The Rage of the Sun

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Background: Rapunzel, having been safely reunited with her true parents, begins to feel an absolute rage towards her kidnapper; or rather, the power of the sun within her. This singularly driven rage, well hidden within her and unrecognized by her, begins at the behest of the drop of sunlight as it transforms from one of benign goodness to one of malignant vengeance. She, or rather the power of the drop of sunlight contained within her, decides to take matters into its own hands and end forever the threat Gothel represents…, no matter the cost.

Chapter 2: Doctor Lambert's Revelation, Part 1

"But what of Rapunzel?" The queen asked.

"I believe I can answer that." Dr. Lambert stated as he walked up on the unwary group, his latest research into the power of the sun drop having taken an ominous turn.

The group stood there, amazed. To a person, they all wondered how the doctor knew he would be needed even before they thought he might be able to provide answers to their yet unknown and therefore unasked questions. Their looks must have come as no surprise to Dr Lambert as he was ready when the queen began to ask the most obvious of questions.

"How did…?"

"…I know that the princess might have gone missing, this morning. Or, rather, sometime last night?"

"Well, yes." Queen Catherine replied as she absorbed this latest shock; never so thankful for the exceptional etiquette lessons she took as a 17 year old.

"It is quite remarkable as, you see, I have done some additional research, as the princess has allowed me to as I do not wish to spook her with the ultimate power of this golden yellow drop of sunlight, and found something both interesting and quite terrifying; all at the same time."

"TERRIFYING?!" A quite concerned Eugene blurted out, his concern for his new dream unmistakable to the others in the group.

The doctor, seeing the look of absolute concern on he who one day would be the prince consort quickly added that very special qualifier.

"Eugene, please forgive my lack of tact."

"Lack of tact, doctor? To what do you refer?"

"Well, it isn't the crown princess we need to show concern for, but…"

"…the kidnapper?" King William asked as a sudden vision came to him.

"Why yes, my good king."

"But…" Queen Catherine began.

"…why should I feel any concern for she who so coldly stole from you?"

"Yes. I know we are very well known for our just and merciful legal system, but…"

"…your emotions do not allow you to apply your usual level headedness in this case?"

"Yes, that is quite correct. The anger I feel within me knows no bounds."

"Yes, I suppose it would. However, it is not the kidnapper I am truly worried about as she will get what she most whole heartedly deserves…" Doctor Lambert unequivocally stated before suddenly going silent.

"What is it, doctor?" Eugene asked as he too was stunned by the sudden silence from the usually quite talkative, though very knowledgeable doctor.

Rather than providing an answer, the doctor asked a question in return. "Do you recall the events surrounding the reunion?"

"The reunion with Rapunzel?" The king asked.

"No, actually not. I am referring to the reunion between the strands of hair in the locket Catherine had carried with her for the past 18 years and those strands by her right ear that had not grown even a millimeter in the intervening time. Or, more specifically, the magical cells of the sun contained within and upon the strands of hair that were dormant while separated from their sibling cells during their forced separation…"

Two weeks previous…

As Catherine and Rapunzel finished the song together, they moved even closer, ever closer; the queen's outstretched hands, the left already gently and tenderly cupping Rapunzel's right cheek and the right getting ever closer. As she reached up with her right hand to tenderly cup her daughter's Rapunzel's left cheek, the full connection was finally made; a connection to stun not only the select group witnessing the reunion of parent and daughter, but also, unwittingly, the rest of Corona.

As Catherine continued to move within a hair's breadth of her daughter the strands in the locket quite suddenly and happily sensed their parent strands. These strands; containing the remarkable cells from the sun, strands that had long awaited their return; began to glow and levitate the very locket in which they were contained; levitating towards Rapunzel; the very Rapunzel who also suddenly had several tens of hundreds of strands of her long glowing blonde hair begin to also spontaneously levitate as they unbraided themselves from the intricate braid made just that day and began to glow even more brightly than the sun as they reached out to retrieve their lost sisters contained in the once lost strands.

This spontaneous glow of the reuniting strands, soon to surpass even the glow of the noon day sun, again drew the attention of the entire village. This glow; though thoroughly amazing even to the doctor, had a relatively simple explanation; as the doctor would suddenly realize. As the hairs of the locket were brought to their parent strands by Rapunzel's intact strands; the symbiotic relationships spontaneously restored, the sun's cells and Rapunzel's once cut hair fusing back together and beginning to rapidly divide as they strove to reach the length of the other strands as they made up for eighteen years of forced separation. A dual cellular division whose rate was so great as to defy the imagination, but not so fast as to preclude this cellular reunion taking several tens of minutes to complete.

