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Tsuna made his way to the address he was sent, and would have pranced through the gates if it were not for the horrific sight he was met with. The apartments were shabby, aged for the ancient and mold growing everywhere, the vines climbing the building were all dead and brown, and the once crème paint chipped beyond recognition. To say he was horrified would have been an understatement, and to ignore such filth... was a sin. How could the occupants live in such a thing! Did they have no humanity to clean it up a bit? Shaking his head the brunette marched on to the head office, temporarily forgetting about his silver haired friend in favor of chewing out the stingy old woman. "I demand you renovate your apartments, ma'am!"

The woman sneered. "And who are you to say such things?"

"I am but a civilian, passing by and was horrified that such a place exists!" Tsuna cried out.

"I don't take orders from you, kid." She snorted. "Let alone a civilian of all people, now scram!"

"I will not!" The brunette huffed indignantly. If she wanted to play stubborn, two can play at that game. "Not until you call for a renovation! Do you want your occupants to die in such an environment?!"

"Listen, brat!" A snarling dog would be ashamed to be outdone by an old lady. "It's none of your business! If they don't want to live here that's up to them! You have no right to stop them, nor do I! Now I want you gone or else I will call the police on you!"

Tsuna snorted. He checked the time and muttered curses in Italian as he gave one last final glare at the hag. "I'd love to stay and argue with you some more, but I have come to see a friend. And mind you, this isn't over yet, good day."

He stalked out of the building and immediately made it to Gokudera's apartment flat. The door was open, no lock to hold it secure, as the brunette barged in. "Hayato!"

A few scrambling and crashes were heard, along with some profanities, until a silver haired teen made an appearance from the hall, disheveled. His scowling features widened in disbelief. "Uccellino-sama?"

He then pinched the bridge of his nose. "Would it kill you to knock?"

"No, but this is unacceptable!" Tsuna huffed, crossing his arms childishly and pouted. "I can't have my best friend staying at such a crappy place!"

"As much as I am—"

"Don't start with the honored shit," He let out a breath, seemingly calming down from his stubborn high, he pinched the bridge of his nose, like the other. "Anyways, that could wait until another time, that old lady is stingy."

"And you threatened her." Gokudera deadpanned.

"Wha!? You make sound like I was the bad guy!" Tsuna gaped. "She was the one who threatened me!"

"Honestly, you should really keep your nose out of a lot of business, it's bad for the ego."

"E- I don't have an ego!"

"Everyone does, they just don't admit it."

"That's blasphemy!"

"You're in denial." The silver haired teen huffed as he pushed the brunette inside the flat. "And don't stand in the doorway, it creates a scene."

"Mou, when have you been this mean, Hayato?" Tsuna pouted as he took a seat on the decent couch.

"Since always." The older of the two snorted. "You just haven't seen it's worst end."

"And you have yet to mellow out, since Shamal left, you were pretty unstable." Tsuna retorted. He looked around the flat for the first time, letting a critical eye sweep every detail that it had to give. "You have cleaned the place out well."

Gokudera clicked his tongue. "You should have seen it when I had arrived."

Speckles chose that moment to pad in, meowing to be let in the conversation. Tsuna gave a look to his childhood friend as he stared at the tabby. "I didn't know you had other guests, Hayato."

"I don't, this guy here is Speckles, a stray I had picked up." Said teen grunted, his features softening when looking at the four-legged creature.

"This is a first." Tsuna commented absentmindedly, speculating the feline as well. "I never knew you were the type to pick up the strays."

Gokudera, disgruntled, didn't comment, instead he picked up the tabby and walked over to the brunette. "Speckles here, was unnourished, so I felt bad and took him in."

"Ever heard of a saint, Hayato?" The brunette smiled as he scratched behind the ears of the cat. "Because you are one."

A snort was the only answer he got. "I'll go make us some cup noodles."

"Yare, yare, you want to be Lambo-san's minion, don't you?" Lambo looked at his hand as if he were from a higher noble status, which he was, the other hand resting on his hip as he adopted a lazy bored look. He slid his gaze at his companion, who looked pretty much pissed off, a lazy smirk donning the features of the young Bovino child. "I'll let you become one if you would buy Lambo-san a lollipop."

The surrounding air of the other thickened to a murderous degree. Thus causing the child fright as he scampered behind the couch. "L-Lambo-san, i-isn't scared of y-you!"

"Baby herbivore..." Indeed it was the infamous Hibari Kyoya who had taken in the young Bovino. Sometimes, for the past three minutes to be precise, he wondered on how it came to be like this. He was on his usual rounds of disciplining and then the next second he had picked up the child who was sleeping behind a garbage can. If only he knew of the narcissistic habit, he would have left him there. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he let out a breath, trying to bring down the headache of his. He looked at the child who had now become dense to his murderous air, playing hide 'n go seek with himself around the room. He envied the way these baby herbivores were ignorant, though he wouldn't admit it even if his pride was on the line, he had always made up for it with being aloof. Sleeping in the day after a certain amount of paperwork. His attention was brought back when he noticed the baby herbivore picking his nose. Grimacing, he threw the tissue box with precision at it's afro.

"Gupyaa!" Lambo, growing teary-eyed, turned towards Hibari.

The teen in the room scoffed. "Blow your nose, baby herbivore."

If anyone from the Bovino Famiglia were present, especially the ones who were in charge of taking care of the young Bovino in his stay at the manor, would probably have their jaws hanging at how there was little to no effort in making the said child do something on his own. Bewildered in sone cases and others, mad.

