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It was very creepy. Danny didn't really know what to expect when he entered the senkaimon. Although, he wasn't complaining since Sam got so spooked she grabbed a hold of his hand. Good thing he had turned back into a human right after they entered. The whole place was creepy. It was a sort of tunnel with what looked like goo coming out of the walls.

It wasn't long before they reached the light at the end of the tunnel, literally. Ichigo turned his head back to look at the three teenagers and smirked.

"Welcome to the Soul Society." The six people walked into the light. Danny, Sam, and Tucker gasped when their first glimpse of the soul society. In one word, it was amazing. The sky was clear and blue, and it looked like they were in the garden of some sort of palace. Everyone turned their attention to Yoruichi when she cleared her throat.

"I hate to be leaving but I'm going to report in to Captain-Commander." Yoruichi walked away, but turned back, forgetting something. "Oh yeah, Ichigo, don't forget to give them one of the translating kidos since they can't speak Japanese. Later!" Yoruichi waved, before disappearing. Ichigo sighed, he had totally forgotten about that.

"Ichigo, what's kido?" Ichigo scratched his head, trying to think of a good explanation.

"You know about wizards?" The three nodded.

"Well, kido is sort of like spells that we can cast using our reitsu. The different kidos are numbered from 1 to 99; however they are special ones that go higher. The ones with higher numbers are more difficult to perform, but they are very powerful. I won't get very specific, but the 3 main types of kido are binding, destruction, and healing spells. One of my friends although, has made a few special ones. He made ones that translates for us, in case a shinigami has to go to a county where they don't know the language. Hang tight." The three tilted their heads to the side, their minds picturing Ichigo in wizard robes with a wand.

"From one to another, alter the mother tongue, from his to mine with ease. Toransurēta." A bright blue light shot from Ichigo's hands, enveloping Danny, Sam, and Tucker. The three looked at each other.

"I don't feel any different...what about you Danny, Tucker?" The two boys shook their heads. Ichigo and Rukia broke out laughing.

"You're speaking Japanese dummies." Rukia wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes.

"Anyways, I better go talk to brother before he freaks out. Later Ichigo, guys." Ichigo, Danny, Sam and Tucker waved bye to Rukia as she disappeared too.

"So Ichigo, what do we do now?" Ichigo turned to Tucker.

"We're going to go see one of my friends that could help us figure out more about those ghosts in your thermos." They nodded and followed Ichigo as he started walking. More and more shinigami started walking around once they left the senkaimon. Sam looked around, but something didn't make sense.

"Ichigo, how come you and Yoruichi are the only ones wearing that white coat." Ichigo looked back at them.

"Oh, well, the shinigami are separated into the 13 court guard squads. Each squad has its own captain and vice-captain. The captains wear a white haori over their Shinigami uniform to show their status. I am the captain of squad 5 and Yoruichi is the captain of squad 3, that's why we are wearing them." Sam nodded. They continued walking for a while, Danny, Sam, and Tucker where beyond lost in the similarity of the buildings. Ichigo stopped in front of a large gate.

"This is squad 9. They're known as the arts and culture division. They're in charge of the Seireitei News Magazine, but don't let that fool you. They have some great fighters, and a brilliant captain. Perverted, but still brilliant. That's who we're going to see."

"The Seireitei? What's that?"

"The soul society is the place where all souls go in the afterlife, the Seireitei is where the Shinigami live and operate inside of the soul society, a.k.a. here. Sort of like a capital." The three nodded as they followed him inside. Where ever they went, shinigami would bow saying, "Captain Kurosaki." and every time, Ichigo would smiled and wave. Danny's ghost breath was going haywire with all of the shinigami that surrounded them now. They came to a door at the end of a hallway. Ichigo knocked in the door before stepping in.

"Kurosaki, twice in two days, it must be my lucky day... oh, who might these young ones be?" Ichigo smiled.

"Kisuke, these are my friends Danny, Sam, and Tucker." Kisuke smiled and nodded.

