Chapter Eight

The Demond in the Forest

It had been eight days, and Roxanne had kept an eye on The Slytherin Sixth year Goddess Giniver Yaxley for that amount of time as much as her schedule had aloud, and Roxanne had found nothing. She had even watched her for a night just because Roxanne wanted to be sure that the Perfect perfect snuck out at night when she was not on patrol leading up to the evening hours and the restricted times of the night.

Roxanne stomped into the common room where Draco was awake. Roxanne didn't have time to stylize her shorter hair, so it was just a mess of bedhead.

"What happened to you," Malfoy asked.

"Yaxley doesn't have anything on her, and it's only been a week," Roxanne said her sleepless nights already taking a toll on her body, as grim reapers needed sleep even if they were divine beings.

"Well, its only been a week since Halloween where a troll was let into the dungeon."

'The wizard must have changed their numbers and had felt the loss of control on the other trolls.'Roxanne thought

"Well, the professor seems to think of you more highly," Pansy said pulling up the essay that she wrote two days ago and missed class to sleep, so she asked Malfoy to hand it in. Roxanne saw that grade at the top of it it was what she assumed to be equivalent to an A or an A+ as the O was scrawled at the top of the parchment.

"That essay is garbage and needs to burn," Roxanne said. The Tool took the parchment form Pansy and started reading over the contents of the essay.

"This is good your stating things that I didn't even think about," Malfoy said. "This could be, submitted to the Potinous Potions, and you could make a lot of money, off of this theory."

"They aren't a theory if you had read the assignment and tested it you would understand the effects of a daylily fruit when put into a potion properly" Roxanne grasped the parchment and crumpled it And tossed it over her shoulder towards where the rubbish bin was located in the common room.

Malfoy and Pansy's faces instantly turned to horror and fear as if they were caught stealing cookies. Roxanne only dared to look behind her. Then she turned she saw the Queen diva her self-picking up Roxanne's essay and uncrumpled it. She walked over to the three first years.

Her eyes were trailing over the three of them expressly Roxanne.

"Did you drop something?"Guinevere asked Roxanne held out her hand.

"Yes, it seems that I miscalculated the trash," Roxanne said sarcasm dripping from every word her contacted eyes narrowing. If Malfoy didn't already know that Roxanne was trying to destroy the woman's reputation, he would have assumed by the way she talked to the prefect he would be expecting to her to throw out a due to the woman.

"I expect better from the best performing Slytherin in the first year it will only be a point form Slytherin, but if I see this behavior again, detention would be, expected."

"Congratulations on the O In potions," The Perfect Girl said placing the parchment in Roxanne's hand and glid away from the trio.

"Giniver Yaxlily is so perfect as an angel." Pansy sighed," and she talked to us."

"That went better than expected, "Draco said. Draco seemed stunned by the encounter he expected blood to be everywhere; he sighed in relief, Roxanne appeared to have contained herself. When he looked over at the fellow first-year, Roxanne was shuddering.

"Roxanne are you okay?" Draco questioned.

"That girl makes me so angry." Roxanne Hissed to herself that seemed as away from the complete outburst. And she then proceeded to tear up her essay that the lines where excellently written lines and paragraphs. Draco decided that the best thing to do was drag the girl away from the common room where Yaxley was eating the specialized meal that she ordered from the kitchen. Draco noticed that the girl that Roxanne had introduced to him was sitting next to Yaxley and writing on parchment. She looked to be transcribing whatever Yaxley was saying.

Perplexed he continued to escort the strange girl out of the common room but not before bundling up. The cold had started to set in, and Roxanne didn't seem to be bothered by it when he offered her a scarf.

"So is there a reason that you're targeting Yaxley?" Malfoy questioned as he led her through the hallway around the courtyard

"Other than?"Roxanne rebuked. Crossing her arms leaning against the archway her eyes staring judging at him. Draco then realized that her eyes were different not because the irises hidden by contact lenses but because they were older than they should be.

"Other than wanting to destroy someone's reputation," Malfoy said.

"You've never seen an American coming of age movie, Yaxily is the Queen Bee of the school and if she wants someone destroyed she does so." Roxanne said, "and I'm her target but Yaxily is Perfect, and it's annoying Laura basically can't leave her side without being rebuked in Slytherin."

"What's a movie?" Draco asked

" I'll show you over the break."Roxanne said her surprise hidden by a calculative expression "and you read right? Any fiction stories that you enjoy? Is there andy muggle fictions that you enjoy?"

