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Eren was alone with his thoughts all he could picture in his mind were the deaths of squad Levi, and all involved in the secret mission of Wall Shina.

"I let them down…no I let them die" he grimaced at his haunting memories. The piercing words of Captain Hanne's came ringing into his spiral of thoughts.

'The reason you couldn't save your mother Eren, is because you lacked the strength.'

"Fuck! It's just like before, did nothing change?" he cried out, with a wave of hopelessness crashing over him.

Eren shuddered at the memory, laying there with his fist clenched so hard they were bloodless. Starring down at his lacerated legs, it sent intermittent spasms of pain throughout his entire being. His senses dulled from the shear pain, and ever so slowly he can feel his consciousness dwindle.

"D-dammit...Dammit Annie! Why are you doing this?" he mumbled as his hand reached out towards the dim light that had shown through the outlining set of teeth that had confined him.

Although his hearing was distorted he could make out the sounds of cannon fire and thunderous footsteps which echoed from outside.

"Annie w-we- I trusted you." Eren whispered as his hand gave in to gravity. The steady but declining sound of his beating heart was all he could hear. Black clouds pressed their way onto his vision, until there was complete darkness.

"Eren Yeager, Annie Leonhardt, your fate has been decided. You are charged with having committed conspiracy and treason against the crown I- Nile Dawk- chief of military police Have come to the conclusion that you two pose a severe threat to mankind, you two have been deemed for execution."

"W-what are you saying!?" Eren asked with a sense on confusion in his tone.

"We are Humanity's last chan-" Nile abruptly cut him off with a menacing tone -"you two are monsters amongst mankind and must be put down. Humanity cannot permit you two to infiltrate our walls, our only hope and savior."

Nile's words still echoing throughout the courtroom but they no longer reached Eren, as he was submersed in his thought dripped with angst and anger. He frantically looked to survey his surroundings to better grasp the situation. He noticed Annie beside him covered in bindings that completely rendered her mobility.

'Annie?' he thought to himself as he starred at her. A lone icy glowing eye had shown thru the strains of her golden bangs, not meeting his gaze. The loud pounding of Darius Zackly's mallet the supreme commander of the army had snapped Eren from his thoughts. The Military police began to escort them out of the courtroom. Where? Has the execution already begun?

Appalled by the situation, Eren stubbornly tried to resist. Flailing and kicking as they began to move him, he caught the gaze of Pastor Nick. The bastard that tried diligently to have him executed in order to prolong his own pathetic life within the walls. He wore an evil smirk as to signal for his victory which had sent Eren to his boiling point.

"You fucking cowards!" he screamed out as his body tensed with desperation, putting up more of a fight. His eyes quickly turned to the direction of Annie and noticed she had not fought back.

"Annie! Tell them they're wrong! Tell them we can still save humanity!" he cried out before succumbing to a breathless halt. As the guards continued to drag her away, she turned her head to him with a malicious grin plastered upon her lips, her figure slowly resembling the Female type Titan right before his eyes.

"N-no, it can't be..."

Eren's eyes shot open filled with terror, his breathing ragged. Trying to catch his breath, he felt relieved it had all been just a dream. His eyes not yet adjusted to the firelight that illuminated the room, it was uncomfortably hot. He tried to wipe the sweat off his brow only to realize his arms had been bound to his waist with enough slack to barely move. With his red hazy vision finally beginning to clear, he quickly observed his surrounding to determine his location. Everything was quiet except for the sound of crackling flames emitting from the fire place nearby, and raindrops lightly tapping on the roof top.

"Where am I?" he sighed wincing in pain as he tried to move his legs to no avail, he only cause a cloud of smoke to thicken the air. He slowly rolled the sheets off with his hands –he had just enough slack on his restraints to do so. Upon uncovering his lower half from the sheets he found steaming stumps had taking their place at the end of his knees.

Noticing they had been bandaged and properly taken care of along with his other wounds, his initial shock had regressed.

Eren's eyes widened as he heard footsteps approach the cabin door, the jiggle of the door knob left him in utter anticipation, two outlined shadows of legs had shown below the thin opening beneath the door.

The door creaked open, the rusty hinges releasing a loud unpleasant squeal of grinding metal.

A mysterious yet oddly familiar silhouette appeared, her shadow giving the impression to be bigger than she actually was.

Annie walked in nonchalantly as her gaze met Eren's emerald stare, slightly surprised that he managed to arise despite the severe condition his body was in.

"Good morning." she say's with a serious tone. Eren stay's quiet, a look of bewilderment on his face.

