This chapter is just basically Tori, Cat and Beck's thoughts on Jades's death.

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Tori's p.o.v

I can't believe it. Jade is dead. I remember the shock when Jade pulled the trigger, everyone was crying as the ambulance took her away. We all sat in the waiting room although we knew what the doctor would eventually tell us.

Cat was sobbing uncontrollably and i felt so sorry for her. I was crying too. Jade may not know it but I care about her a lot. I've always thought of her as a friend.

Before she pulled the trigger she whispered: I'm so, so sorry.' And she pulled it.

To be honest I didn't think she would. I knew she loved Beck more than anything but I never thought that she would end her life if she didn't have him.

I know that I'm really gonna miss her and maybe, just maybe...she might miss me too. So Dear Jade if you're listening. I miss you.

Cat's p.o.v

Why did Jadey do that? She knew I was gonna miss her! I can't stop crying because I miss her toooooo much. She was my only friend. I remember the day when we first met When we were 6.

Some mean boys were teasing me and Jadey saw. She walked up to them and scared them away. I love Jadey for that.

I still do and I miss her so much my heart hurts. If it wasn't for Beck than Jadey would still be here and we would be playing with Mr. purples and Mr. longneck and she would be making fun of me.

But I would just laugh and hug her and tell her that we were best friends forever. I can't do that any more.

I thought that Becky cared about my Jadey but he went and destroyed her anyway.

We still have so many things to do together. Like find secret fairy land, sTay up on Christmas to say hello to Santa and find the end of a rainbow. When I see Jadey again we will do those things.

I will never forgive Beck for this. He did this. He did this to my best friend.

Jadey if you can hear me. I miss you and love you. You're best friend Cat.

Beck's p.o.v

What have I done? I can't believe I did this to her. If I had just learnt to freaking except that she was never going to stop being possessive we wouldn't be in this mess!

If I could take back every single thing I said, I would. But it's too late now. Jade is dead. And it's all my fault.

This still seems so unreal, like I'm just having a nightmare and I will wake up to find Jade sleeping next to me and I would hug her and tell her that I would never leave her. But it's real. And I did it.

i love her. I love her like mad. I know Cat does too, I broke both of them.

I will never forgive myself for this. I know I'm gonna lie in bed every night, hating myself.

I love you Jade. Please forgive me.

ok. I decided there will be one more chapter after this.