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A high pitched steady tone and shrill alarms woke her with a jolt. Oliver's hand caught her as she jumped and looked around frantically. Her head whipped from Digg's still face to the monitors which were showing no pulse and blaring in alert.

Not stopping to remember that they weren't in the lair and these weren't her machines she leapt to her feet and pulled the cart out so she could see behind it. Her fingers worked quickly, twisting this cable and tightening that until she followed the lead back to Digg's chest. Just as the room was being flooded with nursing staff she found the faulty wire and quickly reattached it, the monitor showing a normal heartbeat as she was being yelled at to move back.

Felicity froze, her hands balling into fists in front of her chest as it crashed into her that she'd fixed equipment that wasn't hers and that she shouldn't have any knowledge base for knowing how to use.

Oliver's hand reached out and pulled her to his side. "Loose lead. She got lucky." he said with half a shrug.

The head nurse gave them a hard look and asked them to step out while they made sure everything was fine. Felicity began to protest, worried they wouldn't be allowed back in but Oliver was moving and she didn't have a choice but to go with him.

One of the agents had fallen in step behind them but she hardly noticed now. Her mind was focused on what she'd just done. They made their way out of ICU and down hallways as she blindly followed.

"I'm sorry, I just...it's what happened last time and I had to...I had to see if it was the same thing because if it wasn't...if it wasn't it meant it was bad and I couldn't have it be bad." she was shaking her head, tears clouding her vision.

Oliver finally came to a stop in a lounge area near the elevators. He towed her to the windows for the most privacy before he turned her to face him, hands coasting up her arms. "What do you mean the last time?" he asked,

"It's what happened to you. Your heart stopped. The night I found you in my car." she said thickly, hand coming to rest on his chest right over his heart. "The defibrillator had a few screwed up wires so I fixed them and Digg shocked you twice, got a rhythm back. Then a hour or so later a lead on the monitor came loose, just like with Digg. Scared me just as bad back then."

He was staring at her like he'd never heard any of that before. "My heart stopped?" he asked in surprised disbelief,

"Digg didn't tell you?" she whispered, fingers curling in the fabric of his shirt.

Oliver just shook his head silently. "Guess just saying 'thank you' wasn't really enough then." he bit out,

She saw guilt and shame flare across his eyes. To him they'd only patched up a bullet wound.

He pulled away from her and turned to face the windows, crossing his arms in front of his chest as he looked out over the city.

She could see how much this was all eating away at him. The urge to go do something, but the need to stay and be close. The strain was weighing on him, and it was evident in the hard line of his shoulders. She'd seen his eyes when they got to the lounge, he had felt fear when the monitors had alarmed. He'd thought he was going to watch Digg die in front of him, just like Tommy.

Her fingers rested lightly on the center of his back and she could feel the strong play of muscles beneath her touch as he let out a deep breath.

"What happens?" he asked solemnly and at first she didn't know what he meant. When she figured it out she felt sick. He was asking her what happened if Digg didn't make it. Death was the only thing on his mind.

She moved closer until she was pressed against his arm. "You can't think like that." she choked out.

He scrubbed both hands across his face and turned to lean against the window, his hands braced on a ledge behind him. "I know." he was looking resolutely at the floor and not at her, and for once she was glad. If he looked at her she'd probably break down again.

She stepped between his feet and wrapped her arms around him, laying her head against his shoulder. She didn't know how else to help him. It took him a moment, but he returned her embrace. "He's going to be okay. He has to be." she said, for both their benefits.

"Ms. Smoak," Lance's familiar voice came from behind her and she pivoted in Oliver's arms to see him stepping away from the elevators.

"Detective Lance," she greeted as she stepped away from Oliver and felt him straighten to his full height and come to stand right behind her. Lance cut sharp eyes over the two of them and she set her jaw in an attempt to keep from showing her anxiety at his scrutiny.

"I talked to the detective in charge and thought I'd come get an update." he explained and her expression softened. He didn't have to do that.

"Thank you," she said before Oliver could respond.

"CSU hasn't found anything. Whoever it was cleaned up the scene. There are also no witnesses, or at least no one willing to talk. CCTV cameras in the area and traffic cams had all been cut half an hour earlier." Lance's voice was heavy with this reveal.

Oliver tensed behind her, his hand coming to rest at her lower back. She looked to him in shock and saw his eyes cut to Philips immediately.

