An Excess of Shaving Cream

Dean laughed at the cat and mouse on the TV. The Bugs Bunny and Tweety show is the best. A total classic. Dad was out for the day and Dean was planning on spending the whole Day on the couch. If dad were home, he'd have had to train or something. He was planning on making a good use of his day off. Sylvester was about to fall off a building when his show was interrupted.

"Hey Dean!" Sam shouted, from what sounded like the bathroom. There were only a couple rooms, so it really wasn't hard to figure which one out. "Dean come here! Come quick!"

Dean sighed, wondering what his seven year old brother had found this time. "I'm coming Sam. Honestly, if you're making me get up 'cause you can't find your toothbrush or something I'm gonna- What the hell!" Dean said, wiping something off his face.

Sam was laughing his ass off, clutching his sides. "I found Dad's shaving cream!" He laughed some more, almost gaining a bit of control over himself. "You totally fell for it!"

Dean grabbed one of the cheap towels and flung it at Sam's face. "Dad's gonna kill you if he finds out you've been playing with his stuff."

The seven year old crossed his arms and cocked his head smugly, still quite proud of himself. "You're just mad 'cause I got you."

Dean frowned and snatched the container of shaving cream from his brother. "Well, you know what?" And with that he turned the shaving cream on full throttle, straight into his brother's face."

Sam sputtered ducked behind the shower curtain, his makeshift fort. He glanced around looking for something he could use against Dean. Soap, shampoo, shower head! It was one of those removable hose kinds. He jumped up a bit to reach it and luckily on the second try he managed to get a solid enough grip to pull it down.

Grinning from ear to ear, Sam opened a crack in his fort to let loose the rapids on Dean. "Ha! Take that Dean!"

Dean, thinking as fast as one could while being sprayed by your younger brother, ducked, with his hand on the shaving cream trigger locked and loaded nailing Sam in the face, even though he was still being sprayed.

They both continued, sort of in a dead lock, but both not really caring. They were having fun and laughing harder than they had since their last move.

At least until the bathroom door opened. Not thinking, both of them startled and turned towards the door, forgetting to turn of the weapons of choice.


"Hi... Dad."

John Winchester, scruffy beard, leather jacket, just back from a hunting trip, was standing I the doorway covered head to toe in shaving cream, and completely drenched.

There was a moment of silence where no one even breathed. The boys were not quite sure what was about to go down. They'd probably have to clean everything up and do extra laps and-

"Well, don't just stand there boys. I thought you were cleaning me off from my hunt."

And that was how Sam got to spray a fully clothed John Winchester in the bath tub and Dean got his first shaving practice.

AN So this is my attempt at some younger Winchesters. I wrote it for my Writers Craft class. Please feel free to tell me what you thought and leave a review! Reviews keep me motivated. And Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians! -Ash