Chapter One

The night with the potters

"Have you heard of the woman that can reap your soul?" 'Tyler' man asked his associate, 'Harvey', walking next to him. the names where probably wrong but it didn't matter to the person watching them.

"You mean like the grim reaper?" 'Harvey' asked.

"Yeah," 'Tyler' said. "I heard, that if someone is dying in your house that she manifests as that person, then when they die, she rips apart the person from the inside."

"Well, I heard she's an adolescent that was murdered by a vampire and searches the living for the vampire's victims and servants."

"Wow. that would explain why The Reaper is so violent when killing all those people." 'Tyler' said

The two wizards walked by the local café. Neither, of the associates in robes notices the small girl looking no older than eleven sitting outside even in the cold holding a cup of tea in her hand. The petite girl seemed to be trying to act' grown-up' having a suit on with a tie and with an ebony vest underneath. Her green-yellow eyes watched as the two men parted ways going to their separate homes on different streets. She had heard the last of the conversation that the two adults were trading roomers.

She snorted and sipped the tea.

'Typical mortals,' she whispered aloud she then contemplated the command that was given to her early this morning by the ever persistent, workaholic, William T. Spears;

Miss Roxanne Mbarim," Mr. Spears started hands laced together "In the approximately sixty years that you have served as a London Dispatch retrieval division you have never gotten the chance to protect the soul of a wizard."

'And' Roxanne Mbarim said impatiently. She stood across the room arms crossed the undeveloped chest that she was stuck with, her foot tapping. That act had gotten Mr. Spears's hedge- clippers to her forehead.

'Ow." Roxanne yelped then positioned herself, hands above her head, if he decided that one stroke from across the room wasn't enough

"I Am briefing you on your responsibility out in the field. You- "

"Must handle them with Utmost care, I know" Roxanne interrupted her superior Mr. Spears swung his scythe again. This time she ducked and dodged the elder grim reapers weapon with little help from her basic saw scythe

"I should have you punished for your wit and tongue Ms. Mbarim." William said and swung his weapon the small petite death god avoided his tool, somersaulting around the room as Mr spear turned to his violent personal punishments twirled around the room after her.

"Will~" Grell Scuttlclif squealed, bursting into the room. The scythe that was, directed at the child from reaper, changed targets to the Red-haired reaper that burst into the room. Grell had entered the room without knocking.

Grell saw the scythe moving towards him and ducked.

"Will that was mean. It took me hours to get it perfect for you."

"If you're going to enter a room; then knock before you enter." William chastised the redhead that was on the ground.

"Why did Willam demand that I only collect two souls and spend time in the human world. Roxann thought. She looked over the three black papers with different pictures. One of a man with black hair his name James Potter, one of a red-haired woman that had green eyes, Lilly Evens Potter, one Tom Marvolo Riddle and the final of the child Harry.

'I hate them' Roxanne thought. She was seeing as all of them were wizards. She read their deaths. "Killed by unknown magic' 'Useless' she thought. she read Harry j Potters fate determined to face against Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Voldemort'

His Fate determined that tonight, she would be reaping the souls of Lily Evans, Potter, and James Potter. She waited anxiously, on top of the house across from the Potters, for her superior officer, he was late, as usual. The Potters Home had a faint blue sphere that she could see out of the corner of her eye. She held her scythe her fingers playing on the handle to a rhythm of their own.

There came a click on the shingles of the house's roof. She didn't have to look to know it was her superior officer, Grell Sutcliff. In his red glory.

"Took you long enough, Mr. Sutcliff," She said, turning around to greet the redhead, "I have been waiting out here for five hours." the very young looking Reaper checked her wristwatch, "Good thing that spell is still up. Or else I would have had to start without you."

"Roxy that's mean," Grell whined, "Will~ wouldn't let me leave 'till ALL of the paperwork was completed."

"He does get like that sometimes." Roxann could remember her first time out and the outcome. After, she had Sleep the day away. The next day William practically killed her for not turning her paperwork in. She shivered at the thought.

"We should get inside the barrier" Grell suggested.

"Already tried that, or would you like to try yourself and after failing, have me read one of the Potter's books to explain why?" Roxann asked pulling out James Potter's book from her inside coat pocket.

"No thanks," Grell said backing away from the bound book from the Library.

"Suit yourself." Roxann shrugged, sitting down again on the rooftop shingles. She opened the book to the bookmarked page. The truth was she lied about trying; she just knew that Grim reapers could pass through any Wizard enhancements. The thing with wizards was unpredictable in the death days mainly because the Reapers never understood the wizarding world or the limits. That didn't matter while reading the to die man named James Potter.

Lily and James stood in Dumbledore's office. Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew were both there.

"Have you made your decision?" Albus Dumbledore asked. Lily and James looked at each other.

"Yes," James said, "We think that the Fidelius Charm secret-keeper should be Sirius."

"Is that your final decision?"

"Yes," Lily said softly

"No!" Sirius shouted. Everyone looked at him, "I'm sorry James. It's just that; you can't trust me this time. I'm too obvious of choice. Voldemort will come after me. I think that Peter should be the secret keeper." Sirius pointed at Peter. The mousy man looked startled.

"I never thought of it that way."James said putting his hand to his chin in thought, "To trust the least likely person with the life-saving secret. I agree with Siris; Peter should be the secret keeper."

James saw Lily smile in agreement with him. Dumbledore also agreed though he didn't say it, his eyes twinkled. Peter walked up the stairs-

There was a loud crack, ending Roxann's solitude reading. Grell practically leaped out of the corset he was wearing. Code for he slipped on a shingle and almost, fell off the roof. Thankfully Roxann caught the end of the red, Victorian women's coat. Once Grell had his balance on top of the roof again.

