This is my first fanfic that I wrote and am currently still editing (I wrote it some time ago) So please be kind(ish) m(_ _)m


Mission to the Sand, a Gaara love story.

A young woman was kneeling in front of a huge desk, a mask resembling a tiger pushed up to expose her round pretty face. Behind the desk sat a tall woman with long blonde hair and a diamond in the centre of her forehead.

"Rika I need you to head to the Sand village." the Hokage said, her long blonde hair in a mess, looking as though the woman before her had just woken her from sleep.

"The mission My Lady?" Rika asked bowing her head so her brown hair fell over her face to hide her forest green eyes.

"I cannot say much, the Kazekage is worried about spies, he has asked us for help in this matter. He will explain more when you meet up." the Hokage pushed a clipboard forward. "This is the list of all available personnel, take your pick."

Rika thought for a moment before picking up the clipboard, standing she scanned through it. "Hinata, Neji and Shikamaru."

"Alright then." the Hokage said picking up a scroll she had written in, placed the profiles of Rika and her squad in it before rolling it up. Fixing an impression of her ring into the soft wax she had dripped onto the scroll it to seal it. "Was there something else?"

"Why not put Shikamaru in charge?"

"What for?"

"He has had dealings with the Sand, he knows the Kazekage personally."

"You also have had dealings with the Sand."

"In the Black Operations..."

"Look, your special abilities will be the most important thing in this mission, you have the most experience in leading a squad, you are the best Rika and I need you to lead this." the Hokage growled

"Yes my Lady." Rika hesitated before pointing her thumb at her mask. "Can I at least keep this?"

The Hokage sighed. "Yes, but let the team see your face before leaving the village."

"As you wish my Lady."

"For this mission your name is 'Seiko' Good luck." The Hokage looked down as the young woman vanished. "You will need it."

Rika sat on top of the Hokage's building, her eyes closed as she searched out her new teams chakra's. Pinpointing them all she stood pulling her mask down before making a hand sign. Rika appeared in the forest upside down, the chakra in her feet the only thing keeping her from falling. Tilting her head back she spotted Hinata and a man directly below, the dog with them jumped to his feet and growled looking up at where Rika was hanging.

"Hinata?" Rika asked ignoring the man and dog.


"What the hell do you want?"came the guy's voice.

"Hinata, you have a mission, report to the front gate in thirty minutes, make sure you are ready." with that Rika vanished and appeared right behind Neji who was eating. "Neji?" she ducked a well aimed punch and made a cutting motion in the air watching as his eyes returned to normal.

"What is going on?"

"You have a mission in half an hour, report to the front gate." and again Rika vanished. Moments later she was once more on a tree, this time it was a trunk of a massive tree overlooking a nice big yard. Tilting her head back she saw two similar looking men playing a game of shoji. Knowing how annoying it was when someone interrupted her games Rika laid back and waited.

"Check-mate." said the older of the two sometime later. Looking over at Rika he nodded, "Thank you."

Rika nodded back before turning to the younger of the men, "Shikamaru, you have a mission, report to the front gate in ten minutes." with that Rika went home to pack her own bag before leaving she strapped three ninjaken to her back.

Rika watched them arrive, once more upside down on the large arch of the gates. Her sharp eyes picked up how they interacted together, and as always mused how many people failed to look up. As they were all turned to the village waiting for her to arrive she made a hand sign and soundlessly settled on the ground behind them.

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