A/N: First Percy Jackson fic. Caleo, because for some reason I love them.

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She stands at the entrance to his mud brick forge, leaning against the doorframe, lips pursed and thin. She wants to tear it down. Brick by heated brick.

She wants to. She should. But she won't.

Calypso walks around the strange assortment of metal and wooden workbenches. She spotted his burned shirt on the floor. She remembered that and smiled. Calypso lied. That boys chest had been something to comment on.

Mentally slapping herself, she continues walking around the cramped workspace. Sitting on the workbench, she sees something. A flat slab of metal and plastic, centimeter thick, white iron disc showcasing four strange symbols. Most prominent was the small sign that said: menu. Two wires encased in rubber were attached to the device. She stuck the ends in her ears the way she'd seen Leo do before.

Instantly, a loud banging resonated through her eardrums, but strangely... she liked it. It reminded her of Leo. Loud, slightly annoying, but in the end, rhythmic, grounding.

She spent the rest of the day figuring the strange device out. Eventually, she found games (why would anyone want to stack cards atop each other? It sounded dreadfully boring to her) TV shows, (What was that silly Doctors name?) and finally a note, which read;


I guess I left my iPod behind, (iPod? That's what this strange metal device was called?) figures, I mean, I leave it everywhere. So, Island Girl, I guess that just means that I have to come back to get it. It's enchanted so you never have to charge it. Pretty cool, huh? So that makes it one of a kind. I'd hate to lose it. So... This means I'm coming back. And your coming with me. Okay? I promise. So don't think I'm giving up. I'm Leo Valdez. I never give up.

See you later Calypso


Calypso grinned. He was an idiot. But that was okay. He was her idiot.

She trusted him.

She didn't want to. She shouldn't. But she did.

Do I suck? Nah.

See you peeps soon.