This is not a new chapter but a questionnaire. Here I am going to ask you, my dear readers, what story arc will be used for Interlude Chapter of Shinigami of the Leaf. The arc chosen will be the very catalyst wherein established canon will be blown to hell. For example: 'If Itachi died even before Sasuke enters the Chunnin Exams what will happen during the retrieve Tsunade Arc and what will happen to Sasuke's avenger mission?' and so on and so forth. So without further ado here are the arcs that I have in mind:

The Immortal Duo vs. The Shinigami

Itachi and Kisame Confrontation Arc

Infiltration Mission of Otogakure with Jiraiya

The Bloodline Purge

Now, the following arcs are the ones that I will accept only. Any suggestions deviating from the choices above will not be entertained. The chosen storyline could be 2 or perhaps 3 chapters long with 20K words per chapter. It can also be a single chapter with the same amount of words. To choose, visit my profile and answer the poll that is posted there. You can only vote once so choose wisely. Lastly, regardless of the choice the overall story arc of 'Shinigami of the Leaf' will be affected by the arc that I will write for the third chapter.