'Annie…is she trying to be kind?' he want's to curse her out in anger, but the last words he wanted to say instinctively escaped his lips.

"Good morning." As he exhaled trying not to maintain direct eye contact.

The awkward silence stretched between them until finally she made her way towards the fireplace. Taking a knee she began to place more wood into the fire.

"I think it's hot enough!" he said bluntly.

completely disregarding Eren's words, she continued to hurl more wood into the fire.

"How are you feeling?" she spoke halfheartedly, keeping her gaze onto the fire.

"Tch- I'm feeling just fine considering being tied up like an animal, this heat isn't helping either!"

"Oh?" her blue eyes wandered over to him.

Anne stood up, and started walking towards Eren slowly reaching into the side pocket hidden within her left boot. A sudden shine reflected off a steel blade as she angled it towards him continuing to approach.

A somewhat amused grin crept its way onto her lips as she noticed a look of fear upon his face.

'So this is it huh? she's going to kill me here and now?' so many thoughts were clouding his mind. His body seemingly stopped shaking, a feeling of impassiveness lingered.

'Do I even care anymore? i probably wont ever see Mikasa or Armin ever again anyways.' He closed his eyes to imagine how the outside world would be.

Her footsteps got closer and closer as he slowly reopened his eyes to meet hers.

Leaning over him she took the blade and edged it closer to his body, holding down his arms she cut the rope binding his arms together. She leaned in closer, her lips mere inches from his ear.

"Happy now?" She whispered in her usual impassive tone.

The warmth of her breath sent shivers down his body, yet he didn't make any effort to move away.

"Um…Annie why do you" -he was searching for a way to put it-"care about how I'm feeling?"

He paused. What was he saying? was the girl that so mercilessly hunted him down trying to be kind?

Eren turned his head to avoid the somewhat intimate stare they had held, inching his body away too create some space. Feeling the moderately light weight of Annie sitting beside him on the bed, he continued to avoid eye contact.

"You seemed devoted on capturing me, I imagine you must intend on torturing me for information on how Survey Corps operates."

"Huh?"she said with a slight hint of amusement.

Her face was off for only a second, as if she hadn't expected him to say something like that.

'Leave it to an idiot to jump to conclusions.' she thought to herself.

"I'm Not your enemy, besides i think i tortured you enough during our sparring sessions."

He seemed to be unfazed by her words as if he did not hear them, he was always so unpredictable and it drove Annie mad.

"I have no hatred towards you Eren Yeager, I believe you're the one that hates me right now." her serene eyes focused on Eren to catch a glimpse of his reaction.

He strangely enjoyed the way she said his name with such a soft gentle tone. He ever so desperately wanted to reply 'I don't hate you' but the words were stuck in his subconscious desires. Knowing well enough to realize he shouldn't be having these feelings, he tried to get his mind off of things. The sudden flashing memories of what she had done to his comrades had pried its way back into his concentration.

The abrupt screech of his grinding teeth filled the room.

She can hear him hyperventilate as his breathing became irregular. She leaned in to see his face hoping is she can decipher what was wrong, again his unpredictability was driving her mad.

"Why"- He exclaimed his words bathe with anger and betrayal-"why did you betray us? was everything you've done during our 5 years training together all an act just to get close enough to kidnap me?!"

"I said I wasn't your enemy." she sighed rolling her eyes.


Eren laid there desperately waiting for a reply. A couple seconds of silence between them had felt like minutes. His hands were curled tightly into fists, his lips distorted into a scowl, patiently waiting for her reply he trailed off into his realm of thoughts.

'I can take her out now even without my legs, I just have to transform before she can react.'

His mind was in turmoil, he knew what she had done and part of him could never forgive her. On the other hand he believed he can change her for better. He believed he can crack her cold demeanor..save her. Stubbornly knowing that everyone within the wall's still won't accept her, he didn't care.

"Tell you what" her voice piercing the silence and removing him from his thoughts.

"You can have all the mysteries behind the titans and yourself answered once we reach my village, hell you can even have your revenge on me if that's what you want so bad," she smirks at the thought of fighting Eren again.

"Or you can kill me right here right now."

Eren shockingly flinches as if she knew what he was planning, as if she knew what thoughts crept in his mind.

"You can be the hero that vanquished the Female titan, and return to those empty walls and live a lie." she said coldly.

"but know this-" she suddenly stopped talking and looked out the window.

"Going back will be the death of you."



"The choice is yours Eren."

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