The clocks ticked, the clouds drifted onwards. Nothing norm-defying happened, for the longest while. But then the natural order of daily life would find itself unruly shattered…by a shrill shriek that thundered unrivalled through the arid streets. Somewhere within the wasteland settlement a door swung open with such force that it seemed to have the innate desire to leap off of its hinges. From the shadow draped innards of the non-descript dwelling emerged Jak, appearing uncharacteristically concerned.

"Keira? No…what's going on…"

Without saying much, Jak set off down the street, initially at a tentative gait which progressively evolved into a hasty jog and flat out run within a matter of seconds. Left behind, the hero's faithful, fast quipping sidekick leaped onto the threshold of the dwelling they had formally spent the last day residing within, clearly clueless about the actions of his ever cryptic amigo.

"Huuuh…..Ya hear what he said, old geezer? Mentioned sumthin' about Keira…" Peering over a furry shoulder into the gloom, he seemed to address another soul also finding brief refuge within. Daxter raised his fluffy, finger-less gloved mittens as if to stress his confusion. Rustling sounds briefly emitted from the shaded quarters, indicating that another soul was indeed in the vicinity and made tracks to join their pint-sized fellow.

And who emerged in the intense daylight but the infinitely wise and forever green Samos the Green Sage. Clattering into step beside Daxter, the old master leaned on his wooden staff and idly stroked his beard, gazing forlorn after the vanished Jak. Crucially, the Green Eco sage had a knack for discerning events past, present & future, to varying degrees. On this occasion, like various others, he seemed bothered, murmuring what seemed to be complete nonsense.

"So 'that time' has come…"

Daxter, not impressed by this, glared sideways up at the moss-hewn grandpa. "Yeesh. You're no help at all."