Midwinter Wrath


During his third year of marriage, Draco was surprised to run into Theodore Nott. He and the younger boy had been close during school and it was surprising, in a good way, to see the man again after so long.

The two men united and immediately went to a pub, at which, Draco phoned his wife to let her know the circumstances.

"You're married?" Theo said as their drinks arrived.

"Three years. I'm surprised you haven't heard."

"I'm surprised you're married. Period. You always had the worst of luck with girls."

"Well, admittedly there were a few failures."

"A few? You dated half the school and they all tore your heart into tiny pieces."

"Did not."

"Did so. Who's the lucky lady?"

Draco told him. For a second THeo's face was blank then he must have recognized the name.

"Holy Merlin! YOu married her? What the hell? She's a-"

"I know."

"But, Draco, she's-"

"I know."

"I thought you were going to marry Pansy or not at all."

"I changed my mind."

"Then what's it like? What's she like?"

Draco thought about it for a long while. "Midwinter," he replied.


"Midwinter is my favorite day, Theo. It's the shortest day and the longest night. It can be sweet and temperate or cold and bitter. It can be the longest night or the shortest day of your life. And my wife can make nights sweet and terrible. She's everything I need."

"I think you'd better start from the beginning."

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