Bella POV

I was preparing my dinner after that wildnight with Tanya in the bathroom.

I felt someone else in the room. I felt them watching me.I acted like I didn't notice.

The steps were closer.

When they came closer I reacted, putting my hand around their throat and pulling them down.

"Bella, what the hell are you doing? That's Carmen!" Irina said.

Carmen took adventage of my distraction and pulled away, moving to stand farther away.

"Why were you trying to attack me?" I asked, glaring at her.

"I was just watching you" She said.

"Well I don't like to be spied on" I said still glaring at her.

"You were right, she does have an attitude" She must have a lot courage to say that.

"Bella, she is a member of our coven. She didn't have any bad intentions" Irina said.

"Where is Tanya?" I asked, looking around as if any minute she would appear.

"She had some things to do." Irina said.

I nodded and took my breakfast up to my room.

"Does she have trust issues?" I heard Carmen say.

I glared at her so she could see that I heard her.

I decided to stay in my room until Tanya comes .Why would she leave me without even saying goodbye. Is she trying to pull an Edward? No Bella don't think that, she is nothing like him.

Irina knocked on my door.

"Come in" I said .At least she could distract me.

"Carmen wants to meet you" Irina said.

"Why?" I asked.

"You are the mate of the coven leader." Irina replied

"Is she like your mother or something. like Esme?" I asked.

"Of course not, we are grown woman. The last we need is someone controlling us or telling us what we do"Irina said.

"So that is why you guys are so messed up" I joked with her.

"I think the only one who needs adult supervision is you Bella, I don't how you live with yourself" Irina said.

"What is her role then, the family maid?" I said.

She swatted me on the back of my head "Don't talk bad about her, she's a friend" Irina said with a glare.

"Okay, sorry, but she asked if I have trust issues. I am offended by that". If Tanya was there she would have defended me. She would even kick Carmen out of her house. No I doubt that she would she just agree with her.

"Bella, you do have trust issues. Do you know how many time we had to tell you we didn't have bad intentions the first time we met you?" Irina said .Yeah, sure, now she tells me this. She never complained before. Well, now that I think about it, she has. I just ignored her.
"How many more issues do you think I have?" I asked. frowning at her.

"I have them all written in my book, do you you want to see it?" Irina said with serious face. I thought she was joking.

"If you have a problem with me you could have just said it. "

"You know, you're right, do you have an hour free ?" Irina asked.

"Don't you have a girlfriend to take care off?" I said, changing the subject

"She is looking for work. She doesn't like stating here doing nothing." Irina said.

"I wish I could go out" I said, laying back on the bed and watching the ceiling.

"Be patient."She said, joining me.

"How is Leah doing?" I was curious .They were private about their relationship.

"Our relationship is not easy, but we are both going to work for it" Irina said.

"But she is happy right ?"I asked curiously

"Worried about your crush?" She said with an eybrow raised.

"Former. I see her now as a friend" I said.

"You cared about her a lot. She cares about you too, you know that right?" Irina asked.

"Yeah, promise me you will always treat her right" I said looking at her to let her now I was serious.

"I promise" Irina replied.

"On what base or you guys on?" I am going to act like she did when I was beginning my relationship with Tanya.

"That is not your business" Irina said.

"Look who is talking, the one we talked to me about being intimate with Tanya"I said

"You guys are public about your relationship, we are not "Irina said

"I have rights to know what my friend and my sister are doing" I want to buzz about something. I didn't have many things to do in the house. They can at least let me experience the Romeo and Juliet in the house .The werewolf and the Vampire struggling to be together.

"I am your big sister so you should follow my orders"Irina said with authority.

"Like you do that to Tanya?" When they accepted me in their house there wasn't any agreement that I had to listen to them.

"I am a more than thousand years old, I don't need to take anyone's orders" She said.

"Your mother is downstairs waiting for you" I said.

"There is no the parents in this family!" Irina exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air.

"She looks just like Esme" I said.

"Don't compare us with the Cullen, we are nothing like them. You don't see us playing parents around here or going to school or living in the human society."Irina said

"Do I have to meet Carmen?" I asked.

"Bella, she is in the coven too, so yes." Irina said.

"I am going to intruduce myself to her when Tanya is here" I said stubbornly.

"Or I could force you to meet her now" She said.

I saw the determination in her eyes.

I stood up from the bed "This is abuse, you know that."

