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Chapter 19: Finding Spiderman

I sat on my bed, well more slouched than sat, thinking about what happened. It was all my fault, and I even know it too! Gwen would have come either way, even if I put more webbing on her hand, left her alone to go to England, or just stay out of her way like her dad told me too. Seriously, how can I live with myself?

"Ugh." I let out and started to slouch even further on the bed to go into a serious uneventful nap—or hopefully some sleep even though it was really early in the afternoon, probably twelve—when a light knock on the window stopped me.

"Who is—Oh my God!" Wasn't very manly, but what can you say when you see a little kid sitting in front of my window on a silver magic carpet, or at least what looked like one, was an eight year old with black hair, light green eyes and freckles all over his cheeks. The little kid waved me over and I instantly ran over to the window and opened it.

"Hi. It's not really easy to stand out there all by yourself." The little guy mumbled as he slid into the room and looked up at me.

"What…how…urm, who are you?" The kid looked up and gave a mischievous glance at me, which kinda freaked me out, mostly because odd people were all over New York and one just possible climb into my room and I was okay with it. Someone give me some mental pills now…

"I'm Henry. Don't worry Peter, I'm not scary at all! Wait, just said your name and you didn't even tell me…that does spoil it." I looked at Henry then laughed while running a hand through my hair.

"You seem okay kid. But why are you here?"

"Oh, yeah that! Well, Spiderman isn't around anymore. What happened?" And this happened. The kid really was scary after all, I should have listened to my Spidey senses…which I didn't want to listen to anymore because of Gwen…and now I see where things went tumbling down.

"How do you know about that, Henry?"

"Well, it's not that hard to piece them together. Gwen Stacy got…um," Me and Henry flinched at the thought. I continued anyway though. "Yeah. And then Spiderman doesn't come out anymore and so bad guys are all over the place." He emphasized the last part but I tried to tune him out and failed at it too. "And Peter Parker also doesn't come out of the house much…well, not much there but still! Is it true though, are you really Spiderman?"

"So you don't know?"

"I think I do. So am I right?" And there were the doe eyes. The big green eyes that seemed like if the wrong trigger was pushed, there would be a crying kid in his room and Aunt May would come up—

I walked over to my closet and lifted up a couple of random papers and clothes to get out the suit. It wasn't torn, or burned, or anything like that. Did I sleep sow my suit back together…?

"Henry, what did you do?" I asked, because he knew a bit too much and jumping to conclusions seemed really good at the moment.

"I didn't do anything! I just thought you were Spiderman…and you are Spiderman!" I just had to crack a grin as he rushed over to me and gave me a giant hug while looking at the mask.

"It's so cool!" He shoved it on his head and it looked a little too bug but he was busy looking at everything through them. I laughed again and sat back on my bed, happier this time. "Wait…it smells like peanut butter! Oh…never mind. But this is so cool! You need to be Spiderman again!"

"Whoa, I never said anything about being Spiderman again. Every time I put on that suit I hurt someone that I love, I don't want to do that again." He slowly took off the mask and hugged it to his chest, I don't know why, but it reminded me of Gwen a little bit.

"Please! People need your help, the police need your help, and bad guys need your help to put 'em in jail! Please, just once."

"Please won't help," I said and quickly put in: "Not even with cherries or sprinkles."

"You're no fun when you won't be Spiderman." Henry pouted and crossed his arms along his chest in a seriously exaggerated pout, which turned into a smirk and then a really loud wailing/crying sound coming out of his mouth.

"Henry! Henry, what are you doing?" I tried picking him up and soothing him but it only got worse, it always got worse when people tried. Or is it just me and my really bad luck?

"Peter!" Oh damn. That kid was going to be the death of me. The swift, easy, quick death of me brought out by Aunt May and all her fury. "What's going on up there?"

Finally, and it took a long time for it to happen, I picked up Henry and covered his mouth with my hand. But Aunt May was already coming up, and she was really close. Time to fake a bit of studying…or sleeping.

"Peter, what was that noise?" I looked over at her from my computer seat and then over quickly at my closet where Henry was hiding.

"Nothing. I just stubbed my toe," I heard Henry laugh and I accidentally shot a glare at the door. Oops…

"What are you glaring—?"

"Closet door. What I stubbed my toe on…" I trailed off watching Henry sneak—not really sneak, more like slowly revealed himself—out literally right in front of my aunt and she didn't notice, even when he sat on the bed and looked at her with funny faces.

"Okay then." And she walked away shaking her head with a light smile on her face.

"Do you want to be Spiderman now?" Henry asked while picking up the mask and putting it on again.

"How did you do that?"

"Urm, it's really complicated and we have no time for that…I think. So do you want to be Spiderman?"

"…I don't know."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"You seriously went to New York all by yourself?" Jack asked loudly in the North Pole.

"Yup," Henry said happily and took a cup of eggnog from one of the elves. "And asked Spiderman if he wants to be Spiderman again."

"And you're not kidding at all?"

"Nope. It was really cool too." Jack shook his head and took the eggnog from Henry before there was a hyperactive 8 year old bouncing around the walls.

"And you didn't ruin anything, right?"

"Uhh…not really. Why are you asking all these weird questions?"

"Because I'm going to say sorry and you might have burned something."

"That was just one time!" Henry yelled as Jack got out of his seat and flew through the window, obviously opened before he flew out, going to New York. And the brighter and louder it got, the more he knew how close he was.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Another gloriously boring day in my room turned into another weird one. I need to figure out if I'm related to a Greek god of seriously bad fortune because that would explain it all. A rapid flurry of snowflakes, which seemed to be weird even after yesterday, came at my window and I opened it slowly, having a bunch of them fall on my face.

"Great. Snowing in the summer."

"I know! Isn't it just the best?" A random voice said. But it was different from Henry's, so maybe another weird person just off the streets of New York.

"Are you Henry?"

"No, Henry doesn't really like snow. But Jack Frost on the other hand really does." And I'm talking to Jack Frost. Yup, related to a Greek god of bad luck, I knew it.

"So I'm seriously talking to Jack Frost?"

"Yeah, here I'll even show you since you seem to think I'm not." And someone probably my age with white hair, blue eyes and my height came into my room with a smirk. I always imagined him smaller and with a longer nose. But I didn't want to tell him that.

"So, is there a reason why people are suddenly coming into my room?"

"Actually, yeah. Henry came because you weren't being Spiderman anymore and I came to say sorry-"

"You don't need to really," I cut in. "He was actually kind of cool."

Jack made a small 'o' with his mouth and nodded.

"Well then, my work is done. Oh wait, there's a kid trying to stand up for you. I'd help out but I have my own kid to watch over." Jack jumped out of the window and flew off, leaving snowflakes in his wake. But during all that, I was scrambling to put on my Spidey suit.

Jack Frost might have not made sense, I thought quickly. But so far, he hasn't been wrong.

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