"Nice to meet you." Ichigo threw the thermos at Kisuke, who caught it with ease. He looked at it confused.

"You brought me dinner?" Ichigo mentally face-palmed.

"No dumb ass, you asked for one of the 'ghosts' so I brought some," Ichigo pointed to the thermos, "they're in that thermos." Kisuke was now looking at with wide, round eyes. He was like a kid at Christmas.

"Great job, I'll analyze this in the lab and get back to you before the days up. Since this is Danny's, Sam's, and Tucker's first day here, why don't you show them you division, introduce them to your friends and what not?" Ichigo hadn't thought that much through. He just thought about getting the ghosts to Kisuke, maybe show the kids the Seireitei since they'd tag along no matter what he'd do. Ichigo smiled and turned to the kids.

"You three up for a tour?" They nodded eagerly. Ichigo smirked, and said "Follow me." The three did as they were told and followed after the captain. Ichigo proceeded to show them around the first four divisions and introducing them to the captains, including Rukia's older brother. They stopped in the office of, yours truly, Ichigo's.

"This is my office and such. Momo is my vice-captain but she's with Toshiro, he's the captain of squad 10." The three teenagers made themselves at home in Ichigo's office; either sitting down or looking at things around the room. They remained like that for a while since Ichigo had to do some paperwork while he was there, and small conversation was added in the mix. Tucker looked up when he heard a faint thud coming from the other end of the door.

"What's that noise?" Ichigo looked up and listened for a moment, before turning deathly pale.

"Oh no…" Ichigo stood up out of his seat, and opened one of the windows next to his desk, mumbling things that they could only catch bits of, "Gotta go…he's coming…no time…" The thuds grew louder and occurred closer together. Whatever was coming was coming fast. Ichigo was halfway out of the window when the door slammed open, cracking the wall behind it and slightly falling off its hinges. Ichigo yelped like a little kid. If Danny, Sam, and Tucker thought Dark Danny was intimidating, they were shocked to see the man in the doorway.

He was huge, ripped, sculpted, any word would work! Not only that, but he had a smile filled with blood lust, that his black spikes and eye patch weren't helping. And were those bells on the ends? Suddenly, his mouth opened and he spoke. His voice was booming and rigid at the same time.

"There ya' are Ichigo. I've been looking all over for you. You finally come back for your mission, and you don't even bother to visit?" Ichigo looked around, franticly looking for an excuse.

"I was going to Kenpachi, but-but I was giving these kids a tour of the Seireitei, and we hadn't gotten to you yet." Danny, Sam, and Tucker looked between the two, tension and confusion feeling the room. He had on a white haori, so did that mean he was a captain? A young girl with bright pink hair jumped off of the man's, Kenpachi's, back. She walked up to Ichigo and pointed at him, smiling.

"Ichi-chan is going to okay with Kenny! Yay, you'll make him so happy!" Ichigo leaned closer to her, while pointing his finger at Kenpachi.

"Yachiro, I never said anything like that!" Kenpachi's grin grew as he walked over to Ichigo and grabbed his wrist.

"Let's go." Ichigo and Kenpachi disappeared, leaving the four in the room. Tucker just looked around.

"What just happened?" Yachiro turned around and smiled at them, walking towards them. She held out her hand. The other three took it.

"Hiya! I'm Yachiro Kusajishi, the lieutenant of squad 11!" She held out a bag, "Candy?" The three nodded hesitantly and took some candy. They nearly spit it out, it was nothing but pure sugar. Yachiro continued to eat her candy, cheerfully humming a song. Sam looked at her.

"Um, Yachiro was it? Where's Ichigo?" Yachiro tilted her head at Sam confused, but then smiled.

"Oh! He went to play with Kenny! I can show you! Here, hold my arms." The three held onto her arms as they were told, and were suddenly jerked off the ground, the world blurring to them. A moment later, everything returned to normal but they were a bit sick to their stomachs. The three jumped out of the way when a bolder was flung in their direction.

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