"Take it as you will "Irina said.

"You're forcing me to talk to her" I said.

"Can you stop being a baby and come down?" Irina said.

"I hope Leah comes as soon as she can, at least that will distract you from annoying other people "I said walking out of the room

"I don't think I will never get tired of messing with you "She said put her hands around my shoulder .

Carmen was sitting in the kitchen

"Hi "I said

"I am Carmen, I didn't get to introduce myself "She said and holding out her hand for a handshake.

Irina nudged me to do it too. I did it

"I am Bella "I said

There was an awkward silence .I heard Tanya and Kate coming ."I am going to go see if they need anything "I said walking away but Irina hold me

"You are not going anywhere, you have to take care of your responsibility as the leader's mate "Irina said

Carmen laughed at me.

"You don't need to be frightened of me young one"

"I am not frightened of you in anyway" I said

"Okay let's go in the living room so we can talk and get to know more about each other" Carmen said.

"I am not going anywhere" I said stubornly.

I saw Tanya and Kate came in.

Carmen and Irina look frustrated at me.

"I see the brat has been giving you trouble" Kate said.

"She attacked me" Carmen was accusing of something that she did.

"Bella why would you do that?" Tanya said taking Carmen side.

"You don't even listen to my part of the story, you only listen to her. You know what, I am out of here." I said trying to get way butt Irina held my hand.

"Do you alway have to be so dramatic?" Kate said.

I huffed

"Let's go to the living room" Tanya said.

Irina let go of me. I walked to Tanya."You could have left me a message" I said.

"I am sorry, Kate and I were in a hurry, I forgot"She said

"Don't let it happen again" I said.

"So bossy " She teased me.

"Look who is talking" I said.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today" Kate said, sitting in the couch.

"No I think it's her period"Irina smirked at me.

"I don't smell blood" Tanya said sniffing.

"Guys stop, you are traumatizing her" Carmen said.

"I am used to them, they don't surprised me anymore" I said.

Tanya pulled me on her lap.

"So you are the famous Bella, I heard so much about you" Carmen said.

"From who?" I replied, because if she heard from the Cullens then she should have expected that I am nothing like that anymore.

"From these woman" Carmen said.

"Don't believe anything you hear, especially from some people" I said, pointing to Tanya, Irina and Kate.

Tanya tickled me.

"When is Leah going to show up?" Carmen asked looking at Irina.

"At noon" Irina said with a frown.

"Feeling separation

Mar 11Really sorry it took this long, I got distracted and forgot. This is the first part, I'm half way through the second.

Mar 14"Bella I am not in the mood right now to have that discussion with you" Irina.

"So when are you going to change?" Carmen asked.

"We have been so busy with planning how to attack Victoria and the newborns we forgot." Tanya said.

"Eleazar will be here next week, so he can help you guys" Carmen replied.

"Wait, I thought my change is going to be easy since I am a half vampire"I looked at Tanya, waiting for response.

"Yes, it is going hurt less, but I don't know how it is going to be dealing with you as a newborn" Tanya said trying to calm me down.

"Look Bella, you don't have anything to worry about" Irina smiled at me.

"Unless Tanya bites you like one of her delicious meals" Of course it was Kate.

I glared at her "Prepare yourself guys, when I become a vampire nobody will want to mess with me "I said with pride.

They laughed at me. Unbelievable.

Even Tanya. And I thought we were supposed to defend each other.

"If we change you next month will you be okay with it?" Tanya asked me.

"Yes, I will be okay, do you want to go upstairs?" I asked, anxious for more time with her.

"Bella later. I want to talk with Carmen first, it has been months still we've last seen each other "She said, ignoring my pout.

I looked at Irina and Kate.

"What about you guys?" I wanted to do something.

"Hey I am not in the mood to have sex with you right now." Kate said. Why would she think I want sex with her?

"I don't think Leah would like that" Irina said, with no sign that she was joking.

Tanya glared at me. Is she thinking I'm asking to have sex with her sisters?

"Are you're minds always in the gutter? I meant if you want to just hang out" Do I always have to explain things like that?

I try to stand up but Tanya held me down" You can stay with me and Carmen."

"Okay" I said. I cannot say no to that face

One month has passed. Carmen and Eleazar came to our house often. They were interested in getting to know me and Leah. I got the chance to know them. Eleazar is like a professor. Many times when he began to talk about science or supernatural creatures he spend hours talking about them with words I didn't even understand. I gave up trying to follow his conversation.

