Sick Obsession

Written For: Brii-Chan14

My eyes snap open and I lurch forward. I'm on a couch, my hands are tied behind my back, and there's tape covering my mouth and I think there's a sock in there too. The room isn't completely dark, the lighting from the kitchen helps conclude that this isn't my house and definitely not the club I was just at. Where's Gohan? Where's Videl? Where the hell am I?

A toilet flushes.

I spring to my feet and try to make a run for it, but fall to the ground. Whoever has taken me was also smart enough to tie my ankles together with very thick rope. My eyes dart across the room, looking for some way to free myself. There's a bookshelf in one corner of the room that's filled with pictures of me, small dolls that resemble me, a lock of hair that looks suspiciously like mine, and a ton of candles illuminating the disturbing sight.

A door creaks. I hear the soft footfalls of someone coming from down the hall.

I quickly stand and hop towards a closet. I mange to slide it's door open for me by using my chin, and barely manage to close it in time ( using my chin again) before a woman steps into the room, leaving a crack open for me to peer out. From this angle, I can see that the woman is wearing a witch's hat and has long blue hair. She runs to the front door, afraid that I might've escaped. Yes! I'll be able to sneak out and find help if she leaves the house! The woman jiggles the handle, and I realise it's locked. She knows I'm still here.

"Gooooootennnnnn," The woman calls in a sing-song voice." Come out, come out wherever you are." She whips around, smiling, allowing me a good view of her face before marching into the kitchen and opening cabinets in search of me.

"Hi, I'm Bulla." The cute blue haired witch said,sensually wrapping her arms around my neck.

I gaped at her, not sure of what to say.

"Are you always this shy?" Bulla asked teasingly, leaning closer. Her lips barely touching mine, an invitation to go ahead and kiss her. My hands twitched, longing to feel the softness of her long hair. I kept my hands in the air though, so that my girlfriend ( recently broken up) could see that I wasn't doing anything wrong. Bulla was the one coming onto me!

"No, it's just. . . I'm not used to random women sitting in my lap." But I could get used to it!

Bulla smiled, then tilted her head back. My eyes trailed over her neck and the cleavage her costume showed. In an instant my hands found their way to Bulla's lower back, to keep her from falling, I told myself since Bulla was much more flexible than I had thought. Her head rested against my knees while the ends of her long hair touched my shoes, and I found myself wanting to lift the ends of her black dress so I could explore her firm body.

My girlfriend didn't appreciate Bulla's flexibility as much as I did. She really didn't like having the blue haired girl look at her from upside down.

"Whatever Goten. Have fun with your whore. I'm leaving."

Bulla sat up faster than my brother's passenger seat, and his car's seats have the power to give anyone whiplash! Through the messy hair I could see Bulla's excited smile, but I wasn't ready to give up on my girlfriend. Somehow I slid out from under the girl, took her witch hat off of my head and placed it on hers. I dodged between the dancing couples and jumped over the other bar tables, determined to catch up with my girlfriend and make things right.

"Aaaaaaaaa!" Bulla screams, tossing paper towels and boxes of macaroni out from her pantry, letting it join the pots and pans scattered on the floor." I'm getting sick of this game!" She grabs a large steak knife and slashes a bag of flour." Come out now or else I'll chop your penis off!"

I gulp and bend my knees close together at the threat." Don't worry little guy," I look down and whisper towards my zipper," I wont let her cut you off. We'll get out of this together, I promise!"

Bulla tosses the large steak knife on the counter, then marches past the closet and down the hall where I'm guessing her bedroom is located. It's hard to move in the small closet, but I manage to maneuver my tied hands to the front of my body without falling over and falling out of the closet. It feels good having my hands in front of me, but the rope digging into my wrist burns and it's impossible to break it with force. I'll need something to cut it. First thing's first, I gotta get the sock out of my mouth.

I thought my girlfriend would give our relationship another chance, since she was jealous that Bulla was all over me. But when I begged her not to get in that cab, she gently caressed my cheek then pulled her hand back and punched me so hard I tasted blood and saw stars! Gohan and Videl decided we should go to a different bar after that. They thought more beer could cure my love sickness or whatever it was. I had been dumped twice by the same girl in the same week, there wasn't enough alcohol in the world to fix that!

In every bar we went to, Gohan and Videl kept winning third place for the couple's costume contest and I saw the same blue haired witch watching me from a distance. At first I thought it was an illusion, because whenever I blinked after seeing her, she'd disappear. Then, when Gohan and Videl went somewhere to be alone, the witch sat in my lap once again and stayed there.

"Why have you been ignoring me?" Bulla asked.

My jaw clenched and I looked away from her blue eyes.

"Ohh. You're mad at me because I broke you and your girlfriend up, huh?"

"No. She and I were over before I met you." I leaned forward, hoping she'd take the hint and throw herself at someone else. I didn't need another loose slut in my life, not after I just broke up with one." Can you get off? I need to go home."

Bulla glided her tongue over my cheek and mouth. I held still and didn't respond. Trashy women are like bears, don't move and they'll just paw at you and lose interest. Bulla was more like a hungry volture, she didn't care if I was alive or dead. She just wanted me.

"Wait!" Bulla panted, sensing I was about to stand regardless if she got off me on her own or not. She grabbed her glass from the table and held it to my lips." Drink my potion first," She wiggled her brows and smiled." It'll make you see rainbows!"