"Seems you were right to suspect this wasn't random. Any reason you want to share why that might be?" Lance had Oliver locked in his gaze and wasn't looking away for anything.

"Just a gut feeling." Oliver said roughly,

Lance's eyes narrowed and Felicity knew he didn't believe him, but he let it pass.

"How is he doing?" the question was directed at her and she stuttered a moment before she could reply.

"It's still not good, next…" she looked at her watch quickly, "next eight hours are still crucial."

Lance's mouth pressed together into a tight line, "I wish him the best. And we'll keep you updated if we hear anything. You do the same. In light of what happened at the scene I'm going to send up some uniforms as extra eyes." He leveled her with a look and she nodded her thanks.

"Thank you, Detective Lance." Oliver said, "You can coordinate with Mr. Philips there if you have any questions."

Philips stepped forward and walked with Lance to the elevators.

Oliver let out a long breath and wandered to a sofa before sitting down heavily, elbows on his knees as his head sat propped in his palms. She stood to his side, blocking him as best she could from prying eyes.

Philips and one other guard had come with them and when the elevator doors pinged she looked up to see three uniformed police officers making their way over. One of them was directed down the hall towards Digg, while the other two took up positions around the lounge. They were close enough to prevent anyone from invading their space, but far enough back she felt she could talk to Oliver quietly and not be overheard.

Lance gave her a tip of an imaginary hat and held his phone up with a little wave to let her know he'd be in touch. She gave him a grateful smile and watched as he disappeared from sight.

Unbeknownst to Felicity, her hand was resting on Oliver's bicep, lightly stroking small patterns across his shirt.

"Who is doing this?" he said, voice barely audible

"I don't know...it could be...it could have to do with… you know, or it could be directed at Digg himself. We just don't know. I can go to the lair, start running searches-" she was cut off by Oliver's head shooting up and lasering her with a hard look.

"No! You're not leaving my side." he barked, causing people walking by to look their direction.

Felicity swallowed hard and knelt next to him. "Okay," she said gently, trying to ignore how his words made her heart swell.

Her hand lay on his knee and he grabbed it tightly. "We'll figure it out. Once we know Digg's okay, we'll figure it out." she promised him.

She was becoming more and more aware that they were drawing attention. The hospital was becoming busier as the day grew later. Shift changes and visitors arriving made the area they were in high traffic, and the richest man in the city being surrounded by police and security was not going unnoticed. When she saw one person with their phone out recording Oliver she slid sharp eyes to Philips who immediately went to intercept.

Felicity sank onto the couch next to him and leaned in slightly, giving him the comfort of her presence but not talking if he didn't want to. A nurse exited the ICU hallway and Felicity watched as she approached Philips. They talked for a few minutes before the stoic agent stepped near Felicity and Oliver.

"Mr. Queen, the hospital has opened a private lounge for you to wait in. Mr. Diggle is being transferred to a room nearby." Philips informed them and her heart jumped at the news.

"He's being moved?" she gasped, "Has he improved?" she didn't even give Oliver a chance to ask a question.

"The nurse said his stats were improving and they'd taken out the breathing tube. Considering his condition and the security concern, they were willing to move him."

Oliver's head dipped once and then he rose. "That's excellent news." he said with false bravado. It was the mask he put on in the board room and there was something wrong with him affecting it in this instance but she knew he had to.

Philips extended his hand and they exited the lounge, ignoring the looks of everyone watching them. She saw Oliver's hand twitched towards hers, but he settled for placing it lightly on her lower back instead.

They went down a corridor she hadn't noticed before, going through two more sets of double doors before the nurse she'd spotted before stood waiting for them.

"Mr. Queen, you're welcome to use this room while you're here." she said cordially and Felicity thanked her before Oliver could.

This room was nicer than the surgical waiting room. There were twol couches that looked like they could possibly be comfortable and a few chairs. It was a room intended for a single family she realized with a start.

"Where is he being moved to?" Oliver asked suddenly,

"Room 507. Just down the hall." she said with a smile, "He'll be moved soon, but it'll be a bit before he can have visitors."

More waiting.

She saw Philips and one of the police officers take up spots outside the door before it shut. The silence in the room was almost oppressive as she stared up at Oliver.

The look on his face was one she'd never seen before, and in an instant she realized he truly didn't know what to do. He wanted to stay and be there for Digg, and he also wanted to run to the lair and figure out who was doing this.

