World number one jumper is a girl! Isn't that a surprise? Other than the special jumping ability, she also has super acting ability despite her young age. Yet not one notices that specialness for 16 years! Kyoko Mogami, a 16 years old girl, is about to first entering the show biz world through the help of Lory. What does that have to do with the Japan's number one male actor? We will see soon!

Me: I hate doing this...

Someone: But I want to read it!

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Kyoko (trying to hide her laugher): O-ok, sempai.

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Chapter 1

"Mother, where are you going?" A five year old little girl asked with sleepy eyes. She looked up at her mother at the doorway while holding a bear plush.

"I have enough of this house!" The woman said coldly, not looking at the girl.

Surprised, the small child stood in shocked for a few seconds. When she reacted, she ran to the woman grabbed her dress with teary eyes. "Mother! Please don't leave! I will be a good child! I will! I promise! I will do my best!"

Slap! A loud sound crossed the air. With a dulled thudded sound, the small child landed on the floor.

With angry eyes, the woman looked down at her own child. "Your best is no longer enough!" Her face twisted into a disgusted expression. "If only you weren't born, then my life won't be so miserable." Turn back to the doorway that lead outside the house, the woman took her luggage with her. "I'm done with you!"

Beep beep beep! The alarm sounds woke the teenager up from her sleep.

Sixteen years old Kyoko Mogami slowly got up from the bed with tear stained eyes which is caused by the dream she had, or perhaps call it memory more correctly.

Today is Monday. This is an important day for the young Kyoko. She will be going to the airplane to the States, where she will be starting her acting career over the sea under the L.M.E. while going to school at same time.

Kyoko is an abandoned child with black hairs and brown eyes. After her mother abandoned her when she was five, she started living with her mother's friends, the Fuwa Inn couples and their son Shotaro Fuwa, who left the family one years ago to the States to entering the entertainment world. It, of course, broke Kyoko's heart. But since it wasn't the first time someone important left her, Kyoko got over it within time. Kyoko develop the ability to act since her mother left her. She needs to be strong even when she wants to cry. She always tries to please others even when she's tired and sick. But despites all the pain and hardship in her life, Kyoko's never disheartened, which earn her the reward of today's trip.

Two weeks before today, a group of acting crews reserved the inn for a shot. The group belongs to the biggest entertainment company in the world, L.M.E.. The Japan's number one actor, Ren Tsuruga, belong to this company. He's a fast rising star in the Japan acting industry who had just entered the overboard entertainment world a year ago. Two weeks ago he came with this group of people to the Fuwa Inn. He immediately took a liking to Kyoko's professional spirit. Kyoko had always likes his acting. Thus, during the time they were shooting the scenes for their newest movie, Kyoko had watch on the side with enthusiasm. One day, the director for the movie, accidently saw Kyoko secretly practicing one of the scene she saw them doing the day. Surprised at how great her acting is, the director had immediately contact his boss, Lory Takarada, who flight to Japan right away.

During their first meeting, Lory tested Kyoko's acting ability using Ren's help. Despite how nervous she was before entering the room, Kyoko immediately went into her normal nakai (staff) spirit, which surprised all that's watching. During the test, when mentioned her mother, Kyoko had went into panic attack. Other than that, Lory Takarada was really pleased with the girl. Later he gains knowledge of Kyoko's relationship with her mother from the Fuwa couples, which angered him into asking why they didn't help the poor girl before. Unsatisfied with their answer though understanding their actions, Lory had asked who has Kyoko's guardianship now. The couples answered it's in their hands. Lory asked whether he can adopt Kyoko into his company. When they refused, he asked the reason. The ryokan (Japanese style inn) owners replied that it has to do with Kyoko's health problems. They told him Kyoko doesn't only have panic attacks, but also heart problems since she was born. What's more is that she also developed asthma after her mother left her. Lory thought about it for a day and then told them that he still will like to take Kyoko to the States into the show biz. The ryokan couples finally agreed.

After that, everything happened in the blink of an eye. A week ago, Kyoko's passport was accepted. That's why today she's leaving the Fuwa Inn for the first time in eleven years.

At the doorway of the ryokan, there stood the Fuwa couples and their employees with a nervous Kyoko.

"Did you have all your stuff, Kyoko?" Sho's mother, the head of the ryokan, asked gently.

"Yes, Okami-sama," Kyoko nervously twisted the bag around.

Smiled gently, Sho's mother said, "Don't be nervous. Trust in your own ability, Kyoko-chan, and everything will be fine."

Kyoko nodded quietly.

"Kyoko, remember," Sho's father said quietly. "If you have any problem, call us. We will always be here for you."

"Thank you for taking care of me for so many years," Kyoko said and bowed to everyone.

