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We walked back to the underground base almost immediately after the encounter with Stein.

We raced across the beaten down town in silence and defeated a few robots on the way.

I thought about what Stein said," you're a smart girl" as his eyebrows twitched

I knew too much.

I shamefully scolded myself and Soul's voice said," so what's this stuff about anyway?"

I took this chance to try the mental communication

how are you even inside my head?

Dunno, the answer to my question now?

Ugh, fine, I think there are two other dangerous groups, witches and kishins. Kishins can eat good souls and witches do to. They kill and eat, it's no better that we have you robots to deal with anyway.

Hey! I'm different

Yeah, cuz your trained to be like a teenage boy and cuz you're more perverted and stupid, it makes you special

There was no need to say that, um… think that

Ugh! Get out of my head!

We jumped in the sewer and the rotten smell of home sweet home filled our nostrils


"father, I need to see Death immediately" I said coldly as I dodged a hug

He cried and said,"ok" he sniffed and we walked to Death's room

"WHAZZUP WHAZZUP WHAZZUP! How was food collecting!"

"Death, we met another human, he said his name was Stein and he said something about kishins and witches. He also mentioned turning robots into humans"

"sigh the process is painful and it's never worked out fully. Only your father has lived stay away from Stein"


"I you want to proceed no matter the costs, you will continue but, if you value your life, you'll forget about it"

My expression hardened"ever since my mama died, It was my job to protect. So, to protect anyone else of harms way, I'll investigate to stop this threat and, I have hope. You cannot change my mind"

"you can count us in too!" Blackstar yelled as Patty smiled

I had the thought about turning Soul into human, I thought about it before, so they would except him. Now, it's grown into much more, I will turn him into human so, we'll be able to spare him and Tsubaki, Liz, and Kid.

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