Aeris sat in bed, her arms folded and glaring at the wall in sheer hatred. They killed him for no reason other than 'He saw our faces'. And she was gonna make them pay for it one way or another, that was for sure.

As she started to nod of into sleep, she heard a knock at the door and the words, "Hey, Aeris... uuuh... can I come in here?"

Aeris groaned in aggravation and did a motion with her hand, indicating a yes. He then came inside and sat down on the bed next to hers, and said, "So, uuuh... that was a thing that happened, wasn't it?"

"...You're kidding me, right? That wasn't, 'a thing'.", she said, slightly angered, "That was me getting results, and you not liking them."

Eli sighed, "Look, Aeris, I know that you're upset, and I am too. But torturing them isn't going to get us anywhere, alright? I mean, if we resort to their tactics, we're no better than they are. Nothing more than a bunch of killers and crooks. And speaking of which, we're getting rid of that money you took from the loan building."

Aeris scoffed, "Yeah, we're getting rid of it, alright. We're going to make this place more livable. Better bed, TV, paint, all that..."

Eli looked at her incredulously, "What are you thinking!? This isn't a video game, you can't just go into a menu and buy whatever the fuck you want and have it instantly appear! This is a temporary living arrangement, it always has been."

"Well, we need to do something.", she said, "This place isn't going to stay up forever, and a few facilities could use some upgrading."

Eli groaned, "Yes, they could. But that's dirty money. It needs to be given to the police."

"Why? So that it can be lost in the bureaucracy?", she said angrily, "No, we use this, and we end those fucking mobsters."

"We don't have to give it to the police then!", Eli pleaded, "We can just give it over to a charity or something, anonymously!"

Aeris glanced at Eli for a moment, frustrated... she then groaned out loud, and got off of the bed and walked over to the nearby bag, where all of the cash was being held. She picked it up, and walked back over to her bed, before sitting down and opening it, revealing the contents of the bag. Over a million dollars was in here, all of which were tightly packed in stacks of 100s... she then looked over to Eli and said, "We keep three-hundred thousand. Agreed?"

Eli stared at her intently before sighing and saying, "Fine... take out that much, and that much alone... I'm gonna look up a good charity, I'll see you later..."

And with that, Eli left, feeling rather miserable...

Aeris was silent, and after the black cat left, she began to count out the money, making sure that she would only take three-hundred thousand, as promised. She may have been angry at him, but she never went back on her word, not in a million years. Still, she wished that they could keep it all... but she supposed that it was going to a good cause... that Eli... she didn't know how he convinced her, but somehow he did, and now she was angry about it...

Honestly, she couldn't pin Eli in the slightest. He seemed to be really moralistic and goody-two-shoes, and yet he was seeking revenge against all of these people... she also wondered who that Lucy Carmichael girl was, and who she was to him... honestly, she didn't care, she just didn't wish that that cat was so mysterious, it was driving her nuts...

As she was sorting out the cash, Aeris heard her phone ring. With a deep breath she picked it up, and looked to see who was calling... Ashley again... she took another deep breath, and answered, "Hello?

"Aeris!? Oh thank God!", Ashley said with relief, "We were getting worried about you! We went to your apartment to check on you, and we couldn't find you! Where are you?"

"Don't worry.", Aeris said, slightly monotone, "I'm okay... I'm just taking a vacation for a while... not sure when I'll be back..."

"Oh... where are you?", Ashley asked.

Aeris sighed, "I'm still in Canada, don't worry... I'm just out of town. I went up to Ottawa... you know, to visit my parents..."

"Oh...", Ashley said, "Well... I'll be sure to call back later, okay?"

"Yeah... okay...", Aeris said quietly.

"...We're here for you if you want to talk, you know that right?", Ashley asked.

Aeris sighed, "Yeah, Ashley, I know... don't worry, I fine. Just give me some time to be with mom and dad, alright?"

Now Ashley sighed, "Yeah, alright... I'll see you later Aeris. Bye."

"Bye.", Aeris said, before hanging up and zipping up the bag of money, a pit in her stomach beginning to form... she hadn't thought about her friends for a while... what would she do when this was all over? After all, she had been so intent on killing Leo's murderer, she just... kind of stopped at what would happen after everything was all said and done. After all, even if what she was doing was justice, it was still illegal on multiple levels, and Aeris had just committed murder, arson, and theft all in the same day... could she just go back to her old life, her crimes written off? Or would she have to be on the run from the law for the rest of his life... she didn't know, but either way, there was no going back now... and she wasn't going to look back, not when they had just come so far. They were going to take down the mob if it was the last thing she did, and it very well might be at the rate they were going at.

"Here's the money.", Aeris said, flopping the duffle bag next to Eli, who was sitting on the couch.

"Good.", he said, "I've looked into a few charities we could give this money to. We'll at least be giving this money to people who deserve it."