Making a decision she grabbed him by the wrist and tugged him towards the couch against the far wall. She didn't give him a chance to protest, she just placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed down when he was in front of the slightly battered brown leather.

The dark circles under his eyes were suddenly screaming at her and there was a small chance he swayed just a bit when she shoved him down. "You need to rest." she said with more force than she meant.

He lifted surprised eyes to hers and opened his mouth to protest. She laid a finger over his lips, heart clenching at the shots of heat that went through her at the contact. "No arguments." she stated with a lifted brow. The finger over his lips fell to his chest and gave a firm push until his back hit the couch.

"I'll see what I can get on my phone." she told him, hoping if he knew they were doing what they could to work both angles as it were, he might be able to let himself relax.

She made a bit of a show of pulling her phone out and settling down at the end of the couch. She pointedly ignored his stares and didn't even look his direction, as hard as that was.

He stared at her for a long moment before turning his gaze to the window across the room. Felicity let out a long controlled breath, hoping he wouldn't notice her trying to center herself.

The first thing she did was check the gossip sites. She had several RSS feeds sent to her email on Oliver and the company in general. Sure enough there was a new influx of hits around his being at the hospital. She let out a small eep of surprise when one of the pictures someone had taken showed Oliver in front of her as they stood in the lounge, a sign in the background pointing towards the maternity ward. She hadn't even realized it shared the same floor as the ICU. She could only imagine where that could go.

Beyond that one photo she didn't find anything that suggested anyone knew the real reason they were there and she was glad. She couldn't access much of her lair resources from her phone and that was on purpose. If it was ever taken from her she didn't want anyone to be able to trace her back to Arrow.

As she worked she would occasionally slide her eyes over to look at Oliver. He was still awake until the third time. His eyes were shut, head tipped just slightly to rest against the high back of the couch. She felt some of the tension ease out of her seeing him rest.

When she turned back to her phone a suspicion grew in her mind that this could have something to do with the Triad. They had been much more visible lately and Oliver had come into contact with them several times. China White had been apprehended, but she'd fought with Digg and seen his face, it was possible she'd found a way to pass information along even from prison.

All the information she had on the Triad was at the lair however, and she was hesitant to access it from there. She bit her lip as she debated just doing it. In the end she remembered her run in with the SCPD the year before and her vow to never do hood related activities outside the lair.

Felicity looked at Oliver and wondered if she should wake him up and ask what he wanted her to do, but he was asleep and seemed to be at peace. She wouldn't disturb him.

Her own eyes were growing heavy and she found her taps and swipes were growing fewer and farther between. She pinched the bridge of her nose under her glasses, her eyes falling shut for longer than she cared to admit. When she jolted them open again the screen on her phone was black and it laid still in her lap. Knowing when to admit defeat, she slipped it back into her bag and looked over at Oliver.

He'd slid sideways some, his head at an awkward angle that made her wince just to look at it. Not thinking about how she may be seriously overstepping a line, or the fact that she could wake him up she laid her arm around his shoulders and pulled gently until he began to tip towards her.

Slowly she guided him down until his head lay on her thigh. He shifted slightly but other than a twitching of his jaw he didn't show any signs of waking up.

She'd been holding her breath, her heart beating faster until he was still. His weight was heavy on her, but comforting. Cautiously she laid a hand on his head and lightly stroked over the short hair. He turned into her leg some and she froze, hand hovering above him. When she did it again he didn't move.

It was rare that he'd fall asleep at the lair. She'd only found him that way twice that she could remember. Both times she'd draped a blanket over him and let him sleep. The next day he'd given her a soft look or a touch to her shoulder but they'd never spoken about it. She knew it was a tremendous sign of trust that he felt safe enough to let his guard down around her to do so. Especially just then. He had to be going on at least twenty four hours with no sleep. Coupled with the stress of the day, he had to have been beyond exhausted, but he was also worried about what could happen. She was certain he had never expected to actually sleep.

A rush of affection and something she had been trying to ignore for months filled her, making her take a shuddering breath she felt in her bones. Her fingers carded through his hair and she let her head fall to rest against the high side of the couch as she gave up her fight against sleep.

She never heard whatever woke Oliver, she just blinked open shocked eyes to a strong arm pinning her against the couch as he sat on the edge of the seat, wildly looking to the door, every muscle tensed and ready to defend against an attack.

Philips stood patiently at the door and waited until Oliver wiped a heavy hand across his face and stood. "They've said you can go down to Mr. Diggle's new room, sir." he didn't wait for a response, merely backed out and shut the door behind him.