"Um, why?" Draco asked

"So I can plan for what to watch when I take you." Roxanne said "Anyway I don't need you to babysit me tell me your answer later." and she walked away from the Malfoy to the great hall. Roxanne was then overwhelmed by the sheer amount of reds and gold memorabilia being worn throughout the other houses she walked to Judi who had a whole lot of green and silver being worn.

"Um, what is going on?" Roxanne asked, she honestly didn't care about school events as she was here to determine and exterminate diamonds not to make friendship and home.

"The beginning of the season quidditch has begun," Judi said, " and everyone is talking about how Harry Potter is the new Gryffindor seeker."

"Oh, that?" Roxanne had learned about that weeks ago when she caught the Weasley twins in her trap one of the nights after her memorable visit to the medical wing. She was uninterested in the wizarding sport that involved flying on brooms hundreds of feet in the air and sentient balls to knock you off. She was sure that there was a catalog of black pages of falling to their death.

So rather than watch and have to keep track of 14 people who could die she decided that it would be better spent finding that Demon in the woods. After a quick breakfast, she when and retrieved the red briefcase and to change out of her school robes and safely lock them away.

Roxanne walked to the hut at the edge of the forbidden forest knocked on the door. Rubeus Hagrid opened the door

"Hello, Rubeus Hagrid I'm here to inform you that I will be entering the forest while the rest of the students and staff are at the game. I have Dumbledore's permission to enter the forest for my investigation."

"I can't let little las like you go in there alone."

" Rubeus." Dumbledore a appeared at her shoulder. Roxanne could feel the intentions of the old man placing a hand on her shoulder, so she took a step away from the old wizard "Ms Mbarim here is far more than she appears. I brought her here for the reason to protect the school she knows of what is in the vault."

"And Albus has hired me to eliminate any threats that lie in the forest" Roxanne decided that at that moment to adjust her glasses — keeping her stance cold and professional. She resisted the urge to shift her weight to brandish her death scythe holster. She is one of the few to have a holster for the death scythe. And enjoyed calmly threatening other death God's with it.

" Well as long at the lass can find her way out I've got no problem with her going in, "Rubious said

"Good I'll take my leave" Roxanne leaped to the nearest branch. Seriously Albus Dumbledore somehow pushed Roxanne's buttons that she doesn't like. Roxanne swore under her breath asking for permission had taken to long, and she needed every second to find the demon before noon struck.

Roxanne finally stopped her long track over a dark spot in the forest she opened her notebook and checked the soul activity page for the area. She had specially requested that her death notebook have a map of abnormalities in the area over the past two weeks.

There was only one marked location in the entire forest. Roxanne pulled out her issued compass and checked where she was and started moving towards the spot just as the sun was cresting around 2 o'clock her limbs were tired after all the acrobatics. Then she spotted the area a small field filled with white flowers. Roxanne stopped catching her breath her scythe in hand ready for battle

Roxanne did a quick scan of the area before leaping into the field. That was when she felt it the presence of a demon, it was cold and oppressive. Roxanne's body tensed the old wound in her shoulder flared and wight noise blared in her ears Roxanne's vision almost when wight Roxanne gasped,.swore and leopard back to where the giant trees were dominant. Roxanne missed her footing her heel catching on a root, and she tumbled to the ground her grip on her scythe relinquished somewhere in the fall when she came to rest. A looming thunk sounded as her scythe landed centimeters from her head Roxanne's eyes widened the shoulder still throbbed and her eyes tried to focus on the sky, but Roxanne's two-toned eyes were only seeing wight and shadow splotches.

Roxanne laid in the dirt for what felt like forever. Till her breathing had calmed down and she could feel her fingers again, and color returned to her vision, and the pain in her shoulder was gone. Now she was just sore. Roxanne sat up gently the tightness in her lungs still hurt so when she finally got to standing. Roxanne began to dread the long trek back to Hogwarts. So she sympathy checked her heading and started waking the dull ache that was in her shoulder seeming to increase as she got closer and closer to the wizarding school

Roxanne only noticed how long it had been when she checked her watch that rested under their left-hand glove. It was almost 18 o'clock. At the pace she was going she would most definitely make it back to Hogwarts by midnight. Not wanting to push her stressed body andy farther than she needed. Roxanne then felt it the feeling of being watched.

