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I can't believe Kurt! Maybe I am straight! Or Bi! Why can't he except me! That's what best friends do!

His thoughts get interrupted as his phone rings.

"Hello? Who's this?" Blaine asks the person on the line.

"Blaine, it's Burt, Kurt's father. I got your number from his phone. Thing is, Kurt's in the hospital." Burt tells Blaine.

"WHAT? How? Why? Which one?" Blaine asks, grabbing his keys and heading to his car.

"I'd rather tell you in person. Its Lima Memorial Hospital. I'll be waiting in the third's floor waiting room. Please hurry." Burt tells Blaine.

Oh my god! What if he won't make it!? I can't have the last thing he heard from me comparing me to his bully's. I can't lose him, because I love him. Wait, what?

Half an hour later:

"Mr. Hummel, what happened? Is Kurt okay?" Blaine asks Burt, forgetting that he's mad at Kurt for the time being.

"No, he isn't. He went to see the New Directions about a argument with someone, and his old bullies where there. They were shoving him when he was on the stairs, and after apparently one really hard shove, he lost his grip on the railing and fell down the stairs. He fell down 24 stairs, and not one of the bullies cared. Thankfully Sue saw the whole thing, and called an ambulance. The boys are being expelled, but some of Kurt's friends saw Kurt before he was put in the ambulance." At this point, he finally breaks down and sheds a few tears. "I'm sorry, but I can't even begin to describe how I'm feeling. I thought that this was over, the bullying and Kurt being hurt."

"Mr. Hummel, I'm so sorry. Me and Kurt had an argument, and I was too stubborn to apologize to him, even when I realized I was in the wrong. I said some horrible things to him, and for that I'm really sorry. May I please see him?" Blaine asks Burt, tears forming in his eyes.

"Sure kid. But what did you guys argue about?" Burt asks Blaine, mad that Blaine hurt Kurt's feelings.

"Long story Mr. Hummel. But thank you for calling me." Blaine says as he walks into Kurt's room.

When he sees Kurt, Blaine gasps and falls into the empty chair by Kurt's bed. He has black and blues all over his face and arms, lips are bloody and swollen, pale as a sheet, legs and arms cut up , but thankfully he has no broken bones.

Kurt Elizabeth Hummel, don't you dare die on me. I can't lose you, I love you. What? I love him?

Blaine thought about his time with Kurt. He wouldn't take any strangers hand and run down the hall with them, knowing all along they weren't a new kid. He wouldn't drive two hours for a kid he met a couple days ago. He wouldn't tell the story of his past to someone he met less than half an hour ago. He wouldn't sing flirty duets with just anyone. He wouldn't memorize anyone's coffee order without telling them. He wouldn't keep texting 'courage' to just anyone throughout the day.

That's because Kurt isn't 'just anyone'. He's Kurt, and you love him.

And that's how Blaine came to the realization that he loved Kurt.

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