"May all luck be with you, Kyoko-chan," one of the elder employee smiled with tear stained eyes. "We will be watching the TV for your face."

"Thank you," again Kyoko bowed.

A man named Sebastian, Lory's butler, appeared behind Kyoko and said gently. "It's time to go now, Mogami-sama..."

He turned to the Fuwa couple and bowed. "Master Lory said to tell you that we would definitely watch out for Mogami-sama. When she has time, we would let her come and visit."

"Ok, please thank Takarada-san for us," Fuwa Inn's male owner said formally. "We will leave Kyoko in your hand now."

With another bow, Kyoko climbed on to the white limo while Sebastian holds the door for her. Tears dropped down her cheek in silence as the door closed. The ryokan's owners and the employees waved their goodbye as the car drive away.

Twelve hours later at 11:50a.m., Kyoko finally arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport together with Sebastian.

It was the first time for Kyoko to ride an airplane. She was excited on the plane, but after 3 hours of excitement, Sebastian had reminded her to take her asthma pills which have a side effect of sleepiness. Before the plane landed, he had waked her up.

Now standing at the exit while waiting for their car to pick them up, Kyoko continued to look around with renewed energy. Just then another white limo like the one she rode in Kyoto arrived. Lory Takarada stepped out of the car in a sparkling England royal dress with a sword at his side.

Everyone in the airport at the exit stopped and stared at him with gapping mouth.

"Welcome to USA, Kyoko-chan!" He hugged the surprised girl. Hold her back a little and looked at her, he beamed with a big smile. "I'm so glad you safely arrived here. Now, before we continue to talk, let's get in the car." Lory gentle but swiftly turn the girl that's still in shocked to the car and helped her get on before he himself got on.

As the car drive away from the airport, Kyoko finally got over her shocked. Composed herself, she smiled and bowed her head to toward Lory.

"Hello, Takarada-san," Kyoko said shyly. "Thank you very much for inviting me here."

Lory laughed. "Don't be so stiff and shy, Kyoko-chan. Relax. I'm not going to bite you."

Kyoko smiled.

"Now," Lory said in a more serious tone, "Kyoko-chan, I know you just arrived here, but there's a favor I would like you do for me. I was going to let you enjoy a few days of fun and getting use to this new environment, but this is really urgent."

"It's ok," Kyoko said quickly, sensing that he's trouble by something. "If there's anything I can doing, please just tell me, Takarada-san."

Lory smiled at the gentle girl. "Well, you see, there's a movie that's being shot today, and one of the extras suddenly has an accident. I couldn't found anyone to replace her so fast, but you arrive just in the nick of time. Of course, if you don't want to, it's ok."

Kyoko hesitated. "But I'm not sure I could do it. I have never been acting in front of anyone or a camera before. I don't want to cause trouble for anyone…"

Lory inwardly sighed. He had been warned by the Fuwa Inn couples that Kyoko's really sensitive and never like causing trouble for anyone even when she's not really a trouble.

It must be because of the trauma of her childhood, Lory thought.

Slowly reaching over and covered her small hands, which grasped her skirt tightly, with his own large hands, Lory said softly and smiled. "Don't worry too much. You are not troubling anyone, Kyoko-chan. It's true that you are inexperience, but if you do not give it a try, you can never know what you really can do, right?"

Kyoko looked down and nodded softly.

"So," Lory pulled her chin up to meet his eyes and smiled, "would you like to take the roll, Kyoko-chan? It's not that big of a roll. You will only have 3-4 sentences, but you definitely would save me and the director's trouble of searching for one as soon as possible."

Kyoko closed her eyes for a minute. When she opened them again, there's nothing but determination. "If I could help out, please let me do it."

"Thank you, Kyoko-chan!" Lory whooped loudly. Leaning back, Lory quickly slipped out his phone and called someone.

When it was pick up, he said, "This is Takarada. Tell the director that I have found him a replacement for that extra. We are now on our way to the school. I think we would be there in 15 minutes." Pause. "It's ok. Just tell him that. I will take care the smaller details when we get there." Before the other person on the phone can say another word, Lory closed his phone.

Looking at Kyoko, Lory grinned. "I think we would also get the transfer done today too." He said thoughtfully.

"Transfer?" Confused, Kyoko asked.

"Yes, the school transfers," Lory replied. Picking up a folder on the side of the seat, he continued. "I have already got your transcripts and everything for school. We may as well get it done today. Though, you don't need to start the school until we are done with the moving and other things."

"But," Kyoko started.

"Now now," Lory smirked. "Kyoko-chan, don't tell me you are afraid of schools?"

"No, but," Kyoko stuttered.