The underbrush that was able to grow in the densely packed trees shifted and Roxanne when to her fighting stance then she tripped seriously the second time today Roxanne swore to her self while falling to the ground. When Roxanne looked up, she saw a centaur standing above her.

" ah miss Reaper." the centaur said " there you are, the stars said that you would need help getting back to Hogwarts he helped the young looking girl up to her feet and patted her shoulders down.

"Ms. Mbarim." Roxanne corrected "if you please."

"Ofcorce miss Mbarim." the centaur said. That was when Roxanne realizes that the centaur could only be a young adult in the tribe, he bowed his head and put an arm across the bare chest " I am Seirdin. It is an honor to meet you young, grim reaper."

" oh." Roxanne said not knowing how to respond to that." Wait did you call me a kid!"

" Ms. Mbarim I merrily meant to say you appear young and that it is good to be youthful," Seirdin said. " Please allow me to escort you to the edge of the Hogwarts grounds that touch our forest."

" Thanks but I'll be fine," Roxanne said as she started to walk away.

Roxanne kept on walking, but the youth/colt trotted up next to her.

"Sorry but I don't mean to offend, but you do know that your left ear is bleeding." the young centaur said.

Roxanne's hand instantly went up to her ear, wondering how she didn't realize the trickle of blood that has been coming from her ear. "Horse dung" Roxanne swore her soreness and physical safety to recover immediately forgotten. The reasoning behind why she wasn't recovering faster was because her death scythe had cut her. Roxanne ran towards Hogwarts it only took moments before she was in the area overlooking the Trimmed and kept grass of the hill on the school leaped from the tree and gliding across the grounds. Roxanne started running up the hill as soon as her healed shoes touched the ground. Her body was protesting with every muscle movement that she had. When Roxanne crossed the bridge and entered the castle her lungs protested as she sped through the halls to get to the medical wing. Roxanne burst into the medical wing huffing. When Roxanne's focus caught up with her, she realized that breaking through the large door probably wasn't the best idea as she saw Madam Pomfrey, Dumbledor and three other students all looking scared half out of their senses. Though Dumbledor seemed to be playing his surprise off as pleasant startlement. The smug black-pager.

" Ms Mbarim do not come busting in here like that unless you want to be jinxed, " the Mediwizard said.

" Sorry, but it is an emergency."

"Well I don't quite see the emergency for you to burst in here like that in need of a stitched ear," the woman said noticing Roxanne's bloody ear.

Roxanne was about to state her reason when she looked at the older Hogwarts students,

"Can we talk in privet." Roxanne said cold and shallow refusing herself to use a timid voice 'I am a professional grim reaper for crying out loud not an 11-year-old who got a papercut, granted if that paper cut was a sheet of the scythe metal and not a sheet of dead tree puss, then maybe I would allow Myself the moment of weakness. That thought was irrelevant, what I am is a professional, and I needs to be professional now.'

" Of course Thank you for the information," Dumbledore said and waved his hand the three half terrified teen/Adults honestly it was hard to tell for Roxanne. Perhaps they were one of the many prefects to that were around to help keep the thousands of younger students in schools inline.

Roxanne turned herself away from the young black pagers as they left making sure they didn't see her eyes. Madam Pomfrey sat her down on one of the beds and started attending to her ear wound.

" Ms Mbarim." how was the recon of the forest?" Dumbledore asked,

" It sucked." Roxanne snapped just as Madam Pomfrey started cleaning her ear. And a pinch of pain made her flinch.

" Anything on the demon?"

"Yeah it is a mighty one, and It's hungry angry and resentful." Roxanne said, " and just it's presence was able to almost paralyze me, with the presence of the philosophers stone I wouldn't be surprised if he eats the enter school population or just murders everyone to get what they want." 'But something is bothering me. ' Roxanne thought,' I defiantly felt the presence or saw the soul of a male so why keep the gender of the demon to myself. And another thing is bothering me where did all that magic come from as well as why has the devil not attacked yet?'

"Albus why tell the girl that the philosophers stone is here inside Hogwarts?" Poppy Pomfrey chided the older man.

" Ms. mbarim here is extra protection for the more abnormal part of the attackers, that is after the stone, not just Voldemort himself."

"Sir if I remember correctly, the owner of the philosopher's stone is, the master alchemist Nicolas Flamel, whom if I remember correctly the stones liquid must be consumed soon, and the elixir doesn't have a very long shelf life."