I rolled my eyes and decided to play along with her game. I parted my lips and she tilted the glass. I started gagging, but that didn't stop her. She just tipped it higher and forced me to drink all of it. Everything did look more colorful and brighter after I drank her potion. My body felt heavier when I stood up, and I barely noticed that Bulla was supporting half of my weight. She didn't call a cab, obviously. Who knows what she did to me before I woke up?

My fingers easily rip the tape off my mouth in one swift pull, but it refuses to drop to the ground an annoyingly clings to my fingers. Turning around, I try to rub the tape off on the object behind me, but as I touch it's exterior I realise I'm not alone in the closet. Someone else is in the closet with me, and by the way it feels, I think it's a dead body!

"Mmmmmph!" I scream into my gag, frantically trying to get out of the closet and away from the dead body. The dead body falls forward, it's chin hitting my shoulder, and I spill out of the closet with it on top of me.

Wiggling like a worm gets me halfway across the living room and shifts the dead body further down my back, so it's nose is jabbed into a very personal area. Since the body is slowing me down, I roll onto my side, hoping the body will slide off of me. It does, but that doesn't matter anymore. The lights flick on, revealing a psychotic Bulla and the glinting steak knife she has in her right hand.

"Nnnt chuff upf my feenish!" I scream. Bulla frowns, digging her fingers into my mouth to pull out the gag." Don't chop off my penis!" I say again,taking a deep breath. My eyes widen at the garment in her hands. There had never been a sock in my mouth like I had thought. Instead, it had been a pair of women's underwear." Please tell me those were clean."

Bulla smiles, gliding the blade of the knife over my grey sweater and heading south. Begging seems pointless so I close my eyes, knowing I'll probably faint once the blade touches my skin. Gohan always thought it'd be my inferior I.Q that got me killed, not some crazy witch with a knife! Technically, if I wasn't dumb enough to drink something a stranger offered me, I probably wouldn't be in this mess, so I guess Gohan was right after all.

"Silly. Of course I'm not going to cut your penis off." Bulla cuts off the rope tying my wrists together instead. She sits on her knees and bends over to lick my face." That wouldn't be any fun." She then cuts the rope around my ankles. I sit up wearily. At least the dead body wasn't real, it was just a human sized dummy that has a picture of my face taped to it's face. I kick it for scaring me earlier.

"You are the craziest person I've ever met. I'm leaving!" I shout, grabbing the dummy look a like ( it may have scared me but it doesn't deserve to be Bulla's prisoner either) and dragging it to the door.

"Wait!" Bulla screams.

"Why should I- - "

Bulla shimmies out of her black dress, leaving her in nothing but her laced bra and panties. "Stay with me Goten. I love you, and I'll do anything to be with you." She holds out her arms for a hug." No one will ever love you as much as I do, darling."

Every bone in my body is yelling," Don't go to her! She threatened to chop off your penis! And she'd probably go through with that threat if you piss her off! Run, man! Run!"

I unlock the door and open it. It's better if I walk away now. . . .

Bulla giggles, twirling a pair of fuzzy handcuffs in her hands. I don't know where the handcuffs came from but they look fun. I close the door. Suddenly, the dummy comes to life and tries to jerk away from my grasp.

"I don't want to stay here!She's an animal I tell ya! Always cuffing me to the bed and tying me up in the closet, it was horrible!" The dummy cries. It's sobs fade away along with it's voice.

"What's wrong?" Bulla purrs in my ear. She places her hand over mine, which is still holding the doorknob.

"Nothing." I blink five times." I think that potion you gave me hasn't worn off yet."

Bulla kisses my neck, nibbles on my ear, and passionately kisses me on the lips.

"Let's go to my bedroom." She says, pulling away.

"Quick! Run out the door while her back is turned!" The dummy screams, more faintly than before.

The dummy's right, I should run away now. Bulla is obviously obsessed with me. Sleeping with her once isn't going to work, she'll want more. I can see it now. . . standing outside the house and watching me through the window. . . calling my phone just so she could heavy-breathe from the other end while I ask who's calling. . .I'll probably wake up, tied up, and in a tuxedo and her in an expensive white gown.. . . after we marry she'll sniff my clothes and go through my text messages, certain that I'm cheating on her ( maybe I would). . . One day I'll have an innocent lunch with a co-worker, and she'll catch me. . . Later I'll die of rat poisoning she hid in my food.

Yep. That's my life if I follow her into her bedroom.

BUT. . .

Most women I date are usually ranked a seven. Bulla is well above a ten! What heterosexual male is crazy enough to walk away from a half naked woman like her?

"Dummy, you can do whatever you want but I'm staying." I drop the dummy by the door and excitedly skip down the hall and to the room where my hot woman is waiting.

In the distance, or somewhere in my head, I hear the dummy yell." You idiot!"

- End -




Hope you liked it Brii! I know it took me like a thousand years to post this, but I went through a lot of drafts. This was draft #3. And Kesha's mv, " Stephen," was the creepiest video I've ever seen. I think I blinked, because I didn't see Stephen leave the house at all and I was like WHAT HAPPENED TO STEPHEN OMG! It was really a blink & miss moment, cuz after rewatching it a few more times I finally saw Stephen leave Kesha's place. Phew. If I was Stephen I would've ran down the street screaming. Lol.