Chapter 1: Frosty the Snowman

"Catch me if you can, Cottontail!" Jack yelled as he soared through the Warren.

It was a nice day there and Jack thought it would be nice to pay a visit to his "favorite" guardian. Sadly, that same guardian didn't think so.

"Oh, I will! You ruined all my googies! There's going to be more than catching!" Bunnymund yelled back, fist in the air. Jack really did mess up most of them, but he wasn't going to admit that until he was caught. He turned sharply to at a corner and stuck his tongue out for a quick second.

That really got Bunnymund's blood boiling. He ruined all of his precious eggs, ruined some of the Warren with his snow and then stuck his tongue out like a child?! 'Okay, that's it,' Bunny thought. 'I told him once and I guess I'll have to tell him again, don't race with a rabbit!' And with that thought, Bunny got on all fours and went as quickly as he could. Or at least he thought it was quick.

Bunny turned the corner in less than a second, expecting to see Frost not too far ahead, but he was gone. He turned his head so quickly it would give a crick in the neck to anyone but him. The kid was still nowhere to be found.

"Frost where are you? Now is not the time for hide-'n'-go seek, I have something to tell you!" Bunnymund said, trying to keep the irritation out of his voice, but it carried anyways.

No response, although he didn't expect it. He looked for a trail that might help, and started to walk around when he slipped. Bunnymund looked down to see that he slipped on ice and groaned. Jack left a trail of snow or ice when he was overly excited, happy, sad, or mischievous. It was starting to melt so he got up quickly and followed it, not missing a beat. It leads abruptly to a dead end, as if Jack just disappeared there. Where did he go?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Really Jack shouldn't be carrying around the snow globes, but who was going to stop him? If no one asked or wondered about it now, then it was as good as his.

He broke it open just seconds' quick enough for it to open to the North Pole and close so Bunny wouldn't be the wiser. He stepped through and was welcomed by the cold Artic air. It was the one place he visit the most when he was bored because it never failed to excite him. There was always something new flying around that he just had to look at and the ice sculptures were amazing, though he always added his own touches.

He walked into the light, knowing no one would notice him unless he made a noise above all the others or messed something up. Knowing Phil would have his head for the later, he tried even harder to make sure not to mess anything up, even though he had the inner urge to just pick something up that looked really delicate.

He walked over to North's office door quietly and then pounded on it fast and loud. He cringed a bit when he heard the ice break onto the floor but smirked the moment he heard the Russian using his native language.

Jack quickly flew up the ceiling, standing on one of the railings that no one was around. North busted out of his searching for a person that would most like have knocked on his door. There were no yetis around, or at least Phil wise and the elves were too small to have such a quick and hard sound. North moved out of the door way and into the middle of the hallway, and straight into Jack's plan. The teen zoomed down from the railings and flew low so the Russian could see him. He let out a laugh and froze some of the elves, some who looked like they wanted to be frozen. The spirit then flew toward a long hall that had many doors. 'Let's hope Sandy's in here,' Jack thought with a sneaky grin creeping up his face. 'I have something to do to him too.' Sandman's room was near his own, but not to close because Jack's was almost below zero.

When he got there, Jack then knocked on the door as quickly and loudly as he did for North, only with the exception that North was only a few good feet away from him. Sandy opened the door and put on a smile that was instantly covered in snow from a hastily made snowball. Jack moved away from the door and straight to North. That easily left him to be caught or that's what he let them believe.

Sandman got out of his room and followed the winter teen as quickly as he could, North doing the same. Jack kept going, actually going a bit faster this time. When the three were exceptionally close, Jack flew up to look down at the two guardians that fell for the age old joke.

"Aww; isn't that sweet. Now," Jack said now flying in position similar to lying down. "You've got to catch me!" He made a neener neener face and threw a snow globe at the wall, opening it to the Warren and stepped in.

The two looked at each other, both with confused looks placed on their faces. What was that all about and why did he do it? The got up and North dusted the invisible dust off himself and got a snow globe from his pocket. He needed to know what that was all about. Jack would never do something that odd without there being a reason. He was right, wasn't he?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Bunnymund was still looking at the now melted trail Jack Frost left before suddenly disappearing, wondering why he did such a thing. 'It's obvious though, at least it should be. He doesn't like me that much and so he's trying to get under my skin. Working very nicely at that I might add, though-' Bunnymund stopped thinking for a moment and looked up, ears twitching every few moments. He thought he heard something but it must have been a false alarm- no, there it was again, but this time closer. He sniffed the air and came up with the conclusion easily from the pine and fresh snow smell: Frost had come back, but he wasn't alone. Wait, no he couldn't be right. He sniffed the air again, and there was a stale cookie smell and another that reminded Aster of a nice warm bed. North and Sandy must be here too, maybe to add unto to the mess. This was not going to happen, not even close.

He moved quickly and followed the sent, which got stronger as he went. Finally he made it to where North and Sandy were, but not Jack.

"What are you two doing here? Trying to add on to Jack's mess?" Bunnymund asked.

North held up his hands in defense. "We know nothing of Jack's mess-wait, he came here too?"

"What do you mean 'came here too'?" Bunnymund asked, a bit curious.

"Jack came to the North Pole and made a mess."

Sandy made a few images showing that he threw a snowball at him and that something was a bit fishy about this.

"You're right Sandy; something is a bit odd about how Jack's been acting." Bunnymund said quietly.

"Oh, so you guys are worried about me? Stop it, you're making me blush. But you guys really don't remember?" Jack said lazily as he came into view.

"Remember what exactly, Jack?" North asked, confused at the moment.

"Oh, so you guys forgot. Okay, then I'll be less guilty when I do this," Jack said before quickly covering their bodies in ice except for the head.

Sandy looked very confused and also shocked, which was also easy to see with the image above his head including many exclamation and question marks.

Jack was about to fly off when he remembered to say, "No one gets away with calling me Frosty the Snowman. It's insulting!"

Now they know one more fact about Jack Frost that they didn't really need to know.

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