Hibari kept an eye on the baby herbivore, thinking on ways he could get rid of it so he could go back to being his aloof self. A certain blonde made his way in his thoughts and smirked. Well he could always beat some discipline into the baby herbivore before handing it over to him.

Lambo involuntarily shivered as a sudden coldness enveloped him. If he wasn't a child, he would have considered that the doomsday was to be brought down on him. Too bad he didn't consider the thought, too preoccupied with trying to figure out how to blow his nose.


"Hayato, I doubt that you are seriously an old man in that young body of yours." Tsuna stated exasperatedly. He nursed his noodles, trying to feel the warmth that emanated from it.

The said teen scowled at tue reference. "I am not an old man!"

"Then I don't need to repeat myself." Tsuna replied calmly.

"I just don't get why I have to call you by the name of 'Tsuna'!" The telltale signs of irritation were beginning to show themselves on the silver haired teens features. "I'm sticking to 'Uccellino'!"

Tsuna sighed. "I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Hayato, aside from Reborn, no one else knows of it being my name."


"You're really stubborn, you know that?"

"That's one of my good points!"

The two teens bickered away with their topic dwindling off, to be forever forgotten. Speckles was merely enjoying the warmth, along with the bantering between his owner and his owner's friend but they didn't need to know that, of the sun filtering in from the window. Albeit in it's dying light. A glint caught the feline's eye, and as curious as it was it investigated. Unfortunately nothing seemed to catch his attention so he decided to shrug it off and sun bath again, before the sun was gone for good.

Tsuna glanced at the clock and stood up. "I have to leave now, Hayato. Thanks for letting me come over."

"You're always welcome here, Uccellino-sama."

"Just call me Tsunayoshi, I'm not going to hold this argument any longer." The brunette stated curtly. "I'll see you tomorrow!"

Before the silver haired teen could object the younger of the two teens sped off with a final wave to the older teen. Gokudera shook his head. "He never changes."

Heading back inside, he decided that a good read on UMAs would do him good until he slept.

"Tadaima!" Tsuna entered his house.

"Okeari, Tsu-kun!" Nana greeted her son. "Na-kun and Reborn-kun are upstairs."

"Where's dad?" He questioned, the man couldn't have left that early, could he?

"Your dad is out buying groceries, he'll be home soon." Tsuna nodded, and headed upstairs informing Nana of his whereabouts. Today was just tiring, going from here to there, and there to here, not to mention the yelling...

Opening Tonari's room, Tsuna was met with an unconscious blonde and an espresso sipping infant. Sitting down, he made a dismissive remark. "I hope you haven't killed him."

"Nothing can kill my students, no matter how stupid they are." Reborn chirped.


"Will you succeed the Vongola throne?"

Tsuna blinked. "What?"

A gun clicked. "I don't want to repeat myself."

"No, I heard, but what has that got to do with me?" The teen raised his hands in surrender. "You were assigned to Tonari, not me."

"And you have the same blood as Dame-Tonari." Reborn stated.

"Okay, point taken, but that doesn't mean that you can all of a sudden switch students." Tsuna pointed out. "You have a reputation to keep after all."

The fedora dipped, shadowing his grim expression. "Would you step up to the position when it's needed?"

"I don't get why you're asking me these things." Tsuna huffed. "I've had enough drama to last me a lifetime."

"This is an ongoing offer."

"Which I don't need."

"You're still as sassy as ever."

"Hold on, lemme have my Déjà vu moment."

The rest of the night there was gun shots, courtesy of a pissed hitman, and frantic brunette who was doing his best to save his skin from the rain of bullets.

Downstairs Iemitsu had come him and sat down with Nana, he grinned at the noise. "They're sure having fun aren't they?"

"Yup!" Nana giggled, snuggling closer to her husband, relishing the moment. "That shows how healthy they are!"

"Where did you get that saying from?" The blonde raised a brow at his wife.

"Ara? I think it was something Tsu-kun had said when he had first arrived." The brunette woman said thoughtfully.

"That's definitely my boy." Iemitsu laughed whole heartedly. Nana found herself agreeing with him. Finally her family was together, even though they were scattered, they were still in one place. She wouldn't ask for anything more.


When Schnitten arrived back at the Vongola manor, he wasn't expecting sirens to go off, wailing six yards away from the manor itself. Only one thing could cross his mind, and that was an attack.

Why else would they use the loudest of all sirens?

He sped his way through the halls and grimaced at the destruction brought down on the expensive decorations. Just who would do such a thing? Then again they weren't at their desks signing paperwork all day long. He had that experience once, and he didn't like it at all.

His fifty cups of coffee consumption was proof of such a dislike.

Schnitten made a sharp turn and bumped into Coyote. "Ah, hey, how's it holding up with you around here?"

Coyote didn't know on what to groan on, the carefree manner of his fellow Guardian, or the stupidity that came with it. Actually he could do both. And so he did. "You got to be blind if you're asking such questions, Schnitten."

"Ah, but you never know when illusions are involved." Schintten replied, chuckling lightly. "So, what's going on?"

Coyote huffed and got up, dusting his clothes, as Schnitten stood up as well. "We were attacked, again by the Varia."

The Rain Guradian of Vongola Nono tensed. So they decided to come at them now...

"All the others are okay, except for Nono," Coyote paused. "he has yet to appear, and explain things, damnit!"

Schnitten opened his mouth to ask the other a question, when one of the underlings of Visconti ran in. Skidding to a halt in the process, dangerously tipping over. "Master Coyote, Master Schnitten!"

He continued when Coyote signaled for him to continue. "Xanxus-sama has been thawed, sirs! Not a trace of him is left!"

That was when Schnitten felt a deep hole in his chest open.

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