Chapter One

Ten Years Ago...


Draco scowled at his phone. He'd gotten it a few weeks ago, just to stay with the times but he was fast regretting it. Who the hell broke up with a guy through a text message? And how the hell did you get T9word to let you call her a bitch?

"I'm doomed to be single forever," he muttered. Then, because it had been a good six months since he last spoke it, he reptead the phrase in English.

"I'm sorry?"

Draco jumped in surprise. He looked around. A pretty girl with dark brown hair was sitting a few paces off. She looked vaguely familiar, the way all people did around the university. He'd probably had a class with her but he couldnt' come up with a name.

"Sorry," he said, slipping back into French. "I was just talking to myself."

"It's okay," she said in English. "It's nice to hear someone talk it. Why are you doomed?"

He looked at his phone. "Tell me, is it tactful to break up with someone over the phone?"

"It's not terribly becoming but it has been done."

"And in a text message?"

She giggled. "I'm sorry. It's not funny but it kinda is."

He smiled. "It is kinda funny."

"Saoirse Kingsbridge," she said, holding out a hand.

He hesitated. But there were no Dark Riders here. No one could use his name against him here. "Draco Malfoy."


"You're such a nerd!" Saoirse shrieked as Draco chased her around the kitchen of his apartment.

"I resent that!" he bellowed and tackled her, taking her down to the couch.

They had been dating for almost two months. Draco was surprised by how much he liked her. She was a Muggle but she was so smart and funny and sweet. And innocent. He liked the first three but the innocence...Well it was just something he'd have to learn to live with if he stayed with her and innocence never lasted long.

"Why do I like you so much?" she asked, kissing his nose.

"I don't know," he replied.


"I'm just saying, we've only known each other for a few months. Moving in," Saoirse said.

"I know. I just thought we could save on money. And you're working nights and I'm working days. We're never home at the same time."

"Not your most winning argument," she said, sounding a little annoyed.

"Okay, so I suck at this," he said. "But...just think about it, okay? I really like you, Rissy. And I'm just asking you to think it over."

She twisted her lips in a wry grimace. "I'll think. I have to get to work. See you tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay," he said.

He sat on the bench, watching her leave. He really liked her and he could see a future with her. Maybe they weren't soul mates but he enjoyed being with her.

He glanced at his watch and decided he had a chance to get in a quick workout. He jogged across the small park where he and Saoirse had been talking. He had a workout bag at the gym he frequented and he tried to remember if he had swim trunks in the bag or if it was his shorts and tee shirt. He alternated which ones were in the bag, washing the others.

He decided to take a short cut, one that took him past the school records building.

He was halfway down the alley when he saw the men.

He knew them instantly. Even without seeing their black brooms, he knew them. The black star cluster clung to each of their necks. Don't let them know me, he thought but it was stupid. He was on the Dark Rider's list, right at the top.


It was in his gym locker. Could he get there? Shit. Maybe...

Nope. Not without getting someone hurt.

He turned to the records building. He saw the Dark Riders moving towards him, all pulling wands as they did.

No time left, Draco decided. He could get to the records room. The school secretary was a witch, something they'd revealed to each other early on. She also kept a spare wand in the top drawer of her desk, something else she'd shared when she found out he was wanted by the Dark Riders.

He kicked down the door and burst through. In moments the familiar colors of spell fire followed him. He took off towards the office. The door might have been open but he didn't have the time to mes with it. He kicked it down as well. He ducked behind the desk and fumbled with the drawer before breaking tat too. He really hoped the secretary would forgive him.

He snatched out the wand and peered over the edge. He threw quick spells, falling with ease back into the usual guarded feel of a fight for his life. He had never wanted to be used to this but here it was. He was good at this.

Unfortunately he was outnumbered. The fight lasted ten seconds before Draco realized he needed an advantage. His spells were better and did more damage but he was cornered.

He thought about Apparating but it had been years since he did had done that and he wasn't entirely sure it was something that stuck with you. He did not want to end up spliced.

Window it was. He threw an obscuring spell. Fog filled the room and he threw himself at the window. Crashing through a window hurt like a bitch. That was something you didn't catch in the movies (Saoirse was a huge fan of film).

He lay on the ground for a few seconds, gathering himself. He could make it. He just had to get to...where? He hadn't done magic in years. He had no idea where the ministry was. Was there even a ministry in this part of the country?

He got to his feet slowly. HIs leg was bleeding and glass was all over his shirt and jeans. And he was not alone in the alley. A woman stood at one end, hands deep in the pockets of her tight black jeans. She was too far away for him to get a good look at her features but she had an impressive shock of red hair, a color so vibrant and evocative that he immediately thought he should know her.

"You need to get out of here," he yelled to her. He limped towards her a few steps when he felt the Dark Riders come out of the room.

"You're dead, boy," one of the Riders said. He lifted his wand but stopped. He looked past Draco to the woman.

All of them stopped, frozen like statues. Draco did the first thing he could think of. He cast the first protection spell that came to mind, aiming for the woman.

"Where did she go?" the Rider asked. Draco looked at the woman who was still visible then back to the men. Seven spells went off in rapid succession, all hitting the Dark Riders.

Draco looked at the woman. The men were down for the count. She twirled a dark wand between her fingers.

She walked towards him. As she approached, he got a better look at her. That damned red hair. In one second he realized who she was and just what spell he had cast on her.

The spell was a strong one, the most powerful protection out there. This woman would be invisible to anyone who wanted to harm her now or in the future, so long as he kept the spell on her or he lived.

"What a fucking mess. You always did know how to get into trouble, Draco Malfoy," the woman with the blood red hair, Ginny Weasley, said, pocketing her wand and coming over to him.

"Fuck me," he groaned.

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