A/N: This story was written as a birthday ficlet for a friend. Read this one with a box of chocolate. If there is any serious content in the story, it is purely by accident. It was meant to be a short fic, but apparently I can't write anything short. So, it is nine chapters of fun with a full plot.

"Resolute, this is Captain Rex. Requesting permission to dock."

Rex sat back in his seat, and cracked his neck. He was glad to be headed back home. It felt good to have completed his first solo mission and he was pleased that General Skywalker and Commander Tano entrusted him with a mission of such importance. But, it had been a grueling seven rotations and he was looking forward to a hot shower, a solid meal and rack time. Or, maybe rack time, a shower, and then a meal. No, food first. He was starved.

Rex brought one arm up and took a good whiff of himself. Ah, alright, out of courtesy for the rest of the Legion, shower first. But, then, straight to the mess. He had to eat.

"Captain Rex, this is the Resolute. You are cleared to land in Docking Bay 74. Be advised that we are detecting some unusual spacial anomalies in this area due to recent solar flares and suspected close proximity to a blackhole. Use extra caution as you approach."

Rex twisted his lips. Spacial anomalies? Blackhole? Couldn't they locate the ship someplace peaceful for once? He sighed and toggled the comm back on. "Acknowledged, Resolute. Approaching docking vector now."

He approached the ship high and wide, figuring he'd give any spatial anomalies a clear sweep. It was also nice to get a clear view of the Resolute after being away for a while. It might look like a standard Republic Cruiser to others, but it was so much more. Most everyone that he cared in the galaxy was onboard that ship, so wherever it may be, it was home.

He stifled a long yawn. A week of just ration bars had kept him alive and nourished, but his gut still felt so empty it was painful. He'd also barely slept. He was just going on adrenaline at this point. As soon as he delivered this surveillance data to General Skywalker, and raided the mess, he was hitting his rack.

Speaking of which, he was within range to establish a secure uplink and General Skywalker needed this mission data ASAP. Rex linked his HUD into the uplink and sent the data directly to General Skywalker. The high speed transmission burst took less than a second.

His eyes slid across the controls, and he double-checked his approach vector. Normally, when they flew anywhere, General Skywalker insisted on piloting. But, Rex was a competent pilot and had done well on his training during command school. Everything looked perfect-

Wait. He startled. Automatically sitting up straighter in his chair. What was that?! He double-checked the reading across one of the controls. That couldn't be right. He cross-referenced the numbers against every other display. No. It was way out of range.

"Resolute, this is Captain Rex. I'm getting some strange sensor readings out here."

He waited anxiously for a reply, suddenly noticing other panels were out of range. He was rapidly approaching the side of the ship.

And, there was no reply from the Resolute.

"Resolute, this is Captain Rex. Do you copy?"

The clone captain began to get a very bad feeling about this. The comm line suddenly dissolved into static, just as the entire ship began to shake.

Oh fek.

"Resolute, this is Captain Rex. I've hit spatial turbulence. My sensor readings are out-of-line. Should I continue in my vector approach? Advise."

In place of a reply, the static increased into a painful crescendo. A moment later, the enormous Jedi Cruiser vanished from sight.

Rex blinked, staring in astonishment out his view screen where the ship had been a moment before. It didn't look like as if the ship had activated the hyperdrive. There were no signs of debris, as if the ship had been destroyed. The ship had simply vanished.

Unsure what to do, Rex continued on his current course, anomalous readings and all, headed toward the spot where the Resolute had disappeared. That ship was home, and it meant everything to him. So wherever it had gone, he was going to follow.

Seconds later, he was regretting his decision to blindly follow the ship.

As soon as he entered the pocket of space where the Resolute had vanished, his ship began spinning out of control. Rex could do nothing to stop it. His head swam as the ship twisted and turned in directions it was never meant to go. His stomach heaved and Rex quickly fumbled with the latches on his helmet, determined to fulfill his lifelong mantra: 'I will never hurl in my bucket.'

The moment he released the seal, the ship careened wildly in the other direction and his helmet was jerked out of his hands. He heard the precious piece of equipment crash into a bulkhead. Free of his helmet, the nausea was a bit better, although Rex lamented the loss of his bucket and hoped it hadn't been damaged. Then, he decided that was probably the least of his worries. The Resolute was missing. He was spinning wildly out of control. He had no idea where the ship was going and if he was about to collide into an asteroid, a planet or a nearby star. Warning alarms started blaring in the cockpit. Screeches of sound, along with flashes of red.

Oh, yes. Things just definitely got a lot worse.

The ship felt like it was shaking apart. The spinning increased until his tortured system could take no more and he blacked out.

# # #