Felicity watched with cautious eyes as Oliver strode to the window and looked out. A quick glance at her watch let her know it was close to noon. They'd slept for longer than she had thought.

She sat up and redid her ponytail but didn't approach him. Something told her he needed a few minutes to get himself together.

When he turned he looked just as raw and bare as he had when she'd first seen him so early that morning. She wanted to go to him but she made herself stay in place, her hands actually gripping the edge of the cushion beneath her to keep her seated. One by one he gathered control of his emotions and put them behind the wall he was able to raise and lower with seeming ease. She knew better though.

Finally he looked like he could face the world and crossed to her, holding his hand out for her to take. She gave him a supportive smile and took his hand, letting him pull her up. When she stood before him he held her eyes, "Thank you," he said and she knew he meant letting him sleep on her. Letting him be safe.

"Of course." she said with a voice she didn't recognize as her own.

An agent and an officer stood outside Digg's new room. Felicity entered first and felt some of the worry ease out of her when she saw him without the breathing tube. He was still receiving oxygen but it was no where near as scary as the tube.

This room was bigger and had a low couch under the windows as well as two chairs that had already been pulled up to the side of the bed. She looked at the monitors quickly and saw he seemed to be hooked up to less than before; something she took as a good sign.

His breathing was even as she slipped her hand into his like she had hours before. "Hey Digg, we're back. You need to wake up soon and help me deal with Oliver. He's being difficult as usual." she said with forced lightness. Oliver gave a soft huff behind her but she knew he wasn't offended.

There was no response from Digg, but she was happy to sit there next to him and wait.

They spent the rest of the afternoon and into the evening waiting. She'd dozed off on the couch for a bit at Oliver's insistence. One of the agents had grabbed them food at some point, which she made an attempt to eat but didn't taste.

Felicity was back at Digg's side, holding his hand again, when she felt his fingers twitch. She sat forward with a gasp, drawing Oliver's attention.

"Digg!" she called, "Can you hear me? Try and open your eyes." she commanded and threw a smile over her shoulder when she saw him struggle to do as she said.

She was leaning over the bed rail, rubbing his hand as she continued to try and get him to respond. When he finally cracked open his eyes, she gave him a watery smile and wiped her face hastily with the back of her hand.

Oliver was pressed into her back, one hand resting on her hip as he leaned in too. "Hey," Digg managed to say quietly, sounding nothing like himself but she could have cared less. He was alive and awake and talking.

"Hey," she replied, "You're in the hospital. You scared the hell out of us."

His eyes slid shut for a long moment before he opened them again. "Sorry,"

"Just don't do it again." she admonished lightly,

He tried to smile, but could barely lift one corner of his mouth.

"Go back to sleep." she told him and bent down to brush a kiss over his cheek, Oliver's hands helping her balance. When she was on her heels again she pivoted in a flash and threw her arms around his neck.

He held her to him, hands coasting up and down her back as she mumbled into his neck about Digg being awake and how everything was going to be okay. Oliver didn't say anything, but she felt the fine tremble that worked its way through his body, and she knew he was more relieved than he could put into words.

They were interrupted by a nurse who told them they needed to leave for a bit. Felicity nodded and let her hand intertwine with Oliver's, not ready to give up contact just yet. They made their way silently back to the waiting room where she couldn't help but give him a happy smile.

"I told you he'd be okay." she said softly,

"Yeah," he finally replied.

Her hand cupped his cheek for a second before she stepped back. She let her bag fall to the couch and looked back to the door.

"I'm going to stretch my legs and use the bathroom." she told him, "And I'll take Philips with me." she promised before he could say anything.

She didn't even need to say a word. Philips fell into step behind her automatically as they made their way down the hallway. There weren't many people around. Visiting hours were coming to a close, especially for the floor they were on.

Felicity made a long, slow loop of the entire floor, enjoying the chance to move and stretch. She would recommend Oliver do the same when she got back. She knew he had to be antsy.

There was a ladies room at the end of a quiet hall and motioned towards it, "I'm just going to go in quick." she told Philips and pushed through the door.

The place was deserted and she barely glanced at herself in the mirror, knowing she had to look terrible.

When she stepped back out she'd gone a ways down the hall before her steps slowed and she came to a halt. Cold fear washed down her body from the top of her head, making her limbs go numb as she turned slowly. Philips was no where to be seen.