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Rowling wasn't consistant in her portrayal of Harry, either he was neglected and downtroden. Being a boy who did't try in school, clung to his first friend even when he turned out to be a lazy bully. Or he was a pure hearted avenger who would risk his life and charge in to protech the school and the world. He was very observant at Private Drive, but completely oblivious at Hogwarts.

Point of Divergence: Chapter 17 HPGOF.

Not My Magic.

"Did you put your name into the Goblet of Fire, Harry?" He asked calmly.

"No," said Harry. He was very aware of everybody watching him closely. Snape made a soft noise of impatient disbelief in the shadows.

"Did you ask an older student to put it into the Goblet of Fire for you?" said Professor Dumbledore, ignoring Snape.

"No," said Harry vehemently. ~ p. 276 HPGOF American Paperback version.

"Thank-you, for the complement Professor Snape; to believe so strongly that I, a 14 year-old boy in the middle of my schooling would have enough knowledge and power to defeat Albus Dumbledore, Defeater of Grindlewald's protections around the Goblet." Harry then turned to Professor Dumbledore. "Will you now tell us who entered my name into the tournament? You personally scribed the age line, and as head master held the wards and the loyalty of the portraits and ghosts. You've proven your knowledge of the antics at Hogwarts in my past school years. You know what happened. Set the record straight."

"I'm not omniscient Harry; I do not know everything that happens here." Dumbledore calmly responded.

"No, not omniscient, but such an important event; not only for Hogwarts, but for the wizarding community of Europe, either you or the ministry would have been closely monitoring it for foul play. The fact that you refuse to name the culprit leads me to believe that just like in previous years, you either instigated this 'adventure' or are complicit in it's continuation." Harry turned to the Ministry observers. "How is the contract enforced?"

"The Goblet tastes your magic when you place your name in the running. If you refuse to participate breaking the contract you loose your magic." Mr. Crouch stated.

"Well I didn't place my name in the Goblet, so it's not my magic that has registered." Harry clearly replied.

"Contracts can be bound to your name as well." Diggory contributed.

"Well, Dumbledore called out Harry Potter, and while that is the name the public attached to my fairy tale, that is not my full legal name. So I'm refusing to participate. When the first task begins we can find out who losses their magic and we'll know who attempted to kill me this time." Harry said as he turned and walked out of the room.