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Royal Redemption - Chapter 1

The monarch of humanity had almost never been seen by anyone for the past fifty years, and they reside in a towering defensive castle deep inside the Sina Wall. The royal palace was the epicenter of human civilization, and will be the cradle of human intelligence if the worst were to happen. Since humans started to live within the walls, the best scholars of humanity would be called to the palace to preserve the knowledge of mankind, but the numbers have dwindled down in the past decades.

With the one hundred years of peace, mankind had been lulled into a false sense of security, and people started to believe that they would be able to live in their towering sanctuary forever. The fear of losing human knowledge and accomplishments had started to dim over time, and an inevitable complacency came into dominance.

The King and his royal subjects returned to their desired lives of luxury and bliss. They idle fret at the slowly degrading population outside of their walls, and the imminent threat the Titans posed for humanity. The most powerful men in humanity were drowning in senseless lust of countless women and delicious luxuries of their offerings, and couldn't care less about the potential mountainous amount of deaths that would result at any moment.

In the deepest and darkest abyss, there was a small and growing beacon of light that offered a hope for humanity. Prince Naruto, the heir apparent of the throne of humanity, was unlike the rest of his family. The royal name of Uzumaki offered the young boy power beyond everyone other person his age, and he intended to use it for the good of humanity.

"Section A…" muttered the twelve year old prince as he walked down a large and dark aisle with a lit lantern in his right hand. "The Art of War…"

Ever since Naruto was five years old, he had been spending the majority of his days blazing through the priceless collection of books in his family's possession. In the seven years, he had already read over half of the library. Unlike his two younger siblings, Naruto had no interest in diving into senseless pleasure their riches could provide, and unlike his Father, he had more passion in life than to fornicate with every woman in sight.

The boy knew that it will soon be his responsibility to watch over the remaining people in existence, and he intended to do it the right way. Naruto wanted to be ready for the imminent disaster of the walls being penetrated, so he had been studying warfare and battle tactics to get ready. The prince became very familiar with all sorts of list wisdom, and an expert in his own right regarding modern technology used against the Titans.

"Naruto-sama…" muttered a weak voice from behind the boy.

The light from the lantern revealed the prince's face, which was already considered to be quite handsome at his young age. His golden blond hair and sapphire blue eyes gave him an apt majestic aura as prince. It was deep into the night, so the boy was wearing a blue robe over a simple t-shirt and sweat pants, and he looked a little shocked at the sudden voice from behind.

Turning back, Naruto saw a frail old man looking at him with his exhausted eyes. "You scared me for a second there, Kosuke-ojisan!"

The old man sighed as he walked closer to the young prince. "You shouldn't sneak around in here to late at night; the guards might mistake you for a thief."

Naruto smiled and waved the man off. "It's alright, I was only coming back to return this book", said the boy as he place the Art of War back onto the large shelf. "And I need the latest issues of the civilian reports."

Civilian Reports were detailed explanations of every crime reported with the three walls, and Naruto was probable the only person who would bother to read them. It has become more of an old and outdated tradition to send reports up to the monarchs, but Naruto made sure the tradition would continue to live. The boy had changed since he started to read the reports five years ago; a new perception had been exposed to the prince, and he finally knew that the world was not only facing the Titans.

So dark was the con of man. Naruto had spent countless restless nights walking around his large personal quarters dwelling in extreme guilt. The blond felt horrible living in his palace while his people slaughtered each other for the slightest of personal benefits. The prince knew he could do something to change the world they live in, and he planned to. It may be naïve on his part, but he would rather risk his life than to live in ignorant bliss…

With the fake peace away from the Titans, people have been starting to succumb to their endless desires once again. In the reports, Naruto would see people killing each other for scraps of money, petty face, and women. The lowest of people would rob and kill others in order to keep their pathetic lives going, and family would be broken apart by the pettiest of thieves.

Kosuke gestured to a large stack of reports far down on the reception's counter that was too heavy for him to lift. "They just arrived today…it seems that the crime rate has gone up once again."

Naruto sighed as he walked over to the large pile of failures. "Guards!" ordered the prince as a legion of five marched into the library instantly. "Carry these to my personal quarters…"

"Hai Ōji-sama!" saluted the several guards in unison as they immediately started their newest task.

Kosuke walked up to his future leader as the guards walked away. "So this will be one of the last sets of reports you will go through for a while, huh?"

