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Everyone should read this: In this story, it's been around 50 years since the winter war. Ichigo's captain of squad 5, Yoruichi is captain of squad 3 and Urahara is captain of squad 9.

Ichigo sighed as he looked around the hotel room. Last week, the Captain-Commander held a captains meeting about strange souls in Amity Park:

"I've called you all here for an important amount of information." All of the captains in the room rose their eyebrows at the statement. Captain Ukitake stepped forward.

"What kind of news Captain?" The Captain-Commander opened his eyes slightly.

"Shinigami stationed in Amity Park, a city in the U.S., have sent reports of unusual souls roaming around and that an unknown force is 'taking care of them'...so to speak. I have decided to send Captain Kurosaki to investigate. You'll be undercover as a teenage boy. Obviously, you'll need a guardian, so Captain Shihoin will be accompanying you. I've made living arrangements for you, as well as gave you a bank account and some money to live of off. You're leaving tonight. Dismissed." The Captain-Commander slammed his cane on the ground, signaling that the meeting was over.

Escaping his thoughts once again, he looked around his room. Apparently, the old man had decided to splurge a bit, and get a suite instead of normal rooms. Is was around the size of the Kuchiki manor's dining room, and that was a feat in itself. The walls were a aqua-marine, while the floor were a dark wood, which surprised him a bit. There was a black double bed against the wall on the far left. The right wall was nothing but windows, as was the one facing him on the other side. There was a door a few feet to the right of the bed, which he could only assume was a bathroom. Across from the bed, against the wall of windows, was a flat screen t.v. ontop of a large dresser, more than enough room for Yoruichi and his clothes. He turned to the door way with a call from the cat-women.

"Ichigo! Just leave your bags anywhere! I wanna try this restauraunt called 'Nasty Burger!' Hurry up or I'll leave you!" Ichigo pondered it for a moment.

'Perhaps being left won't be such a bad thing...' He heard his hollow laugh at the rude comment, clearly seeing that his King was annoyed. Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"Yeah yeah, I'm coming." He threw his duffle bag onto the bed then left the room after grabbing the room key and locking the door. Yoruichi had been standing in the hallway. She smiled at him before they began to walk down the hallway. He looked around, then noticed that they couldn't just walk there, since people drove cars here, and they had to fit in.

"Hey, how are we supposed to get there?" She just shrugged.

"Yamamotto probably got us a car or something similar. You'll have to drive since your the only one who knows how too.." Ichigo sighed.

"Ah man, I hate driving! Plus, don't you drive on the right side of the road here?" Yoruichi shrugged as they got into the elevator.

"Beets me."She smiled before patting his back.

"Don't worry Ichigo! I'm sure that you'll do fine. Besides, it's around 6, so not as many people should be on the road." Ichigo smiled at the small amount of comforting words she was trying to give. After all, she was mostly insensitive and would always try to find a way to ruin his day.

"Thanks Yoruichi." They stepped out of the hotel, noticing the red rental car that was parked, and had a note with their names on it attached to the windsheild. They walked up to the car. Yoruichi smiled dangerously before she got into the passenger seat.

'Is this really necessary? A dark red convertible? Seriously, he's overdoing it way too much this time...' Sighing, Ichigo sat in the drivers seat of the car, not making a comment on the type of car it was.

"You have any idea where this place actually is?" Yoruichi placed her chin in her thumb and index finger.

"I believe we Just take a left at the intersection, then take two lefts, and another right, drive for a while, and we should be there." Ichigo nodded, before putting the car in gear, and driving off. He smiled as the cat-women turned on the radio. It was "Will You Be There" by Michael Jackson.

Carry me, like you are my brother

Love me like a mother

Will you be there

Hold me, like the river Jordon

And I will then say to thee

You are my friend

Ichigo relaxed into the seat as he let the words flow through him. He loved this song, it told his life story. Ichigo soflty sang to the music, not noticing the concerened look he got from his companion.

Everyone's taking control of me!

Seems that the world's got a role for me!

I'm so confused will you show to me,

You'll be there for me,

And care enough to bare me!

Hold me, lay your head lowly

Softly then boldly, carry me there!

He realized that he had came to the fast food place. He was slightly dissapointed. It literaly was called 'Nasty Burger', and it seemed to be the only fast food place around, which surprised him. They got out of the rental and walked inside. Ichigo ordered for them as Yoruichi sat down at the only availabe booth. Ichigo glanced at where Yoruichi sat down, so that he knew where to go. The booth was in between and elderly couple, and three teenagers.


Shiro snikered.

'Don't worry King, I'm sure it won't be as bad as you think.'

Little did they know, it could.

~Danny, Sam, and Tucker~

"Woah." Danny looked across the table at his friend Sam, while his other friend, Tucker, shoved the rest of his burger in his mouth, but was clearly paying attention.

"Total hunk just walked in. His hair's crazy!" The two boys turned around to see the person of interest. Danny was fuming, the dude was pretty good looking, for a guy anyway. Just when he thought he was getting some where with Sam, yet another dude shows up who could take her away. Life just wasn't fair. A women sat in the booth right behind Sam, though it was given since it was the only booth open. The three paid the girl no mind, at least it wasn't someone like Dash who would torture them the moment he saw them. Tucker swallowed the large amount of food in his mouth before he expressed his thoughts.

"He seems kind of mysterious Sam. I mean, we've never seen him before, and he looks the same age as us. Shouldn't we have seen him around school, or at least around town? Amity Park isn't that big." Danny and Sam shared a glance at the unnaturally smart comment that their friend made. He actually had a point. His hair should have definately stood out.

"As much as I hate to admit it, you have a good point Tucker." Said man walked past them with hid food in his hand's. Danny froze as all of the sudden his blue breath appeared as soon as the man got close to him.

"Guys I think we have a problem." The two looked at him. Tucker thought that Danny was gonna bash his good idea.

"What is it Danny? It can't be that bad can it? I thought my idea was pretty smart." Danny shook his head before he pointed at his mouth.

"When that guy passed our table, my ghost breath appeared." Sam laughed.

"Come on Danny, don't you think you're being a little paranoid? I mean, how in the world could he be a ghost? He orded his food an took it, the room isn't any colder than it was before he walked in, and he hasn't tried to attack anyone. I could keep going if you want me to." Danny shook his head as he put his hand down.

"No, it's not that. I know he can't be a ghost, but my ghost breathe has never been wrong before, and as Tucker said before, he is a bit suspecious. Plus, we all know not to trust people based on their appearances, don't we Sam?" Sam blushed at the obvious remark to her 'relationship' with Gregor. She suddenly felt very defensive about the remark.

"What are you saying Fenton? That I don't have good judgement? That I put my faith in the wrong people?!" Danny put his hands up defensively as Sam stood up and was leaning across the table from him.

"Of course not Sam, you know that I would ne-" Sam interrupted him, cleary angry at him. She didn't know why, but she just felt like he was gaining up on her. Even though she didn't show it alot, she was very sensitive. It hurt when she found out about Gregor, more than she'd care to admit, but that was all apart of the past and she thought she had moved on. Clearly not.

"I'll show you that I know who I can place my trust into!"