Just something that took me forever to type, and I didn't have it in me to throw them away. I couldn't think of any stories I'd use them in, either. So here they are!Alternate beginnings 1 & 2. If anyone wants to use the alternate beginnings below to use for a story. . . go for it. I don't mind. ^_^

Goten felt claustrophobic sitting in the passenger seat of his brother's car. He unfastened his seatbelt, hoping that would relax him a little, and kept his mind focused on the scenery outside. The tree leaves were a pretty orange, and the houses they passed had cute pumpkins with different designs carved into them sitting outside on their lawns. It was still an hour away from getting dark and already there were trick or treaters dressed in their costumes going door to door begging for candy. Goten shifted in his seat and glanced at the backseat. One person was missing from their little car ride, maybe that's why Goten couldn't get comfortable.

"I can't do this. I can't enjoy the party without Rie." Goten sighed, reaching for the door handle and pulling it open. Gohan cursed, keeping one hand on the steering wheel while he securely latched onto the collar of his little brother's sweater and pulled him further into the car, keeping him from jumping and possibly being flattened by the Kia's back tire.

"Are you crazy!" Gohan shouted, turning his attention back to the road as they drove into a ditch. The little Kia shook with every bump until coming to a stop within an inch of hitting a wooden fence.

Gohan was about to yell at his brother, but noticed that the passenger seat was empty and the door was wide open. Gohan hastily opened his door, then cursed as his air bag suddenly deployed in his face. He caught up with Goten easily enough, since he was too distracted to run away and kept his gait at a leisurely walk.

Gohan wasn't in the mood to be the understanding big brother that Goten needed, he was already stressed since they left the house five minutes later than he had originally planned and hated to keep Videl waiting. Gohan caught up with his little brother and shoved him in his back.

Goten tumbled down the small hill and Gohan was there to pick him up by the collar when he stopped.

" I'm sick of you moping around all the time just because some girl you've been dating for two weeks dumped you! It's time to grow up and move on! There are plenty of women out there better than Rie, especially at the Halloween party!"

"Leave me alone," Goten moaned, letting his neck and hands go limp, not caring if Gohan chose to let go of his sweater and let him hit the ground hard.

Gohan didn't let go. He rolled his eyes." You're being a baby." Gohan pulled his brother up into a sitting position, and Goten smacked his hand away.

"Some big brother you are. You're supposed to offer support, not kick me when I'm down!"

"I've never kicked you while you're down," Gohan smirked, nudging Goten in the chest with his foot and pushing him over." Now I have."

- Beginning #2 -

"Our third place winners for the Cutest Couple Costume Contest goes to. . ." The DJ pointed to the vampire and sexy cat next to him." Gohan and Videl!" The DJ handed the third place prize to Videl, which was a coupon for a free dinner at a cute little restaurant. Everyone cheered, and some people even whistled. All of the contestants walked off the stage and the DJ began playing music again.

Videl flashed her vampire fangs in a wide smile.

"I can't believe you guys won third place," Goten said as his brother and Videl sat at their little table in the darkest corner of the club. Gohan had to pull his cat tail up at an angle so he could actually sit, since it was securely glued onto his mini skirt and could not detach it.

Videl lifted part of her cape over her mouth as she spoke." But of course! My costume ideas always work.I'm a genius! Mwahahaha." Videl stuffed their prize into her purse on the table." Come my loves, let us dance!" She hissed like a vampire, twirling in circles with her cape blowing around her on the dance floor.

"Her accent sucks." Goten commented, letting his lips linger on the rim of his beer. At that moment he hated Videl for introducing him to Pickles. She was the hottest girl friend Videl had and he'd fallen madly in love with her during the two weeks they dated, it came as a shock when Pickles suddenly dumped him. He hated his brother, too. If Gohan hadn't forced him to go club hopping with them, he wouldn't have to watch the ex love of his life grind on different men at the clubs they went to.

Sometimes, she'd dance between two men at a time and let them do all kinds of raunchy things to her. It was like something you'd see on the on the discovery channel when a female went into heat. It was like watching someone make a sandwich with three people, only the men were the slices of bread and Pickles was everything in between-

"SHUT UP! WE GET IT!" Goten roared at the narrative voice inside his head.

. . . . . . . I actually had more written for this one but it was boring and headed in a weird direction, so I stopped.