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The Unexpected

Chapter 1: Break-Up

Beast Boy was waiting impatiently in his room, he paced around trying to figure out how to tell Raven. He knew it wouldn't be easy to deliver the news that could impact their relationship. Best boy could only wish that Raven wouldn't hate him. Afterall, he was doing this for her, he wanted to let her be happy. Even if it was without him.

Beast Boy immediately froze once he heard a soft knock on his door. It was her, the dark beauty behind the door. This was it, there was not going back. Before he opened the door, he took a deep breath. He had to do this, if not today than when? He opened the door, to find his girlfriend looking at him with a worried expression.

Raven reached out and hugged him, pushing him inside. Beast Boy could feel his heart slowly sinking knowing that today everything might change. Throughout the months together Raven had changed for the better. She was finally coming out of her shell and began to open up to him.

Beast Boy finally got to know and understand the real her. Others knew and judge her by her appearance and acknowledge her as being the demon's daughter. However, he only saw a soft beautiful soul, who fought so much to open to others.

"Gar… are you okay?" Raven questioned as she released him from her hug.

"Uh yeah" Beast Boy answered his girlfriend as his eyes fell to the ground. He could not look at her, knowing how much he might hurt her.

"Rae… you know I love you right?" Best Boy asked her as he caressed her cheeks. He finally looked at her worried expression, that only brought him more guilt.

"Yes, I know. I… I also love you back." Raven replied feeling sadness radiating off him.

"Raven, you know no matter what… I will always love you." Beast Boy confessed as his hands moved to her shoulders and looked into her eyes. Beast Boy wanted to let Raven know he was serious and being truthful. Afterall, Raven was the one that stayed by his side when he got his heartbroken.

Raven was now confused as to why she felt all those emotions out of Beast Boy. Sadness and guilt radiating off him, until it clicked.

Beast Boy was breaking up with her.

"Gar you are breaking up with me?" Raven questioned pulling back from his grasp, tears forming in her eyes. Raven was not understanding why suddenly he was doing this to her. Did she do something wrong?

Beast Boy didn't know what to say, he couldn't find the right words to tell her the truth. He just stared at the dark empath as the tears in her beautiful purple eyes slipped out.

"Did I do something wrong?" she asked him, but he couldn't even look at her. Raven felt her heart ache and didn't know how to handle it. After seconds, Raven finally realized why he was acting like this.

"Now I know, it's because of Terra isn't it?" Raven questioned angrily as her tears fell like bombs.

"She's finally back and now you want to go after her again, don't you?" Raven spat out angerly. It all made sense, now that Terra had returned Beast Boy had no use for her.

Beast Boy didn't want to respond, what could he say to make Raven feel better? Raven was right after all, Terra had return and it's like he was back to being madly in love with the girl that broke his heart.

"I hate you." Raven whispered knowing the conversation was already over before it started. With that she teleported out of the room, leaving Beast Boy alone consumed by his own thoughts.

By then he knew he had lost her, and maybe forever.