Naruto smiled and nodded as he leaned back against the reception counter. "I guess so…I'll be leaving in a couple of days!"

The young prince had been planning behind his Father's back to try to get out of the palace so he could see the world for himself, and his plan would be falling into action in two days' time. It wasn't hard for Naruto to initiate a plan behind the King's back, seeing how he ignored everything except for his harem; for all the King knew, his heir apparent was just spending most of his time studying and had no time to be summoned to him.

"Are you sure about this, Ōji-sama?" asked the old man worried. "The world outside of the wall of Sina is a very dangerous place."

Naruto smiled at the kind and wise old man and nodded. "Don't worry about me Kosuke-ojisan; no one will know who I really am and I know how to defend myself." It was extremely risky for the prince of humanity to be traveling alone in the world, but the old man knew that it would be best way for the boy to learn the world for himself.

"You are very strong and intelligent, Ōji-sama, but make sure to carry your medallion with you for emergencies." All three children of the King each possessed their own medallion; a delicately formed badge made out of 99.9% pure gold, and it marked royal status. Seeing the medallion would be equivalent of seeing the King himself, and could offer Naruto unlimited power over his people.

"I got it right here…" said the prince as he gestured to a necklace around his neck. Naruto yawned before turning away from the old man. "I'm going to turn in for the night, see you later Kosuke-ojisan."

Kosuke stared at the retreating back of the prince silently with a worried expression. 'He is going to be the hope of humanity…'

Dallis Zacklay, the head of all three divisions of the Military: the Scouting Legion, the Stationary Guard, and the Military Police, was bowing down for the prince in front of him. As a man that had been in the military his whole life, he had come to be quite familiar with the royal family, but he would only be glad to bow to one person.

In the man's opinion, there was only one person that had gained his respect, and that was Prince Naruto. The boy was remarkable in the General's eyes; not only was he a very talented strategist and intelligent scholar, he was also the only person who refused to live in a dream-like peace. The prince had long since convinced himself that the Titans will one day break into their domain. Instead of dwelling in fear or locking himself within the Sina Wall, Naruto had thrived to train himself to be ready for the imminent threat, and he asked Dallis to help him.

It has been three years since Naruto had been training under the General, he had finally been deemed ready to travel the outside world on his own. The General himself had been very concerned about the heir apparent of humanity traveling beyond the palace alone, but he had come to accept that it was something that Naruto had to do. Dallis was also quite confident about Naruto's combat skills, which would already be good enough to graduate from the training academy as a top student.

"Two minutes left!" cried the old man loudly.

The sound of a person flying across the training area on a 3D maneuvering system could be heard as the General looked up. The training field was built inside the palace's largest dungeon, and had trees and boulders moved into it for realistic value. Currently, the prince was zipping through multiple trees with his personal blades in his hands. Many mock Titans were placed throughout the field, and it was the prince's task to slice through the back of their necks before the time limit.

The training field was designed by a team of the best engineers available to the kingdom, and personally articulated by the General himself. The mock Titans would be connected to several large wheels on the ground, and would move at similar speed a real Titan would. Throughout the years the prince had been training with these simulations, and he had been getting better and better with each passing day. At the start, the General gave Naruto half an hour to destroy 10 targets, and now he only had five minutes to destroy twenty.

'I only need another thirty seconds...'

Naruto shot his slingshot at a tree 30 meters away from him and activated the maneuvering system. The gas propelled the blond towards his intended target as he leveled his weight lower. The prince's body sunk closer to the ground as he increased the gas' release. The blond was whipped into the air as he flung himself from the tree; up to fifty feet into the air. Naruto allowed himself to reach the limit of his maneuvering system and started to fall towards the last mock Titan on the field.

It was a modeled 15 meter Titan, and it was steadily moving towards the prince's position...

Naruto spun his body in mid-air to increase his descending power, and he slashed his blade out just as the Titan was about to pass him.

Dallis smirked as he pressed a button on the wall behind him, which made the Titan suddenly move twice as fast as before...

The prince grunted as his attack completely missed his intended target, but quickly recovered. Using his spinning momentum, Naruto released one of his blades and let it spin around in mid-air. When his leg was in the correct position, he kicked the blade right at the hilt and sent it blasting towards the back of the Titan's neck. The blade hit straight on the intended target, but it was not deep enough to cause a real Titan death.