The first time he met he told me my power is a shield, and that is why Edward couldn't read my mind.

He told me I had a magnificent gift and should learn how to use it. When I become a vampire I will be able to work on my power.

Tomorrow Tanya is going to change me.

I woke up and found Tanya, her sisters, Alice, and Rose in my room. When did Rose and Alice come anyway?

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked. I had learned vampires don't know the word privacy.

"You are going to be changed tomorrow, we came to prepare you, everything is going to be okay" Alice answered, going to Tanya and I's closet.

"By going through my things?" I said standing up.

"We want you to enjoy your last day before becoming a full vampire, none of us had that chance"Irina said putting two pairs of clothes for me to wear.

"So what special stuff are you going to do today. Are one you are my slave for today?" I asked, hoping for it to be true.

"No" Tanya said rolling her eye.

"I know, you finally do that thing that I asked to do with you when we are, you know..." I said smirking at Tanya.

"Bella the more you are with these guys the more you act like them" Rose said, pointing at Tanya and her sisters.

"We at least we treat her like grown up, not like a baby who needs to be protected from the word and herself "Kate said harshly.

What Kate said made Alice sad.

"Look Kate I know you're nervous about changing her completely, but can you please not take it out on everybody?" Tanya scolded at her.

"Okay, sorry, but can we get on with this?" Kate said. Leah came in the room.

"What is going on here?" She asked sleepily.

"We wanted to make this day special for Bella, she is going to be a vampire tomorrow"Irina answered Leah.

Leah didn't talk much to the Cullens. When I told her the whole story she didn't want anything to do with them .

I think Leah saw Tanya as a new Sam, since Tanya is the leader of this coven. Leah hated Sam for what he had done to her. She told us she promised herself to not let anyone rule her life like when she was in La Push.

Tanya felt threatened by her because of my relationship with Leah, even if we didn't get far.

But later there was less tension between them. Leah knew that she couldn't judge Tanya without even knowing her. I told her to get to know her and she will see that Tanya was not like them. Tanya realized that she was not going to act like others of the coven and she knew she had to accept the mate of her sister.

"Why didn't I hear about it?" Leah asked.

"You were sleeping"Tanya said discreetly.

She is the leader of the coven and it wasn't clear if Leah wants to be a part of our coven or not.

"I am still waiting for you guys to tell me what you want to do" I said impatiently.

"You don't have lessons with Irina today, that is our surprise "Kate said, going through my journal.

I took my journal out of her hand "Why is that when it comes to me you're always so cheap?" I said with glare at Kate and Irina.

"Calm down Bella, she is joking with you, we want to to do a get together, that is how you teenagers call it, isn't it?" Irina said looking at Leah.

"Yes honey." She said, kissing Irina

"Please, guys, stop it, it's not cool "I said. They stopped and looked at me with annoyed faces.

"I want you to have the time of your life. We wanted to do a little get together with the people you care about. Emmett and Jasper are downstairs, and Esme and Carlisle decided to stay with Edward back home. Don't worry, this day is all about you "Tanya said with a smile

"As it always has to be" I said with confidence. Everybody roll their eyes at me.

The day is going to be great. Esme and Carlisle stay with Edward. Apparently he is mourning of over the death of my soul tomorrow, and that I am going to be a monster like him.

Me and Tanya were out night alone in the backyard, sitting on the ground looking at the stars .Just like she wanted.

"Are you happy with this life?" She asked me.

"Yes, as long are you in it." I said to her.

"You know before you came in my life I thought I was not meant to be with someone, but when you came you changed everything. You let me feel young with your young energy. You brought a new life in, our sisters see you as a new little sister, and Carmen and Eleazar see you as a student who they learn from too "Tanya said.

"Why are you saying these things?" I asked.

"Because I wanted to see how important you are to me and my family. I hope you stay the same person that you are now "She said and kissed me.

"You change my life too you know .You taught me to love the right way. I learned that if I want someone to love me, I have to love yourself. Learned to work with each other and learned that everybody had their opinions. I love you with all my heart Tanya, and I hope we stay with each other forever" I said.

She pulled me down and kissed me. "Are you ready for this life as a vampire?"

"Not only as a vampire but as your mate " I said. I knew that I was ready for this.