harry potter/ lord of the rings crossover # 1

prolong = 900 years old looks 18 immortal harry potter is upset about life betrayed hundreds of years ago never married and a virgin harry wants to start over being the last wizard went to the bank and asked everyone to help him leave. they said yes the goblins went to grab all of his money and possessions and also things from rights of conquests and being the last wizard made him a very powerful and wealthy person. after he left the bank he went to the house elves to help him gather all things magical and non magical to put in large trunks plants, wildlife, houses, books, tool, and everything in between from around the world in all shapes and sizes from the past and future things and how to make it. after months of planing and preparing using an ancient ritual the book or tome told that the ritual would summon a powerful being known as the creator of all things ( my own character in my profile) the summon being will judge the summoner and give the person several wishes and gifts then send him to the new world as ether an Elfling or an adult.

the story must have *

- bashing of { Dumbledore, Ron Weasley, the weasley family minus{ the twins, bill, Charley,}, granger, wizard world minus magical creatures, and the dursleys

- harry must be paired with or future with aragorn , legolas , Thranduil , or some other male elf may be an oc one too.

- harry's is super/ god harry all the powers are in the profile

- harry knowledge of the supernatural and degrees of all muggle and magical things

- harry speaks all languages

- harry will be in before lord of the rings around 50 years before the war happens it gives him time to get used to the new world

- harry must have/ be an elemental ( control all and every elements ) , Heal/cure anything at a fast rate ( including others) , Grant wishes ,Change appearance and gender , Turn in to anything (change shape, color, size, weight etc. , Control time , Super strength , Super speed , Know any/everything , Foresee any/everything , Create any/everything , Money appear out of nowhere , Bring back the dead , Bring anything to life or take away , Control all plants and animals , Control all natural/unnatural/supernatural elements , Godlike powers etc. , also others like =


Parsel Magic user

Multiple Animagi

Beast tongue


Mage Magic /all types


Multielemental Control

Mind Magic

Ward master

Transfiguration master

Potion master

Rune master

Magical Healing

Master Healer

Wandless magic

Photographic and auditory memory

Immune to all Poisons