Using a split-second to realize his position in mid-air and the position of his blade, Naruto shot another slingshot at the back of the Titan's head, and immediately pulled himself towards it. Leveling himself out with the high speed, Naruto glared at the back of the fake monster as he retracted his leg. Right at the moment when the blond was close to the Titan, his leg shot out and landed a very powerful kick on the back of his own blade; digging it deep into the Titan's neck.

Dallis smirked at the precise maneuver in mid-air, and watched as the prince landed back on the ground with a smile on his face.

"You have certainly improved a lot these past few weeks..." praised the old man with his arms crossed.

Naruto wiped off some sweat with his sleeves as he walked up to his teacher. "All thanks to your effective training, Dallis-sensei."

The prince walked over to the edge of the very large room and enjoyed some much needed water from his bottle. Training in the past few months had been exponentially harder compared to before, but his body had been accommodating to it very nicely. It seemed that the increase in difficulty coupled with his start of puberty really allowed the prince to improve at astounding rates. For a twelve year old boy to complete such a task in less than five minutes was nothing short of the ordinary. Based on the improvement rate provided by the team of medical and physiological researchers, Prince Naruto would even be a greater soldier against the Titans than the renowned Captain Levi.

Dallis leaned against the back wall as he looked over at his student. "So you really are leaving the palace tomorrow?"

Naruto smiled as he poured some cold water on his face. "Yes...are you going to miss me?" joked the boy with a grin.

"You do realize that things will be much harsher and harder outside..." said the old man disregarding the prince's previous statement. "There will be no servants or maids out there, and no one will treat you like royalty."

Naruto smiled and nodded. "That is precisely what I want; I need to experience the world in the most real way possible if I am to be a good King later on..." The prince sighed as he stretched his arms. "I have read thousands of cases provided by the police force, but I need more substance in order to truly understand the hardship my people are going through."

Dallis sighed also as he sat down on a bench. "After his trip...I know that you will be a new man", said the General as he locked eyes with his student. "You may be wiser, stronger, and smarter, but you will definitely be more cynical."

"Then you should be happy; I'll turn into a serious old man like you..." joked Naruto as he walked over and placed a hand on Dallis' shoulder.

The General turned to face Naruto fully and placed both his hands on the boy's shoulders. "This is very serious Naruto...I need you to know this before you actually leave the palace."

"I know this already..." replied Naruto turning equally seriously. "I know I will be greatly affected on this trip, but I will embrace those lessons!" Dallis had an unknown emotion on his eyes as he listen to his future leader speak. "I do not want to be an ignorant fool like my Father...I want to know what it is really like to be a human in this world, I want to know what my people need and what they want, I want to know how to help make their lives better!" Naruto stood tall against the towering man in front of him and actually seemed bigger with his presence. "As the future King of Humanity, I need to do this..."

Dallis sighed as he closed his eyes. "I understand..." muttered the man as he opened his eyes to look at the blond boy in front of him. "...Ōji-sama!"

Naruto's personal quarters resembled a miniature library; the books literally filled the room to the brim. There were hundreds of weapon designs plastered on his desk, and a shelf filled with rifles and pistols that he would train to use almost every day. Then there was Naruto's most used possession, his twin blades by the side of his desk. Dallis Zacklay

The prince had ordered his people to craft him a set of unique blades from the same metal his soldiers use to battle the Titans. They took the appearance of traditional katana, but could also be attached to a 3D maneuvering system. After looking hundreds of ancient styles of using blades, Naruto had started to form his own style. It was still work in progress, but he was confident that it would turn out quite well.

"Onii-sama!" cried the voice of a small girl as she ran to her older brother with a smile on her face.

Naruto was surprised but smiled back at his little sister and wrapped his arms around her tightly. The girl looked to be only two to three years old, and had snow white hair with hazel brown eyes. She was wearing very classy clothing as several servants followed behind her; catering her every whim, which made Naruto a little worried for her future. It was also the same for the prince when he was younger, and he only started to refuse the borderline overwhelming treatment when he was five years old...

"Hey Hikari-chan…" muttered the boy softly against his sister's hair, "What are you doing here?"