The formerly brown lock of hair next to Rapunzel's ear, now a similar blonde and glowing even more brightly than their sister strands continued its growth; growing rapidly first to one foot, then accelerating even more as it grew yet to two feet, then to five feet, then 10 feet, then 15 feet; on and on it grew its rate steady and unvarying. Needless to say, the now quite amazed Rapunzel too freaked out, totally; not realizing that her hair could spontaneously glow even brighter than before or that it would grow out to reach the length of all the others; she having been so sure that the gift was destroyed when cut as she had been told so many times.

"WHAT IS HAPPENING?! EUGENE!" She alarmedly and quite loudly questioned, stepping away from her newly found mother and grabbing Eugene and hugging him for comfort and kissing him. Shocked by this, he first looked from over the top of Rapunzel's glowing hair and over to her parents and saw the king and queen nodding approvingly, eyes wide before returning the hug and closing his eyes and passionately kissing her back; ever worried for his new dream.

Eugene, though, after kissing her and while still tightly holding her, quite naturally clueless, shouted back, "I DON'T KNOW! Does it hurt?"

"No," Rapunzel laughingly replied, as did her parents. Each of the three relaxed by Eugene's impertinent question, quickly calming as she relaxed in his embrace and finally realized what was happening.

It was at this time that Doctor Lambert moved closer and chose to make his appearance, though trying to only come to the attention of the queen to save any awkward questions; coughing gently to get her attention, blinded as she was by the glow. Catherine did finally notice the doctor, and while ecstatic at the reunion and the fact that the doctor had been absolutely right; she longingly looked to him for the answer to this amazing sight. Rather than answer out loud, where others might hear and ever mindful of his promise to her, the doctor happily mouthed, "I will explain it tomorrow; enjoy your reunion;" before making a hasty retreat back out of sight of the group.

As he stayed in the shadows and covertly watched the reunion between the cells of the strands from the locket and their sisters in Rapunzel's head, the doctor was absolutely amazed by what he, and possibly only he, saw. As the strands grew out from less than six inches to over 70 feet, the hair seemed to take on a life of their own as they meandered and floated about the small group. This movement was well camouflaged from even those standing right there by the incredible brightness of hair as it grew…

The present…

"You see, during the remarkable reunion of the strands, the hair completely unbraided itself and floated and meandered about the group. This dance, for want of a better word, lasted about 15 minutes as the hair glowed with a power to rival the sun. As the reunited strands reached the full length of its sisters, and after completing its magical transformation it weaved itself back into the wonderful braid from earlier that day." Doctor Lambert stated as he finished relating the story of what was not seen by the group that night.

"Do you mean to tell us…?" King William began, as he suddenly remembered that the braid seemed to be perfect, even after the remarkable events of that night two weeks previous.

"…that the hair has the power of levitation and spontaneous movement? Yes, that is exactly what I mean." Doctor Lambert confirmed.

"Then, what happened at the dam…?" Rapunzel began to ask.

"…was the power of the hair as it sought to free itself from its prison."

"But…?" Eugene hesitantly began to ask.

"…how did it, and by extension Rapunzel, know that it could trust you to protect it; and her?"

"Well, yes." A somber Eugene sighed.

"Eugene, please live for the future. You have done more good than you possibly know at this time." Amanda compassionately stated as she hugged her good friend.

"You can say that again…" King William softly sighed to himself. He somehow knew it would only be a matter of time before all would be revealed.

"Well, Eugene, it is quite simple, really."

"It is?"

"Yes. You see, when the hair connected with you as Rapunzel sought to free you from the grasp of the soldiers, it sensed something within you. What this something is, I do not know at this time. This led the hair, or to you Rapunzel, to first save you and then to put its fate into your hands when Rapunzel leapt to safety. This blossoming connection was later reinforced later that same day when it healed your hand and, naturally, when you…."

"When he what…?" Queen Catherine smirkingly asked, though she was pretty sure she knew the answer already.

"Well; when he kissed her on the boat, naturally." Doctor Lambert replied as he tried not to laugh at the look adorning Eugene's face.

The group, not having the self-control of the doctor, cracked up into happy giggles at the expense of a quite red-faced Eugene.

"But, where does that leave us now and, most importantly, where is my daughter, Maximus and, I am quite sure as he is with her as well, Pascal?"

"Ah, now we come to the crux of the matter…"

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