"That sounded close, but not close enough for human hearing," Roxann said.

"That's my Roxy~," Grell said. he was Trying to hug the child looking Reaper.

"Mr. Sutcliff stop it, we might fall off the roof!" Roxann shoved the elder reaper off of her.

"Fine!"Grell pouted. Roxann held her head, most of the time she felt like she was the one in charge or at least older than the 200-year-old.

"Well then, come on ," Roxann smiled, "I've got a soul to catch."

She leaped off the roof. She was landing just outside the Potter estate. Grell fell just outside as well. The almost invisible blue tinted veil seemed to know they were coming. It swirled in anticipation of the death of the people it was protecting. Roxann's gloved hand hesitantly touched it. It gave a shock like she just stepped into the Reaper Library, then started rippling around her hand.

"Cool~," She sang and hopped over the fence.

"Roxy?" Grell entered the magic barrier,

"You lied about how easy it was to get in." Grell took a motherly stance about to lecture Roxanne about how not to lie to your 'mother.' She heard a flap of a wizard cloak, in the nearby grove of trees.

"Shut it," Roxann snapped. Diving behind the stone wall and pulling Mr. Sutcliff with her, for more covered observation. Seeing a cloaked figure glide above the ground like a snake she knew who that was it was the man Tom Marvolo. He proceeded from the dark grove on to the paved street. Approaching the gate unhindered by the spell he stood next to the entrance, she caught a glimpse of two slits almost hidden under the hood.

The Fidelius Charm dome suddenly shattered. Not harmful in any way, but it was cool. The cloaked figure entered the front gate. Tom Marvolo Riddle had just declared an attack, all by himself, on the Potter household.

Both reapers in heels had not been seen by the inhuman, indeed death-defying, wizard. 'Thank you reaper abilities.' Roxann thought to herself, then followed behind the un-man to the door. Roxann held her, yet to be upgraded death scythe in hand at the ready. Grell did the same, his chainsaw glinting menacingly in the crescent moonlight.

The Potter's door was blasted off its hinges by a spell. Lily and James who was in the sitting room listening to the reports on wizard radio watching their son. They knew who it was, both of them pulled out their wands at the ready.

"Lily, take Harry up to the nursery. I'll cover for you." James said. Lily did just that, as the dark lord and he dueled. James blocked the possibility of Voldemort getting up the stairs.

Roxann checked her watch; two minutes, past eight. The green spell was cast flying through the air. It hit the young adult wizard square in the chest, and he slumped to the floor.

The Dark wizard ascended the stairs. Grell took care of James. Roxann would do Lily Potter and Harry Potter. She followed behind Voldemort walking up the stairs. She caught a glimpse of Lily holding Harry and closing the nursery door. This was a futile act with a bam. The door was in fragments.

"Step aside woman you're not the one I am after." Voldemort hissed

"No!" Lily said. "I would rather die than let my son" Voldemort could

"Suit yourself, Mudblood. Avada Kedavra! "He shouted. Roxanne felt nothing for the mortar that fell and went to work on harvesting the mortal's soul. Slashing open her memories from Lily's chest. Cinematic records flowing into Roxann's saw type scythe. She turned back to the scene at hand.

Voldemort stood over the young Harry Potter. Harry Potter was not supposed to die at night. The dark wizard's bony, shaped wand seemed like nothing compared to her scythe. She had several choices to make to make sure that the boy's body lives.

Just as she going through the possibilities in her hears faintly "goodbye Harry Potter, The chosen one." Roxann snaps out of her thoughts and looks up. She decided on the first option that popped into her head; break the wand.

"Avada Kedavra" Voldemort shouted. Her immortal body felt like it weighed a ton as she leaped the short distance to slice the wand in two. The spell started traveling down the length of the wand just as she was beginning her uppercut. The spell was about halfway through the wand when the scythe connected. Instead of breaking in two it didn't get more than an eighth of an inch to reach the core. A shock went down her arm, the spell within the core of the wand continued firing out on to Harry the boy got hit dead on the forehead. That's when something unexpected from Harry's forehead exploded in magic and Roxann's scythe.

Roxann felt like she was burning as she flew backward hitting the walls that were fell unconscious, after thinking the most foolish though. 'Am I dying?'

~a few minutes later~

Roxanne's eyes opened. Her entire body felt like a stone. her shoulder still felt like it was burning and her entire vision was red she felt her head for any injuries

"Roxy!" the familiar voice screamed in her ear. she was hugged in a tight squeeze.

"Not so tight. Not so tight," she whispered her voice hoarse and dry.

"Sorry you're injured," the red man said backing off.

"Burning in my shoulder what is it?" Roxann groaned

"That dark wizard's wand. I Pulled it out just a few moments ago." Grell held out the bone shaped, Wight wood grain felt the burning in her shoulder lessen. She grabbed the wand and tossed it in the direction of the Potter house.

"Thanks, Grell, we should get out of here before the Wizards start arriving. Our shift is over anyway in." Roxanne checked her watch. "four and a half minutes."

Grell suddenly hugged her breath away.

"Too Tight, too tight!" she gasped.

"I was worried when I heard the explosion upstairs," Grell said holding the newer reaper at arm's length.

"And you called me Grell~" Grell tapped her nose.

'shoot I broke department code' Roxanne released and scolded herself.

"don't worry I won't tell Will~," Grell said swooning the name. Grell lifted the injured goddess from the ground. Her world spun around her. Roxanne leaned herself on Mr. Sutcliff

"Well that's a much-required trip to the medical ward," Roxanne sarcastically said "they don't get many visitors. yeah."

The two grim reapers walked into the glowing portal to take them back to their world of the defined plane cut building like stone skyscrapers, and clean, Wight halls and offices.