Ren *Smacked*: Wake up, Nala!

Kyoko (dripping sweats):…

Me (glaring at Ren): You are so violent!

Ren: Only to you!

Me (mumbling to myself): Hope you never get a girlfriend!

Ren (raise a hand): What did you said, Nala-chan?

Me: Hmph.

Kyoko (get between us): Now now, don't be like that. Nala-chan, please do the disclaimer so the readers can start on the story.

(Me return to sleep. Kyoko trying to hold Ren back.)

Ren: You!

Kyoko (with tears in eyes but still holding him away from me): T-Tsuruga-san, p-please calm down. Let us do the disclaimer in her place!

Ren (sneak a hand passed Kyoko and smacked my head again. Me: OUCH!): Yes, Mogami-san, let us.

Ren & Kyoko (together): Nala doesn't own Skip Beat! except the idea of this fanfic!




*All sounds are bold and italic.

Chapter 2

"Kyoko!" John and several boys surrounded Kyoko, who was down on the floor with one hand grasping her throat while gasping for air.

While someone tried to get a teacher, Kyoko continued to wheezing while trying to talk.

"B-b-" Kyoko stuttered.

"What are you saying?" John tried to make sense of her through her stuttering, but it was futile in his panic.

"What's wrong here?" A man's voice came from the back of the crowds. When he pushed through the group of people and saw Kyoko's limped form in John's arms, he cried out in alarm in Japanese. "Mogami-san?!"

Sensed that the man seems to know her, the onlookers quickly made way for him so he can get to Kyoko's side.

The man with glasses dropped beside Kyoko and asked quickly. "Are you having an attack? Where are your medicines?"

Luckily, though about to faint, Kyoko managed to stuttered, "B-ba-bag…"

"Where's her bag?" The glasses man asked loudly.

Someone quickly passed him the bag. Quickly as lightning, he found the inhaler and pressed it to Kyoko's mouth.

With a sudden strength, Kyoko managed to inhale the strong medicine inside.

After a few minutes, Kyoko lean against John tiredly.

"Thank you very much," Kyoko said weakly.

The man with glasses smiled softly. "My name is Yukihito Yashiro. I'm with the L.M.E. I'm Ren Tsuruga's manager." The man introduced in Japanese. "Because you didn't come to meet us in Room 203 in an hour, the president was worried and sent me and some others to search for you."

Suddenly remembered the meeting, which was supposed to be half an hour earlier, Kyoko sat up in alarmed. "I'm so sorry!"

"Relax," the man called Yashiro said quickly and stopped Kyoko when she tried to bowed. "We still have time. You just had an attack. I will call the President and tell him to give us some time so you can rest for a while."

With a glove hand, he slipped out a phone from his pocket. Before he could dial the number, a hand stopped him.

"I'm ok now," Kyoko said firmly. "There's no reason to push the time back. Didn't the director want to shot the scene quickly?"

Without waiting for another word, she looked at John who was still holding her. Realizing their position, Kyoko blushed and said quickly. "Thank you, John. I'm fine now."

"Are you sure?" He asked with a worried face.

"Yes," she replied while trying to get up.

Easily, John pushed both of them up from the ground. With a few deep breathe, Kyoko let go of John's hands.

"Thank you for the help and letting me play the game," Kyoko smiled and bowed to the group.

"No problem," John smiled. "I hope we can play again next time, Kyoko. Though next time, without the drama of you fainting, of course," he blinked understandingly.

Embarrassed, Kyoko lowered and buried her face. "I'm truly sorry for the trouble," she bowed again.

"That's not what I mean," John quickly said, understood that she had mistaken him blaming her.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you," Yashiro interjected, "but Mogami-san, we have to go now. I'm sure you two will have the chance of meeting again when you start going to school here."

"Really?" John and the guys who had played the game with her asked in surprise.

"Yes," Kyoko answered hesitatingly. "I will be coming here as a student when the transfer process is done, though I have no idea when."

"Then come here to the gym when you transfer here," John smiled while the others nodded eagerly. "Then let's play together again if you could."

Kyoko smiled. "Please. Let us meet again." With another bow, she followed Yashiro and left the gym.

Fifteen minutes later, the two of them arrived at Room 203. Yashiro had called beforehand so the search team could be stop. As soon as the door opened, Kyoko was crushed into a large strong chest. Kyoko froze in shocked.

