This one's not really fun, it's actually pretty sad but I still like it so here it is

Disclaimer: Roses are red, I don't own HoO, some poems rhyme, but this one doesn't

Setting: After the Giant War

I made my way over to Percy; he was sitting on the beach, just staring out into the horizon. He hasn't been quite the same since he came out of Tartarus, but then again neither have I.

I sat down next to him and grabbed his hand, he flinched but didn't scream, which was an improvement. I forced his hand (which was currently balled up into a fist) open and dropped a mythomagic statue of Poseidon into it, gripping the Hades one that Bianca left me myself.

I looked straight into his eyes, trying to but as much meaning as I possibly could into my words.

"Someone once told me that it was okay to be a kid once in a while"

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