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"You're leaving?!"

Abe's words echoed through my heads like bullets. I felt like dying and I was making it to obvious, because Abe smacked my head with his glove.

"I'm not leaving you idiot! It's just for the season!"

I was sweating like crazy. I understood that he wasn't quitting the team, but I cant pitch with anyone but Abe. I felt that my whole world would freeze over if Abe wasn't squatting on Catcher's mound, giving me signals.

Abe sighed. "I know you're bummed about it but it can't be helped. If I don't do this operation, I can never catch for you again!"

I avoided looking him in the eye, and gripped my glove. "B-but! The operation is tomorrow! The season doesn't start till next week! Cant you make it?"

"Are you an idiot? It'll take weeks for recovery, have you ever got surgery on your spine? No."

He was right. I am an idiot. But I was so reluctant to accept that Abe was not going to be here for me my second year of high school, I felt like the excitement of playing with my team again was overwhelming, and now this? I felt the tears escape my eyes and abe was getting mad at me for crying.

"Listen, you've got the other team members as well. Tajima agreed to catch for me while I'm gone, so you'll be good as long as you don't throw off his signs. Well you could occasionally, but ONLY when the situation is right. And also, make sure you guys memorize my pitching planner, but make sure it's not too obvious to the other teams." Abe started walking. "Remember, my flight is tomorrow morning at 8, don't forget."

I gulped. I couldn't believe it. I was so used to counting on Abe that I didn't realize that I was really useless without him. Without Abe, I probably wouldn't have redeemed myself my freshman year. It was him who brought back my willpower. He helped me achieve so many things. And now he's going to be gone for our last season together? Does he even know this?

"Listen up boys, with Abe gone with his surgery, we will have to work just as hard. With or without him we are a great team, and even though this may be his season together with us we have to make it count!"Momoe chants, as they all gather at the center of outer field during morning practice.

Izumi sighs. "It wont be the same. What's the point of playing the season if we don't have our catcher?

"Tajima is substituting." Sakaeguchi mentions.

"But catching isn't my forte." Tajima interjects. "We'd be better off if we got a new catcher."


Everyone turns to me. "W-we cant replace Abe! I-i.." I gulp back my tears. "I wont catch for anyone else!"

Momoe sighs and pats my back. "I don't want to break it to you buddy, but this is may be Abe's last season. If Abe cant play, and if we don't have a catcher, we cant play either."

My fingers are shaking. What's the point of pitching if I can't do it with Abe?

"Are you serious? You would give up the season for Abe?"Mizutani asks me, with an angry tone.

Tajima hands me a juice. "Listen Mihashi, as much as we like Abe we need to accept he wont be playing this season. Things happen."

"Yeah, your bromance needs to end Mihashi. You need to realize that without Abe you are just as great." Hanai says.

I felt the tears rush down my cheeks like the bullets of Abe's words. As much as I want to accept it, a part of me wants Abe to always catch for me until the end of time. I don't want Abe to leave. I don't want him to go overseas and get his operation.

Momoe was laying under the morning sun the next day, it was an hour after Abe's flight and she was sure the boys had gone to say goodbye this morning.

"Too bad, huh," She said to her dog. "We made such great team. If one team member falls into a river, the others fall down with him. I hope that's not true."

"Give it back!"


Momoe looked over her shoulder to see what seemed like a fight between high school students.

"Are you serious? This early. Guess I better do something." Just when Momoe grabs her bat, there's a sound that sounded like a swing.

"Try taking it from me now!"

"Damn you."

Momoe watches three boys run off towards the school, and a girl with shoulder length blonde hair stands with a bat in her hand. She was wearing the school uniform, and her stance was not feminine.

"Hey, mind telling me what just happened here?" Momoe approaches her.

She's standing there, pivots her left foot to the direction of where she swung her bat. She runs full speed, carefully not trampling over the arable that Tajima's grandfather farmed.

"That was rude."

A ball appears in the distance getting closer, and closer, until Momoe is sure it's directed towards her, she grabs her glove and jumps just high enough to catch the full. She pivots her right foot so that she doesn't slip or hit the ground.

Then the girl is seen running back, and in seconds, she slides in, her sneakers squeaking against the road.

"Is this yours?"Momoe asks.

"Yeah." She says. Slightly out of breath. "They were trying to take my baseball."

"I see." She sizes the girl. She doesn't look masculine, but she was flat as a board. "What's your name?"

"Suzuki Oshima."

"Are you doing any sports?"


Momoe didn't understand. She was either a track runner or a softball player, but the girl didn't seem to play anything.

"Come here."

"Yo Coach!" Hanai checks the dugout for any signs that the coach is here.

"Listen, run this entire baseball field as much as you can."

"I'll be late for school."

"I'll give u pass."

Hanai was wondering what was going on, until he saw Momoe with a girl out on the field. Isnt that Suzuki Oshima from the freshman class?

After a while Hanai decides to approach them. "How long has she been running?"

"Thirty minutes straight."

"No way! Has she even stopped once?"

"Nope. "Momoe says, grinning. "Ive been watching her. She started off at full speed and covered forty laps in under five minutes. She never stopped, but she slowed her pace a bit when she got to fifty, then returned to full speed at seventy. She started sweating at around 127 laps and 22 minutes in. This girl exceeds farther than expected from someone with her stature and without any sign of muscle."

Hanai watched Suzuki who past by them six times as Momoe spoke. "How is that possible?"

"Yo! Oshima! You can stop now."

Suzuki slows her pace and pivots her feet to land directly in front of them. She wasn't panting as hard as one usually should when they have run for so long and at full speed.

"Oshima, you better tell me the truth now. Have you been in any sports?"

Suzuki looked at her, then wiped her sweat. "I told you im not in any club."

"That's not possible! Have you been a track runner?" Hanai asks.


Suzuki was starting to get on their nerves. There's no way the girl could be this talented and not in any athletic club. She must have atleast trained somewhat. Then it hit Momoe. If the girl can run two hundred laps in thirty five minutes full speed without stopping, her legs must be the strongest point on her body. She also swung at a ball with a wooden bat at a great distance, then swung it back with the exact same distance covered.

"I think I just had the craziest idea."

"What is it?" Hanai asks.

"Suzuki Oshima may be the right person we need for the team."

"What?!" Hanai retorts. "No way! A girl on our team? Do you know how wrong that is in so many ways?!"

Momoe turns to Hanai. "Do you want to play this season at Nishiura or do you not? Last year we didnt gain a single member even after the fame we gained."

Hanai jolts. She was right. It was their season to make it count, and this girl was their only hope. Hanai knew Tajima wasn't the one indicated to catch for Nishiura, but a girl at that! Even he had a better chance!
"How about Oshima? Wanna join the baseball team?"

Suzuki picked up her baseball. "No. I don't want to be in any clubs."

Momoe was getting annoyed. "Think about it! If you can withstand running for so long, your legs are just as strong to squat as a catcher! You need to join!"

Suzuki turned on her feet. "Like buzz just said, I'm a girl and I cant join this team."

"Buzz?!"Hanai replies.

"Just come to practice tomorrow! Just one practice that's all we'll ask for!"

Suzuki looks at Hanai, still insulted by the nickname she gave him. "I'll come . But just for one day. Im a busy person."

Momoe throws a fist pump. "Yeah! You wont regret it!"

Hanai sighs. What's going to become of this season?