After Edward and Cullen left Bella realized that Edward controled her life She has decided to move on. She didn't want to be that weak girl anymore She wanted to be a strong independent woman that makes her own decisions. She was enjoying her new life until Victoria and Laurent kidnapped her. pairing: Bella x Tanya

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Bella POV:

I was tied up in a house waiting for someone to come and save me . It's been a week since Victoria and Laurent kidnaped me when I was ready to leave forks for my dad safety. They took me somewhere far from forks in the woods, Victoria said she was waiting for Edward to come so he can watch me die you know

A mate for a mate.

It's been 4 months since they left me. I don't know why Im still counting the months. I shouldn't have interfere with the Cullen I should have seen the danger they would have brought to my life from the beginning, I should have thought of Charlie but its to late now they kidnapped me and I don't what's going to happen to me.

I don't want to be a vampire anymore, I don't want to live the rest of my life repeating school like the Cullen's. I want to grow up and live a happy life with someone that truely loves me, someone thats not edward The only feelings I have for Edward now is disgust. I realized who Edward was and he was a basturd ,For 3 weeks after Edward and his family left me I locked myself in my room, smiply because I didn't have anything to do.

I just stayed there locked in my room and started to think about what I did wrong in my relationships. Why was I not good enough I did everything he
asked me to, My whole world revolved around him and the Cullen's which made me realize that I let them rule my life .

Edward decides everything for me He wouldn't let me make my own decisions. He and the Cullen dictated my life and I was so obsessed with him that when he left i didnt know what to do, but I realized i have to move on for Charlie and for me.

I first started with school I started to socialize more with students I even started to take self-defense class. I didn't want to be that weak girl anymore.

Jacob and I started to hang out more than once a week now He even invited me in la push we would ride his motorcycle it was fun, Just enjoy life and beibg free do do as you please.

My life was going great These past three months I changed a lot The way I dress now for one, I started to wear more shorts than jeans I am now more adventurous and happy.

When I was with Edward he wouldn't let me do anything that could hurt me He treated like doll that any moment can break. I was now a new Bella Someone that i vould say im proud to be someone that was not a doormat, someone who could defend herself who was independent and someone who is ready to fight my own battle in my life.

When I was driving late one night I saw the redhead vampire looking at me. She was in the trees following me, I could only thank God I wasn't the only car on the road that night cause I knew If I was the only car on the road I swear she was going to attack me.

It was a week later that I decided that I can't and shouldn't be in Forks anymore. I was putting Charlie's life in danger atleast In phoenix it would be harder for vampires to live . After all It is a sunny city and that's where I was going I told Charlie that I wanted to visit Renee, Charlie was suspicious but he said it was okay with it Because there wasn't any important lessons from school that I was going to be missing, I was driving to the airport when I had to stop by gas stations then suddenly. Victoria attacked me I tried to scream for help but her hand was already on my mouth, She brought me into the woods until we stopped By a small house I then saw Laurent he was the one to open the door of the house and pull me inside. He tied my legs and my arms with a rope I choosed to stay quiet because vampires can kill humans very easily.

I get thinner every day after the first two days I felt like I was going to die on the third day Victoria bit me on my shoulder not enough to kill me but so I can have venom in my body. I passed out for hours when I was awake I realized a bit stronger all my sense finer now, I could smell things better My hearing was a little bit stronger Im still sure that I am not a vampire because I slept that day.

The next day I woke to the most delicious smell I smelled it was strong and delicious that I wanted to tasted it, Victoria saw my urge to taste the blood She came with a human body that was almost dead he had blood everywhere on his body. I didn't wanted to be a murderer but the urge was to strong so I drank the blood from his body. The blood was delicious. . Every time I saw Victoria finishing her meal I wanted some of the blood, Victoria knew that I wanted the blood sometimes she would give me a little blood but she wanted me to suffer, so she would give me some but most times she didn't give me any blood.

After about one week atleast it felt like a week I saw Victoria running from the house and Laurent body came flying in the house. Then I saw three Blonde's vampire attack him they took his heads off and then set him on fire.

I didn't know what was happening so I played dead I know that was stupid because the vampire can hear my heart beat. But there wasn't anything that I can do I couldn't run from them cause im still tied up all i could do was wait, I could hear them coming for me.

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