Naruto was in the process of packing his things and preparing his weapons just as the little girl barged into his room. Even though they were siblings and that Hikari loved him very much, she didn't come to visit him much since her Mother was very protective of her. Naruto and Hikari were only half siblings; the blond's Mother was the late-Queen of humanity and the girl's Mother was one of the King's lower mistresses. The prince didn't care about the princess' lower status at all and loved her like his full blooded sister, but it didn't stop her timid Mother from being worried.

The girl giggled and kissed her brother on the cheek. "Okaa-sama went to the garden with Otou-sama, so I came here to play with you!"

Naruto smiled sadly as he gently kissed the girl on the forehead. "I'm very sorry Hikari-chan, but I have to leave the palace today", said the boy as he placed the frowning girl on the ground. "I am going on an educational trip with some of my teachers, and won't be back for a while." Naruto had planned to visit the little girl before he left, but it seemed that she already wanted to see him.

Tears started to gather in the girl's eyes as she hugged Naruto's legs. "What?!" cried Hikari in horror. "But I don't want you to go!" wailed the girl as she sobbed.

The blonde smiled sadly and knelt down to his sister's level. "Hey…don't cry Hikari-chan", whispered Naruto as he brushed the girl's tears away with his fingers. "I'll be back soon…" The prince reached back to his bed and grabbed a present that he readied for his sister in the first place. "Take this…" It was a long glass tube filled with various colors of chocolates. "There are 1095 pieces of chocolates in here; eat only one a day, and when you finished the whole thing, I will be back!" finished Naruto with a bright smile on his face.

Hikari sniffed as she took the tube of candy from her brother, "Really?"

Naruto nodded with his smile still on his face. "Yes, I promise you!" The boy picked up the girl and held her in his arms. "I will buy you many presents when I come back too…" Hikari wrapped her arms around her brother's neck as she continued to cry. Naruto felt a little guilty when he passed the princess back to her maid's arms and felt worst when she started to cry harder. The prince kissed his sister lovingly on her forehead and ruffled her hair. "Be good for your Okaa-sama, Hikari-chan."

The prince gestured to the maids silently, and they all obediently left the room with the sad princess. Naruto maintained his smile at his sister as she was carried out of the room. Deep inside, Naruto felt a little guilty about leaving his sister for so long, but it was a small price to pay for something so rewarding. Learning about the world outside of the palace was something that Naruto thought all royals should do, but since he was the only willing person, he shouldered the task of living in reality on his own.

With a sigh, Naruto walked over to his desk and packed several files of information into his travel bag, which was one of the last things he needed to bring on his trip. Inside the files was a mass of information Naruto condensed from the years of reading through the Civilian Reports, and a list of criminals he had to be on the lookout for.

The prince tucked his favorite pistol into the black leather holster that was attached to his belt. The boy was wearing a high collared black jacket over a white t-shirt, a pair of dark blue jeans, and a pair of comfortable back leather travel boots. Then there was his golden medallion attached to a necklace around his neck, which he made sure his shirt hid from the rest of the world.

"Time to get going…" muttered Naruto to himself as he held his sheathed twin blades in one hand as he walked out of his personal quarters with his bag over his shoulders. He never intended to pack much, but he did bring his personal banking information that would give him enough money to last several lifetimes in the world.

As the prince walked down the hallway to the main entrance of the palace, he saw a large painting of the late queen of humanity, who was also his birth mother. A small smile graced Naruto's face as he looked up at the beautiful blonde woman in an elegant dress. Naruto had never met his mother before as she died during childbirth, but he would occasionally talk to her when he would feel troubled…

'See you later, Okaa-sama…'

The prince ran out of the palace and got on his personal horse. The surrounding guards bowed in respect to their future leader as he gracefully rode out of the palace perimeter with his hair waving in the air. No one dared to question the known genius of the palace as he left the palace, and they didn't know that it would be over three years before they would see him again…

Naruto had his eyes barred onto the distance as he sped out of the palace on his horse...

'Let this day mark a new change in humanity...I promise Kami-sama above that I will change this solemn world forever!'

The End!

This is my newest story, and one of my favorites! I blasted through all the episodes of Shingeki no Kyojin in one day, and am currently reading the manga. This idea popped into my head during the third episode and it has been building itself on as I watched through the series. This will be one of my personal favorites, and I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I do!

The pairing for this story has not been set in stone yet, but I am leaning towards Naruto x Mikasa x Annie!

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