with her? It makes sense! You don't like me, so you went to look for a water dragon, just to purposley scare me!" Hookfang exclaimed. I laughed.

"Sure Hookfang, sure." Toothless muttered.

"Then, what was te story?" Stormfly asked. The others nodded and looked at us with curiosity.

"It's complicated and a long story. But I will tell it!" I said sitting down.

"Oh, great." Toothless muttered, still looking embarrassed.

"Shh..!" I said. That earned chuckles from the others.

Two days later

At a Near-by lake

"BluTail, I have to tell you something." Toothless said. I turned my attention to him.

"What is it this time?" I asked turning to him as he hung on a tree. (Which I did not know he did.)

"Shut up," he said playfully "It turns out that the Scauldron leader, wasn't as trustworthy as I thought" he said. My eyes dilated. I didn't find it hard to believe that he would do that.

"Not that I think you're wrong, but why would you think that?" I asked flexing my claws.

"That pearl thing, was all a trick. He might've... sabotaged-" he stated, as if it were an unimportant detail.

"What?! Why didn't you tell me earlier?! We gave them the big pearl! Those little b-" he cut me off.

"I did something about it." I said. My eyes widened and I gave him a bewildered look.

Flash Back

A Changewing was throwing off trees as it stormed off. 'Hopefully this works' Toothless thought. Toothless emerged from the shadows and called out to the Changewing. Once the red dragon saw him, he tool a defensive stance.

"Hold on! I'm not here it fight!" Toothless said, he also to also took a stance.

"Then what are you doing here? Speak fast before I attack." he stated.

"I heard you break alliance with the Scauldron leader," Toothless said. The Changewing warily watched Toothless. "I saw that he was a pain in the tail for you too. If I could arrange the right details.. Wouldn't you love the sweet, sweet chance of revenge?" Toothless asked giving a wicked grin.

"I'd have to hear what you have to offer. Based of you and your species, I don't believe I should trust you." he said. Toothless shrugged.

"I'm not forcing you. I can alwayd do it on my own. I don't mind, I just thought that maybe someone who hates him as much as I do, should do the honors." Toothless said. The Changewing processed the words the the other dragon said.

"I heard Night Furies were the most cunning when it comes to ruses. What trick do you have to offer? Quick, before I loose interest." the Changewing said.

"I have the pearl. What if, something were to happen to it? Like you're acid, for example. If you were to douse the pearl with it, it would take a matter of hours before it were to fall apart. And in those hours, the Scauldrons will be long gone." I explained.

The Changewing took some thought into it. Even though he didn't trust Toothless, there would be no other perfect chance to get revenge. Sure he could think about another way, but that would take effort. Especially since he's going to have to sneak to the Scauldron leader, since he's no longer wanted in his presence.


Flash Back Over

"You melted it?!" I asked amazed. Toothless, do that?! I never thought he, would do that! I'm done, there's never a situation where I'm not surprised by this dragon.

"Isn't that what I just said?" he asked. My eyes softened.

"You know, you're.. you're.." I couldn't even continue. My eyelids dropped and his eyes widened. He yelped and fell of the tree and I leaned closer to him.

I wasn't sure how to procede. We had only kissed once, not counting the time I kissed him and he didn't respond. In all, it was indescribable. I wasn't sure how to do it again. I'm still new with this the romantic stuff.

The moment had to be perfect. He needs to be infront of me, we need to be gazing at each other, then.. oh gods, we're doing that now. The next thing I know, I abandoned all of my thoughts and focused on my mate. I closed my eyes. Once our noses touched, it felt like I was blissfully flying in the air. I might of not been paying attention to anything around me, but it felt like my senses were heightened.

He pulled away leaving me leaning forward. No! Why'd he pull away?

"That was revenge from the other day." he said.

"Huh..?" I asked, dazed off as I fell into his chest. He chuckled. I regained myself.

"You know, SilverNight, if I didn't love you as much, I would beat you up so badly, for making me look stupid." I said playfully.

"Well, BluTail, think of it as small payback." he said. He fipped over on his stomach and I settled down next to him. He curled his tail around me. I gave a small chirp. "What are you going to do? It's not like you can sing to me and drown me." Toothless said.

"Don't remind me." I said sourly. It wasn't like I didn't try, but everytime I'd sing, Toothless would remain unfazed. He just watched me with amusement as yelled complained to myself. Believe you me, there has to be something else I can try on him. He chuckled.

"What happens next?" Toothless asked. I shrugged.

"I don't know, we're just going to have to move in the waves of the ocean. I'm sure we'll have another way to keep from being bored. After all, isn't that how all of this started?" I asked.

"Yeah, but what else?" Toothless asked.

"What else what? What do we suggest we do?" I asked.

"Look, hear me out." he started. My ears flickered.

"Do I have a choice?" I asked. Suddenly, Toothless pressed his nose against mine, making me melt inside. It was quick and he pulled away. It took me a couple seconds to regain myself. Then I realized.

"You-you did that on purpose! I know what Astrid does to Hiccup, you're trying to do that to me." I said narrowing my eyes at him. He nuzzled my neck and smirked.

"And be sure, that I'll surprise you as many times as you surpised me."

"Well, you want to know something?" he asked.

"No, but I'm sure you'll tell me either way."

"You've always surprised me."

I felt so love-struck, that practically fainted right there. I felt like me whole face was burning.

"W-was that w-what you wanted to tell me?" I asked studdering.

"Yes and no. You asked what we were going to do next, right? Well, what are we going to do next? No adventure is going to come to us, if we don't search for it!" he said. I thought about. Strangely, he was right.

"How do we search for adventure?" I asked bluntly.

"By taking someone who really understands what it means. In this case, it would be the dragon I most love."

"Then, lets go."


BluTail has done many things. Like, cause Scauldron's to hate her, attract all of the Furies she's met and drown them, cause all the Furies to know her identity, improve Hiccup and Astrid's relationship, cause Stoick to act more curious with the Tidal Class dragons, expand Hiccup and Fishleg's imagination on what else could lie out their, cause a Whispering Death to hate her, cause the dragons in the Academy to be cautious, and cause a Night Fury to fall in love, and have an adventure of a life time. Maybe not te first one, though...

There's always that one person or dragon that has a big impact on everybody's life. Maybe badly, for this case (mostly) good. In other words, things (mostly) improved.

The Scauldrons still searched for her, and it would seem as if they would never find her.

Not many other issues, except on who was going to be Astrid's dragon. Stormfly and BluTail argued for what seemed for hours. Afraid of being yelled at (again) by the two fiesty females, Toothless stayed out. Either way, it seemed pointless trying to interfere.

Astrid and BluTail were still very good friends, and it rivaled her and Stormfly's friendship.

Hiccup and Astrid continued their relationship.

Thornado was still Thornado.

Stoick still tried to teach BluTail tricks.

And BluTail and Toothless? They continued to go find adventure, even if they weren't always welcomed. Their relationship was often envied, but they weren't perfect. They purposley picked fights with each other, teased, and used sarcasm. But that never hid the concern they held for each other.

The way that they look at each other with eyes full of love. In the nights, they would lie on the sand, with the relaxing waves crashing. They would fly and swim intently, enjoying the worlds, as if it were their first time. Nobody could change the fact that they were together. They are very alike, but that wasn't why they were in love. It was the fact that both of them were an adventure to the other.

It took a while, but there is a skill or saying, to achieving what BluTail did. There were flaws, and she had help. BluTail couldn't take all the credit. (Mostly because Toothless said so.)

"The more strength the take-off has, the bigger the Impact"

The End.

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