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"Kurt, I love you. Do you love me?"

Kurt was pale, surprised, and ecstatic all at once.

When Kurt didn't respond, Blaine took this as a horrible sign and started to leave.

"Blaine wait! I do love you!" Kurt yelled, making Blaine stop in his tracks.

"Yo- you love me?"

"Yes!" Kurt said, happy tears shining in his eyes.

"Warblers, I think we should leave." Wes said.

Once they left, Blaine rushed to Kurt, and their lips finally met.

Amazing. Kurt thought

So soft. Blaine thought.

"Oh, Kurt, I'm sorry I should hav-" Blaine was cut off as Kurt presses his lips to his own for a second time.

"Kurt, I'm so sorry about Rachel. You're the best friend. Hopefully... more" Blaine said, a bit unsure.

"Blaine, yes. A million times yes."

Ugh. I dont know how to end it! Unless people want more, this is just the ending!