The Rage of the Sun

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Background: Rapunzel, having been safely reunited with her true parents, begins to feel an absolute rage towards her kidnapper. This rage, well hidden within her and unrecognized by her, begins at the behest of the drop of sunlight as it transforms from one of benign goodness to one of malignant vengeance. She, or rather the power of the drop of sunlight contained within her, decides to take matters into its own hands and end forever the threat Gothel represents…

Chapter 1: Rapunzel Goes Missing


"Good afternoon, Eugene." Amanda happily states as she smiles at the dishevelled young man and raises her hand to knock on the door to Rapunzel's room.

"Afternoon?" Eugene asked as he hears the village clock tolling the mid-hour song.

"Why yes, Eugene. It just tolled the one-thirty hour, this beautiful sunny afternoon." Rupert replied with a grin.

"You mean Rapunzel isn't up yet?" Eugene asks.

"No, I do not believe. But with all the excitement of the past two weeks, one could forgive her for oversleeping once or twice." Rupert kindly added.

As the three young people were talking about the unusual behaviour by the reunited crown princess, the king and queen, having missed the morning meal and even the noon day meal with their daughter, came up to see if she was alright.

"Have you seen…?" The queen began.

"…Rapunzel? Not yet today." Amanda replied.

"Hmmm. This is most unusual. She is usually awake even before the sun rises." The king replied as he took in this new and unusual information with his usual calm demeanor.

"I know. This is the latest I slept in, well, forever it seems, or at least the last two weeks. She loves to have me share the new day sunrise from different vantage points within the royal grounds and, when able, within the beach front and docks of the capital."

The group happily chuckled at the memory of poor Eugene being awoken by one slimy tongue to the ear.

"Sire. Do you have Maximus on a special duty assignment today?" Samuel, the sergeant major asks as he calmly walked up and gracefully bowed to the two monarchs. He knew it was pointless to be upset about this latest development as Eugene, Amanda, and Rupert were sure to know where everyone and anyone was at all times.

"Not today." Will replied.

"It is just that he is not in the stable and no one can seem to remember the last time he was seen." Samuel responded.

Amanda, softly knocking on the door was to be surprised, as was everyone, when the door slowly opened under the force of her gentle knock, the latch barely engaged with the door frame. It was as if the door was intentionally left unlatched as the person knew that the sound the tumblers made as they engaged would echo loudly throughout the palace.

As the trio, with the two monarchs and Samuel trailing closely behind, slowly walked into the room, they quickly realized two important facts. First, the bed was made and showed no sign of being slept in that night; and second, a certain crown princess was conspicuous in her absence.

"I don't think Rapunzel is in trouble as she is quite capable and well-armed with her frying pan." Eugene stated, to the amusement of the others, as he noted the absence of her frying pan in the room and briefly reached out in an attempt to sense her.

"But, where is Rapunzel?!" The three ask the others as their individual scans reveal a definite lack of the green aura of the crown princess.

"I don't know." They reply.

"What do you think?" Eugene asks.

"I am not sure." Rupert replies, as he is at a loss to explain.

"Oh, no…" The three sigh.

"Oh, no what?" King William asks the three.

"You don't think…" Eugene began.

"…that she went out exploring without any of us?" Amanda smoothly finished for him.

"Well…" Eugene mumbled.

"She did take Max with her." Rupert added.

"He is very capable and I am sure that Rapunzel will be fine with him and her frying pan; I think."

"Let's see if we can join minds to find her…" Eugene suggested.

"Good idea."

The three cleared their minds of the concern they felt for the crown princess and easily linked together; the synergy of their joined minds quite miraculous. They soon found that they could easily discern all within the palace grounds and expanded their attention to encompass the entire city. Coming up empty of anyone outside the palace grounds and within the capital city with the similar emerald green aura, they shifted their attention further afield; to the mainland.

