Hiya! So I was on tumblr and instagram the other day…..and, well if you read the summary that should be enough of an explanation so I'm just writing this authors note that you probably won't read to say that if, by chance, you have a smart phone and have the app "ifunny" and you look at pictures of your favorite fandoms then you might know someone named "That_Bookworm"

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Setting: at some point in MOA while the 7 are eating dinner

"Guys I think it's about time you met my girlfriend." Everyone looked up from their food just in time to see Leo walk in with his arm hanging in midair

After a few minutes of silence Percy finally said something "Leo, I hate to break it to you, but I think you lost her, along with your sanity."

"What are you talking about?! She's right here!" he said, gesturing to the empty space beside him

"Well…uh…what does your girlfriend look like, since apparently you're the only one that can see her?" asked Frank, trying to be polite in the weird situation

"Well" Leo started "She has Hazel eyes, Hazel hair, she loves Hazelnuts and her favorite color is Hazel." He said, stroking the air beside him

"Leo…I'm dating Frank." Said Hazel slowly, trying to figure out whether to be flattered, scared, or just worried about Leo's health

"VALDEZ!" Franks face was red

"I'm sorry; Valdez is not available right now. Please try again never."

"Dude your annoying." Said Jason

"You're just jealous because my imaginary girlfriend is more gorgeous than you."

"Keyword here being 'imaginary'" Annabeth pointed out

"Babe, don't let the haters get to you." Said Leo


"I was talking to my imaginary girlfriend, duh."

The seven just made eye contact with each other, sighed and didn't say anything for the rest of dinner while Leo fed the empty chair next to him

Short and probably full of errors but its copied straight from the internet so…yeah. Most chapters will be short but ill try to update as much as possible


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