" Yes you are correct Ms. Mbarim Mr. Flamel came today to collect some of the elixirs to draft a potion today, I had assumed that you would be back sooner than you arrived." Dumbledors eyes twinkled, and Roxanne swore that he was laughing.

'Seriously what was with her and finding creepy old dudes that hide all of there plans until the last possible minute and secretly enjoys seeing her suffer.' Roxanne realizes that perhaps the old man that stands before her is very similar to how the Undertaker decided to revive one of the twin Phantomhive boys almost 200 years ago. Roxann decides that Dumbledore is too like the undertaker to leave to his device and she would keep an eye on him for the remainder of her time here in this hell hole known as wizarding school.

Roxanne after being discharged from the medical wing decided she should go to the Kitchen to get something to eat before heading to bed. Winky was the house elf that greeted her when entering the kitchen.

"Miss Mbarim it is good to see you again," Winky said.

" Well, the greeting is most appreciated." Roxanne said, "I know it's a little late to be making a request but can you do a favor for me and make a herbal tea mixed with milk and a ham sandwich."

"I can do that miss," she said and scurried deeper into the kitchen snapping her fingers at other objects, and it started to make her sandwich the freshly baked bread folding the contents inside winky appeared again holding a mug for the herbal tea mixed with milk.

" Here you go miss it's my blend should help you sleep tonight," Winky said

" Thanks," Roxanne said picking up the wrapped sandwich and the mug Roxanne saw that it was enchanted not to spill. So she started her walk back to the common room munching on the sandwich. Roxanne came to the wall and said the password and entered the emerald fortress.

Roxanne looked at the occupants in the room at Roxanne checked her watch almost nine. And most of them would start turning in for the night, hopefully leaving her to slip into her room unnoticed.

" Roxanne " the was a biting tone in Draco's voice as he appeared out of the shadows int the common room entrance." where have you been all day."

" Working," Roxanne said glad that she had put on the color contacts before she entered the kitchen and returned to the common room. Roxanne took off the glasses and placed them in the case she kept in her breast pocket. She wasn't working now, so it was okay to take them off.

" And when you knew there was a game of quidditch between Gryffindor and Slytherin?"Malfoy growled at her. Roxanne just glared at the boy with her version of 'Do I need to explain it to you?' she felt this look being used more when her classmates and housemates were starting to Know her.

Draco flinched and stepped back to where she could see him, and it wasn't awkward to twist her head to look at him.

" Oh, that's right a self loner and doesn't like to socialize."

" Oh I am plenty social Tool" Roxanne countered. Took a bite of her sandwich as she went to the main couch near the fire. Where the Malfoy gang usually sat he being the child of one of the most pureblood he got seating rights.

" then why do you go off on your own. whit out telling your friends."Draco sat next to her on the couch. Roxann put down her sandwich and mug setting to work on the shoes she wore for work.

"Draco may I ask you something why did you just say we're friends, I thought I was your tutor or bag holder or you mudblood grunt." she was loosening the left shoe not looking at her school college

A blush appeared on his cheeks. " I thought it was your suggestion, and I thought you would like it."

Roxanne blushed with embarrassment she did like it, and that was when the laces were loose enough for her to kick off her shoes." now if you're so adamant that I was at the game why do you not just tell me what happened?"Roxanne said and started to work on her warm drink and food.

Malfoy's blush vanished and a deep scowl." we lost. "

"Oh, and you wanted me there to see Harry almost die."

"What how did you know?" Malfoy questioned, "You where not at the game."

"No, I wasn't I just figured that the other reason was because of something to do with the Golden boy as you've begun to call Harry Potter." Roxanne said, 'Anyway if Harry Potter Did at this school You wouldn't even know I was there' She thought.

"Well, You should probably get some rest because I asked 'professor' Snape if we could use the potion room so we can help Crab and Goyal not fail so badly at potions."

Draco's expression Darkened. Professor Snape although didn't remove points from Slytherin while in class or around the school. He did however scowled at his house failures in the potion and would rent out the classroom to the Slytherin students in need of help and the professor Snape had pulled Roxanne aside to tell her that Crab and Goyal where only Marginally better than the Gryffindor Neville Longbottom.

"You're right it will be a long day just to help them understand the basics of Potions." Draco said, " I'll head up to bed."

And with that Roxanne was left alone to finish her sandwich and tea.

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