The scan of the mainland, in the vicinity of the Snuggly Duckling, revealed a brief flash of an unusual grey aura. The flash, meaningless to both the unaware Rupert and Eugene, kindled something in Amanda.

"I got it!" Amanda quite surprisingly shouted.

"You do?" Eugene and Rupert asked, the confusion they felt evident in their voices.

"Yes! Did you see that brief flash of grey near the Snuggly Duckling?"

"Um, I guess…?" Eugene and Rupert hesitantly replied.

"Rupert, do you remember the day that we met?"

"How could I ever forget?!"

"I am sure I know who the owner, or owners, of the grey aura is.

Seven Years Previous…

Amanda, by now a rough and tumble 15 year old teenager and outwardly quite the tomboy, felt quite imposing and untouchable as she dressed head to toe in unfaded and lint free black, her favorite color. Her long sleeved tunic with sleeves rolled up halfway to her elbows was tucked into a very comfortable pair of black trousers. Her black trousers, adorned with a two-inch wide belt at the waist, were similarly tucked into a well-worn but comfortable pair of men's boots. The signature all-black outfit her "uniform;" she was ever ready to help those in peril, whether young or old, rich or poor. Amanda was also quite fearless and ever curious about the world around her.

Out with the orphanage headmistress as usual, as she desired to spend as little time inside the orphanage buildings as possible as she absolutely loved the outdoors and voluntarily fulfilling the role Eugene had prior to his descent into crime, she was helping to purchase the provisions for the other children. Her imposing look, coupled with her uncanny ability to unwittingly insert thoughts into the minds of others in the form of innocent 'suggestions,' caused many a citizen of Corona to bend over backwards to help the orphanage Headmistress. She had also learned over the past eight to ten years to accept the gift she had for having an uncanny sense for things happening outside her immediate area; automatically and subconsciously tuning into it and allowing herself to hear those around her.

What she could not know at that time, however, was how completely in tune with the wider universe she had really become, or that she had begun to truly listen to the sense, as she was soon to discover. She was walking about four paces behind Nan gazing skyward and admiring the few clouds that flitted overhead, ever daydreaming about her old home village and its wonders; not really paying attention to where she was going, yet all the while very aware of everything around her. As she managed to deftly sidestep other pedestrians just as it seemed a collision was imminent, gaining peculiar looks from the headmistress, she sensed that all was not as it should be. She had begun to feel that something was wrong. Very, very wrong in fact; the usual and easily separable auras, eddies and currents she felt when close to other people were, in one small area, becoming an ever jumbled and confused swirling and ever turbulent vortex of mixed emotions. She quickly sensed the unlikely jumbling of three distinct auras into one; one a seemingly familiar emerald green, the other two an imposing dark grey. The location: one small, dead end alleyway very near to where she was walking with the orphanage headmistress. Intrigued by this, she was preparing to walk towards this great disturbance — her curiosity rising. Yet, at the same time, quite apprehensive at the strong intensity of feelings such as she had ever felt before – intent on simply investigating it when the emotions became unbearably shrill and frightened. The emotional distress accompanied by an almost un-intelligible call; a call driven by absolute fear.

The present…

"That flash of grey reminds me of the day we met."

"How does it…?" Eugene asked as he was not fully in tune with the wonder of their meeting.

"…remind me of how we met?" Amanda asked. "Simply put, the flash of grey; corresponding to the auras of two distinct, yet criminal, individuals; reminds me of exactly who must be in league with Gothel. And, that I have already bested them once in battle."

"You don't mean…?"

"…the Stabbington Brothers? Yes, yes I do. I also know why I only briefly caught a glance of them."

"They didn't just…?" Eugene asked.

"…disappear into that well hidden valley glen? Yes, yes I do."

"But what of Rapunzel?" The queen asked.

"I believe I can answer that." Dr. Lambert stated as he came up on the group, his latest research into the power of the sun drop having taken an ominous turn.

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