"It's ok," Lory grinned. "Today you are only going to shot the movie and visit the school. If you like the school, we would do the actual transfer later."

At the relief on her face, Lory laughed. Just then the limo stopped. In a few seconds, the door of the limo opened by Sebastian.

Lory and Kyoko stepped out of the car and found themselves in front of a huge high school. The name of Hollywood High School can be clearly seen with Sheik Territory on the bottom.

"Kyoko-chan," Lory turns to Kyoko and said with a smile. "You go and look around the school while I talk with the director. Meet us in Room 203 one hour later. Ok?"

Kyoko nodded. As she was about to leave, Sebastian suddenly appeared in front of her with her bag. "Please don't forget your bag, Mogami-sama," the man passed her bag. "Your medicines are also in there."

"Thank you," Kyoko said gratefully.

Half an hour later, as Kyoko passed by the gym floor, she saw several people there playing basketball. Excited about the game and the people that's jumping and running around, she sat down on the bench and start watching the game.

Because of her asthma, she never played those games before. Kyoko's always careful not to trouble anyone. Plus the bill every time for an attack is really expensive, so she's careful to not get excite too much.

When one of the boys did a jump shot, Kyoko jumped up and whooped loudly. This attracts the attention of the players and other onlookers. Whisperings started on the court. Realized the attention she had attract, Kyoko quickly bowed and walked down the bench, trying to get away from the gym.

One of the boys ran over to her. "Hold on," he said with a smile. "Are you a new student here?"

Because of the foreign customers that came to the inn, Kyoko can speak perfect English. She bowed and said in English. "I'm sorry that I interrupted your game. I did not mean to do that."

"Oh," the boy smiled. Several of other boys came over too. "That's alright. Don't worry about it. By the way, my name's Jonathan. Just John will be ok."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. John," Kyoko again bowed, just like how she always greet the guests at the inn. "My name is Kyoko Mogami. I'm just here to visit the school and finishing some business."

"I see. Nice to meet you too, Kyoko" John smiled at the polite Asian girl. Sharing a few meaningful looks at his friends in a conversational way, he asked. "I saw how excited you are while watching our game. Would you like to give it a shot?"

Hesitated, Kyoko looked at the ball one of the boys hold out to her and then back to John's face. "Thank you, but I'm afraid I don't know how to play the game."

John and his group laughed loudly. Another boy chirped. "All you have to do is throw the ball into the basket. Like this."

The boy who spoke snatched the ball and ran to the basket. With one hand bouncing the ball, he jumped into the air and slam dunks the ball into the basket. Once his feet got back on the floor, someone passed the ball back to him.

"See? This is easy," the boy said with a huge smile. Throwing the ball to John who's closer to me, he encouraged. "You try it, Kyoko." John put the ball in her hands.

"But…" Kyoko wavered.

"It's ok you don't jump," another boy encouraged. "Get a little closer, and just throw the ball. No one will laugh at you even if you didn't get it in on your first try, Kyoko. Right, guys?"

Several of the boys agreed with a laugh. "Right, no one will laugh at you, Kyoko." John laughed and jokingly punched a guy who said no as a joke. "If they do, I will make them see hell."

"Hmmm," Kyoko asked, "all I have to do is throw this in there like how you shown me, right?"

"Yeah," John smiled. The others also smiled and make way for her.

I have never play this game before, Kyoko thought to herself, and I really want to try it. One time won't hurt.

Closing her eyes and take a deep breath, Kyoko slowly started to bounce the ball. Instead of getting closer to the basket and just throw the ball, once she's sure the ball still in her control, she ran to the basket while dribble the ball.

As she got close, she jumped into the air with ball and-BAM! She dunked the ball into the basket with both hands and then hang on to the rim.

The whole gym was in silence. Just as Kyoko jumped down, the court broke into loud claps.

"You are amazing, girl!" John beamed. He stood next to Kyoko who is trying to calm her breathing without anyone noticing.

"Yeah," the boy who shown Kyoko how to play the ball said with respect. "I didn't know girls can jump so high!"

"Thank you," Kyoko smiled meekly.

"How about a game with us?" An orange hair boy asked with a laugh as he holds out the basketball toward Kyoko. "Or do you have to go soon?"

In a second, the ball was in Kyoko's hand again. With a challenging grin, Kyoko run while dribbled the ball in one hand.

Accepting her challenge, the orange hair boy shot for the ball and the game started again with Kyoko in the group.

About half an hour later, when Kyoko tried to dunk the ball in the basket again, her legs gave out when she landed before anyone can give out a cheer as the ball dropping through the basket.

"Kyoko!" John yelled with some other boys who saw her falling. Everyone rushed toward her gasping form on the floor.

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