A.N: I am doning collaboration story,with the golden trio 09on Austin and Ally

Sorry for the spelling mistakes

Ally's Pov

Austin pull the curtain up I see the audience and. my stage fright kicks in I run into the drums and fell down

I get my head unstuck then I threw up on Helen she screams and runs into the big columns,I try to run but it lands on my leg and I can't get up.I yell for Austin to save me he runs over to see what happened to lefts colum

I get my leg free but the column lands on Austin,I get back up to see Austin knocked out I am imping and crying .

Trish's Pov

I see Ally limping and crying to Dez,then I see Austin knocked out.

Dez is calling 911,I am trying to coum Ally down.

When the ambience comes to get Austin Dez and I head to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital we ask the front desk what room he was in.

Ally's Pov

I am in Austin's hospital room waiting for him to wake up.

When I see Austin wake up I go next to see if he is ok.

Austin is staring at me he looks like he is in pain but, then he kisses me.

Dez and Trish walk in the room when Austin and I were kissing.