"Kyoko-chan!" Lory Takarada's voice came from above her head. Hold her away from him a little so he could see her, he said with a worried expression. "I was so worried when you didn't come, Kyoko-chan!"

Kyoko smiled apologetically. "I'm truly sorry, Takarada-san."

Behind her, Yashiro pushed the glasses up with a smile. "She was so caught up in a basketball game that she forgot the time of our meeting. It's really understandable, President," he said smilingly.

"A basketball game?" Lory asked with shocked. He looked hard at Kyoko, which made her look down in shame. "What about your asthma? Did it not kick in?"

"Well," Kyoko started to say while shifting her feet nervously.

"It did," Yashiro answered for her. "Luckily I arrived. She already took the medicine."

"WHAT?!" Lory roared. Staring hard at Kyoko, which only made her more nervous, Lory shook his head in disapprove. Gently but firmly pushed her to the sofa, Lory said to Sebastian. "Bring her some tea!" Sebastian obeyed and left to prepare the tea.

"And you, young lady," Lory stared down at Kyoko with cross arms. "What in the world were you think? Today is your first day and you got yourself an attack. What, just what, were you thinking, Kyoko-chan?"

"I, I'm sorry," Kyoko whispered.

Just as Lory was about to continue, a hand stopped him. "President, I think that's enough," a man's voice said. "She seems to understand her mistake now. There's really no more need to make her feel more bad, right?"

Slightly raise her head so she could see who speak up for her, her gaze first met a pair of long legs until eventually met a pair of brown eyes.

Finally, she realized. The speaker is none but the famous Japan male actor, Ren Tsuruga!

Kyoko's mouth drop opened slightly at the man whose shows and movies she loved watching.

When Ren notice her gaze, he turn and looked at her with his signature gentleman's smile. He bowed slightly.

"Nice to see you again, Mogami-san," he said politely.

Quickly get up from the sofa and bow in return, Kyoko said quickly. "Ni-nice to meet you again, Tsuruga-sama!"

On the side, both Lory and Yashiro laughed sinisterly behind their hands.

Ren send a glare at the two shaking man without Kyoko noticing. Touching her shoulder gently, he smiled. "Please relax, Mogami-san. After all, starting today, you and I will be senpai and kohai starting now."

"Yes, Tsuruga-senpai," Kyoko bowed shyly.

Satisfied, Ren Tsuruga nodded with a smile. Yashiro and Lory continued to laugh behind Kyoko. Just then, Sebastian came back with four drinks for each of them. All now sitting down somewhere in the room while only Sebastian stood behind Lory, Lory speak up while taking a sip from his black coffee looking tired and in thought.

"Since you just had an attack," Lory started, "we better let you rest for the day, Kyoko-chan."

"I'm fine," Kyoko protested. "I can work. I really can, President!"

Reaching out and putting a calming hand on her shoulder, Lory said with a smile. "Of course I know you can, but this is your first day. You have been riding the airplane for twelve hours from Japan to here. Plus there's a time difference of 8 hours. Just now you also had an attack. Your body is been under too much stress already. I don't want you to fall sick right after you came. You understand, Kyoko?"

Kyoko looked sad while looking down at her own hands on her lap. She knows that he's thinking for her own good, but she really don't want to trouble the director who's in trouble and in a hurry to finish the scene today.

Sensing her thoughts, Lory tried to comfort her. "It's ok, Kyoko-chan. I can ask someone else to replace that extra. It's really not that much trouble."

Quietly, she nodded while still looking disappointed. She really wants to act, but deep down, she knows that Lory is right. She can feel weakness starting in her body, which always shows when she's at her limit.

On the side, Ren and Yashiro looked at dejected girl. Suddenly, Ren spoke up.

"President," he said. "Why not let her try it first while we wait for the replacement to come? If she's truly good, then I think the director won't mind taking breaks if she's tired."

"But," Lory hesitated.

"It's a good idea," Yashiro interrupted. "We really do need to finish shooting this by today. Ren's schedule can't effort to be push back. This is his last job for the day, so it's alright for him to stay late. But for the director, he also can't reserve the school for another time. The replacement won't be able to come in at least for another 30 minutes. That's such a waste of time, President. Why don't we just let Mogami-san do it? As long as she takes break in between the scenes, won't that be okay?"