Aeris didn't say anything and just sat down on the couch as well, watching the television along with the black cat... the news was on, saying how a building that was suspected to have mob ties was burnt down, and that it was suspected to be deliberate. Nobody got to the scene until well after the fire had engulfed the building. Witnesses weren't saying anything either, after having been proven that they had worked under one Lawrence 'Lobo' Durden, after the now captured loan shark admitted to every crime after being found in front of the police station with a severely broken foot.

Aeris couldn't help but smile to herself. They had just brought that man to justice, and she couldn't help but feel proud about it. After all, why wouldn't she? She was the one who had turned that whole fucking building into a pile of rubble, and helped to make it so that Durden would reveal everything that he knew about the mob operations.

"...I don't like that smile, Aeris...", Eli said, "That's the same smile that I picture MacCaffrey having when he gets a boatload of money..."

"Shut up Eli.", she said, her smile breaking and a scowl replacing it, "I'm just happy we got that bastard behind bars. I mean, he was real scum of the earth.

"You thought that Durden was bad?", Eli asked, "You ain't seen nothing yet, Aeris. Durden was fucking child's play compared to the hell that we're going to have to go through when we get to the rest of them."

Aeris scoffed, "It's still a victory. And hey, we made MacCaffrey's Christmas Card list shorter."

"Yeah, but we still got a few more people to bring in before we can even begin to consider touch MacCaffrey.", Eli rebutted.

"Whatever, Eli...", she said, "I'm done arguing. I just want to relax and forget about everything that's happened over the past few years..."

"How?", he asked, "By drinking?"

She glared at him.

"Yeah, I know about that little problem of yours. Ever since your friend died, you've been downing bottle after bottle. You need to detox."

"What?", she asked incredoulously, "I'm not an alcoholic."

"Say that to all of the money that you've spend in the last two years on booze.", Eli said, "Face it Aeris, you need to lay off the liqueur."

"Shut up!", she said, shooting up from off the couch, "I have no problems aside from you right now! I'm not an alcoholic, and I can control myself.", she then sighed, "I need a fucking drink..."

Eli looked at her incredulously, "You see?! You just said that you wanted a drink!"

"Because I'm stressed out, asshole!", she shouted, "You would be too if some holier-than-thou jack-off just decided to jump down your throat and tell you that you're wrong for liking to knock back a few shots to get rid of some stress!"

"What if you drink too much before a mission!?", he asked, "What if you get a hangover!? I'm depending on you, Aeris! I can't have you be hung over while we're trying to take down a huge criminal organization."

"I can handle myself!", she screamed, "I've been handling myself ever since I could live on my own!"

"Really!?", he screamed back, "Because last I saw of your place, it was filthy, full of bottles, and just all around fucking depressing!"

It was then that Aeris realized something, "Were you spying on me!?"

"No!", Eli shouted in anger, "I went over to your place while you were being all huffy up in your bedroom, and got you this!"

With that, he tossed her a backpack that was laying on the ground by his feet, toward Aeris, who grabbed it. She opened it, and inside there were a few things from her home. Some clothes, amenities, all of that. There was even a picture in a frame... a picture of her and Leo from all those years ago. Aeris didn't say anything, just zipping up the backpack before taking it into her bedroom and setting it down, before sitting down next to Eli. After a while, she said, "Alright... maybe I do have a problem..."


"...Look, I just needed... something to take the edge off of the pain, you know? I didn't want to do heroin or some shit like that, so... I just decided to do it with scotch..."

Eli seemed to be thinking for a moment, and sighed, "We're gonna have to get you detoxed until you can do anything else. At least until the symptoms start to go away."

"...I know what it'll be like.", Aeris said, "The shakes, the pain, all of that... you think that Yates can get some Valium or something, so that it'll at least be easier?"

"Well, he's a doctor, so, yeah. He'll also be here to supervise your recovery... it'll probably take a few days, at least. That'll give me time to plan and prepare. By the time that you're ready to get back on your feet, I'll have made a plan, and we can start it. That sound good?"

Aeris nodded... what was about to happen was not going to be any fun in the slightest... but hey, at least she wouldn't jeopardize herself or Eli...


"So, how much alcohol did you consume daily?", Yates asked, clipboard in hand.

Aeris closed her eyes to think, and said, "About a bottle daily... I barely even get drunk anymore, my body is so used to it..."

Yates wrote some things down, and said, "Well, it won't be easy, but with some supervision you'll be able to make it through. Also, you might want to get your liver checked in the future, we don't want you to have liver failure."

She sighed, "Just... how long?"

"Well, symptoms will usually persist from three to four days. By then, you should be past the worst of it. You might get a seizure around the second or third days, but I'll be here to make sure that you live."

Aeris didn't say anything... she just noticed how much her hands were shaking right now.

Yates looked down and saw them, "Ah, here we go. The shakes... well, you're about to start the whole detoxing process. You ready?"

...Aeris nodded, even though, in all honesty, she really wasn't.