A scream pierced the air in the Namimori Hospital, before it settled into silence. Soon after a while, a cry was heard but it was quieted. Another scream pierced the air and it quieted as well. A second cry came, a bit more fierce than the first. A patter of footsteps went through the halls, the person burst into the room labelled SAWADA. All three heads turned to face the newcomer. His eyes landed on the honey haired brunette in the hospital bed, his honey eyes brightening as he ran over to her. "Nana!"

"Iemitsu." The weary honey brunette woman smiled, holding her babies.

The doctor smiled warmly. "Congratulations, Mr. Sawada, you have twin boys."

"Thank you doctor." Iemitsu smiled, as he looked down at the boys in his wife's arms. His sons. He looked up at Nana, meeting her warm chocolate brown eyes. "What do you want to name them?"

Nana pouted as she thought, a while later she brought up her right arm. The arm with the weaker looking son, and stated his name proudly. "This one is Tsunayoshi. Our eldest."

"Tsunayoshi." Iemitsu rolled the name around his tongue, brightening up. "It's a wonderful name, Nana."

The said woman giggled, she spoke to her husband lovingly. "Now you pick our youngest child's name, Iemitsu."

"How about, Tonari?" Iemitsu suggested after a pause. Nana nodded happily, she stifled a yawn. Iemitsu took both of the children from her, and went to place them in the hospital crib beside her. "It's best if you rest, Nana, tomorrow you'll be discharged. I'll take you home as well."

"Alright." Nana smiled, her eyelids drooping. She felt her husband's kiss on her forehead before drifting off to sleep. The blonde man looked at his wife fondly, before leaving. The doctor and nurse had left a little while ago, 'to give the couples some space' as went the Namimori's General Hospital rule. He hummed to himself happily as he went home from the hospital.

A few moments had passed since Iemitsu was out of sight, and a bush near the hospital grounds rustled as a man in casual clothing appeared from it. His silhouette looked both ways to identify any unhidden or hidden danger. Finding none, he made his way to the hospital. Heading into eerie halls, up a flight of stairs, and to turn right at the far corner. He entered the room, where the name plate read SAWADA.

The figure moved with caution, careful as to not make any sounds when heading closer to the crib. He had heard that a new mother, or any mother for that matter, had the instincts of a lion. Or a lioness. Whichever applied. They would have taken any measures to take back their child, and are usually the fiercest when their children are just newborns. He really didn't want to face any of that, no matter how intriguing it sounded. Finally reaching the crib, he looked down at the two boys. At least one of them would be with their mother when he took the other away. It really made his job easier, and hid him well. That's why he would only take jobs with twins involved, giving the mother a heart break would cause a huge problem when her supposed only child was gone.

Shaking his head he returned to the task at hand. To pick a baby. After a few minutes of contemplating he reached out to the weaker looking one, simply because it seemed much easier to handle. Wrapping his coat around the baby, he swiftly made his way out of the hospital. Walking out into the open, he headed into the forest area.

Thinking he was far enough, he pulled out a slick black iPhone. Dialing a familiar number. Three rings rang, and the receiver picked it up. "Hello?"

"It's me." The figure spoke, his voice raspy with the lack of speech.

"Did you get the job done?"

"Yeah." He shifted the boy a bit, so he had a better grip on him. "I found you a successor, Cielo."