Staring at Yashiro and Ren, Lory thought unhappily. Hmph. Both of you are on her side. That's so not fair! Look at Kyoko, he pouted inside. I shouldn't have taken her here. Feels like they are trying to snatch away my new toy! When he saw Kyoko's pleading face, he sighed inwardly. Oh well, I suppose this will be a good experience for her even if she can't do it.

"I understand," Lory sighed aloud and lean back. "But if the director says no, then we are leaving right away so Kyoko can rest for the day."

"Thank you!" Kyoko jumped up and bowed first to Lory, then to Yashiro and Ren.

With a smile at the girl, Yashiro slipped out his phone with his gloved hand and call the director.

A few minutes later, Yashiro closed the phone with a huge grin. "The director has agree. He says it's ok to take a longer break between the scenes as long as we get to finish the shooting today."

Lory pouted. "I know I'm the one who suggest the idea of using her as the replacement, but it's so unfair how you two gang up on me like that!" He whined to Yashiro and Ren like a child.

Both men laughed loudly.

"You are just trying to keep Mogami-san to yourself, President," Ren accused laughingly. "You just want to have fun with her by yourself."

Kyoko's face became tomato red while the three men continued to laugh.

Fifteen minutes later, all of them came to another room. It's a regular classroom with tables and chairs. The differences between this classroom and the others are the amount of people and machines of cameras and lines.

As Kyoko's gaze shifted to the left, she saw a distressed Japanese man standing by a chair giving orders to everyone around him.

"Put a light there! The replacement girl should be here soon! You, go prepare the school uniform so she can change into it right away!" When he saw someone who made a mistake, he started yelling with both hands pulling his hairs. "No! Be careful! Move those lines to another place!"

When he notices Lory and the others' attention, the man flied to them with tears in his eyes. "Takarada-san, you are finally here!"

"Calm down, Director Ogata-san," Lory placed a soothing hand on the man's shoulder. "I have already brought you the girl who can replace your missing extra."

"Thank you thank you!" The man named Ogata continued to cry. "You have no idea how grateful I am to you right now, Takarada-san!"

"Now now," Lory said with a small smile. "That's a bit too much. If you would just calm down quickly, then I can introduce you to your real lifesaver."

Quickly, with a few deep breaths, Ogata calmed himself down.

"This is Kyoko Mogami," Lory moved to the side and revealed Kyoko's petite form. "She just came to L.A. from Japan. She's new to the business and has never act in front of a camera before, but I can assure you she do know how to act as long as you tell her clearly what she should do."

"Nice to meet you, Director Ogata," Kyoko bowed. "My name's Kyoko. Please take care of me." All her signs of nervous is gone from her. This is just like the time when Lory tested her.

"Welcome to US, Mogami-san," Ogata said with tears again falling down. "I am Ogata Hiroaki, the director for this high school movie. I'm really thankful to you for your help."

"I'm glad I could be of help," Kyoko smiled. She sensed this isn't a bad man. This man is a bit emotional wreck, but still a good man deep down.

"I really want to talk some more," Ogata looked at the watch on his hand once, "but we really need to hurry up and finish the shots by today. You can follow her," he waved someone over, "to the dressing room. I will summarize the plot of what you should do after that."

"Hold on a second," Lory suddenly interfered. "Director Ogata-san, Kyoko's having a really hectic day. Her health isn't that well. If you really want to act, I will only allow it as long as she can rest a bit longer in-between the scenes."

Hesitated for a second, then Ogata nodded his head. "Fine, she doesn't have that much scenes anyway. I can shot the other unfinished parts while she's resting."

Satisfied, Lory nodded. After Kyoko's being led away by the woman, Yashiro spoke up next to Lory.

"Are you sure you don't need to test her out first, Director?" He asked while push the glasses up a bit. "This is her first time standing in front of a camera to act. She may be too nervous and freeze up during the scene."

Ogata looked thoughtful while glance his watch again. "You are right," he agreed. "I think I have time to test her once. If she cannot do it, then I have no choice but to do the other scenes first and make another reservation another time."

Lory and Ren shared a knowing gaze and smiled. They said nothing against the director's hesitation.

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